0:00 – “One of the most grandfathered assed concepts of JRPGs is the silent protagonist.”

That’s what she said, right? “Grandfathered assed”? Okay.

0:10 – Jump scare. I mean…come on.

You know what this is like? It’s like James Rolfe making a shitty movie and then saying, “Hey, come on guys. That was the whole point. I was TRYING to make a shitty movie.”

It’s his coping strategy. He knows that he can’t make a good movie so he pretends that he intentionally made a shit movie.

Pelvic Gamer is not an attractive woman. So what she does it make herself look ridiculously unattractive. Then she can say, “Hey, come on guys. That was the look that I was going for.”

And her description here is “G4m3rG1rl”. Uh huh.

0:30 – “You like my uneven space buns? Thanks.”

“Guys, I’m really unattractive but it’s INTENTIONAL. Get it?”

Okay, well you pulled that look off great. You really nailed it. In your next video, I’d like to see you looking presentable.

She won’t do it.

It’s also like fat chicks dressing as goths, I guess.

2:15 – She posts random pictures of herself with other people. One of them is her ruining a woman’s wedding by putting her hair in some preposterous “hey, look at how unattractive I am” afro.

I have to stop the video. I made it to 5:30. She says the numbers in an intentionally annoying way. Just like she makes herself look intentionally unattractive.

“This was a little shorter than usual.”

Yeah. I have respect for the audience. I realised that it’s just a usual boring as fuck Pelvic Gamer video and I couldn’t get anything out of it so I cut my losses.

Compare this to Tony from Hack the Movies who has no respect for either the audience or autistic orphans. He’s been putting out two hour videos lately. Two hours of Tony summarising a horror movie. Show me the person who wants to watch this.

And he has a four hour compilation video where he summarises the Halloween movies while Horseface talks about hot chicks. What is this? Why would anybody want to watch this? People are putting this on for their Halloween parties? “Come on, guys, let’s watch four hours of a fat man and a horse-faced woman summarising movies. That will really put us in the evil Halloween spirit.”

This guy quit his job for THIS. This trash that manages to be both perverted and totally boring.

3 thoughts on “THE BEST JRPG PROTAGONISTS – Pelvic Gaming

  1. The silent protagonist is a literature resource that should enable the audience to feel more connected to the story. It’s not a matter of appreciation; it’s a fact, which is why it is often used.
    There are certain people to whom even this type of effort is too much to ask for their little brains. Similar to when a short person requires help to reach products placed on the top shelf, people with “short minds” are usually grateful when the ideas get delivered straight to their brains; otherwise, they’d lose interest and move on to something more palatable to their mind.

    I was going to comment something about her looks, along the lines that, well… she’s not attractive, but we are talking about people who live in a world surrounded by John Riggs clones.
    Heck, back in my days in college, we used to write stuff on the wall like: “If you happen to be a woman, please at least shave your beard” about the ugly chicks enrolled in the school of engineering. But then I took a look at her Instagram, and damn, she really is ugly.

  2. I’d like to see a full on gamer girl beauty contest. It can be held at a nerd convention. Start in cosplay, then the bikini portion of the contest, then evening gown competition. It would be huge.

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