Happy Birthday to Newt “The Ideas Man” Wallen!

In case you didn’t see his tweet about his birthday, he also made a video about it. And apparently he also wrote about it on Facebook and Instagram. Jesus Christ, Newt. You’re not 10 years old. Who cares that it’s your birthday?

0:45 – He starts getting teary eyed.

1:00 – “There isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t miss Crystal with all my heart.”

That woman needs to get take a restraining order out on Newt. This is completely psychotic behavior.

2:30 – “I have a lot of good people in my corner who care about what I’m doing.”

They’re prostitutes and you’re paying them. It’s just sad.

He says that he cares about people. Uh huh. As long as your name is Newt Wallen, anyway.

That’s the video. Newt, be a man. Stop this whiny bitch stuff. Everybody has problems.

The thumbnail is little Newt on his mother’s lap daydreaming about plagiarism. And his mother is like 16 or 17 years old in that picture. Do you think she didn’t have problems? Did she wander the streets and whine about it like a bitch?

I called my mother recently. She’s a horrible person but she’s elderly so I manage to talk to her about once every month or two. And I was telling her about an interesting job that I did recently that involved members of British high society. Sorry for being so vague.

So she interrupts me and says, “How did you get to the job?” I was slighly confused because she knows that I don’t drive. So I said, “I took a train.” She said, “YOU TOOK A TRAIN? It’s so old-fashioned.”

Now, you might think that she’s an extremely sheltered American who doesn’t know anything about the world outside of the US. Because of course in the US, you basically need a car to get anywhere outside of certain large cities.

But no. She was born and raised in Europe. She also lived in the UK for years as an adult. So she knows how it is. Her home country has an extensive train and light rail system. She knows that it’s not at all uncommon not to drive. She knows that I haven’t driven for TWENTY YEARS.

But she’s a total narcissist. She’s constantly looking for ways to put you down. She doesn’t like hearing that you’re doing better than her.

So okay. You don’t want to hear about this work story. I told her that I’ve been learning German for the past two years and I’m thinking of moving to Germany. I’m planning these things, by the way, because my job is coming to an end. She had absolutely no interest. Zero. She started talking about how she can’t figure out how the tv works. Oh.

So I said more recently, I’ve been learning her language and thinking about moving to her home country. Surely, she’d be interested in that. Maybe practice the language a little. Ask where in the country I’d like to move to.

None of that. Didn’t give a single fuck. Started talking about how expensive her medication is. Can’t afford it.

Then she says, “So are you thinking of moving back home?”

She’s asked this for twenty years. I’ve never given even the slightest hint that that was something that I wanted to do. I was always adamant that I’m NOT going to do that. Why keep asking?

Why would I go to that fucking shithole where people can’t afford medication and the public transportation system is all but non-existent among the myriad of other problems? Why would I go and be around this complete scumbag family who doesn’t give the slightest of fucks about anything that I do?

The woman never parented a day in her life. I just had to figure everything out. Everything I’ve achieved has been entirely through my own efforts. She’s never offered so much as a single word of advice about anything. And yet she expects me to say, “Oh, mother dearest, I’d love to come ‘home’ and take care of you in your twillight years.” Drop dead.

I remember that I told her that I was going to to visit family in her home country with my girlfriend. My girlfriend is black. First thing she said was, “There are a lot of Nazis there.”

Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, there are few, if any, “Nazis” there. Secondly, this is her immediate reaction. Immediately find something to criticise. Instead of saying, “Oh, how wonderful. Your family there will be happy to see you and your girlfriend will enjoy the trip”, she says, “Look out for the National Socialists.”

It was a nice trip and Nazi-free, by the way.

I told her that I gained weight over covid and that I had lost it. She asked what my highest weight was. I told her. Even my highest weight was at the “underweight” category of the BMI scale. She said, “YOU WEIGHED HOW MUCH?”

She’s a piece of shit. And I’ve not even scratched the surface of her depraved behaviour. But my point is that you can’t let these things get you down. You have Newt crying about his mother never saying that he loved him. Who gives a shit? Take care of your own business.

I’m not crying about ex-girlfriends. I’m not crying about losing my job. I just take care of my fucking business. Try it out, Newt. Everybody has problems. It’s not just you, you self-obsessed homo.

If your mother is a problem, get rid of her. That’s what you did to your father. That’s what Horseface did to you. Crying on the streets of Philadelphia at 5.00 am isn’t going to solve anything.

But Newt wants all the sympathy like an adolescent girl. “Oh, please pity me because I plagiarised 31 episodes of Monster Madness.” Newt, you did that. You don’t get sympathy for that. That’s entirely on you. You made the decision to say horrible stuff to Horseface. Accept it and move on. Fuck Horseface anyway. She the only person on earth worse than you. Maybe that’s why he’s so attached to her. She makes him seem slightly less awful in comparison.

Let’s check out the comments of this fucking pity party.

  • “The world needs people like you. People who care.”

I actually laughed out loud at this comment. Newt doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. And not in a good way.

  • “Good people deserve second chances, also people who are more talented absolutely deserve their own spotlight ^_^ it’s fun being yourself sometimes lol happy birthday”

He was fired from a shitty job for wholesale plagiarism and then his friends stopped talking to him because he said some heinous shit to them. Move on.

  • “Feliz cumpleaños amigo”

That means, “Happy birthday, friend.” A little culture.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Newt “The Ideas Man” Wallen!

  1. So he….just got out of a 3.5 hour film, at 5am, and is walking on the street recording with his cell phone and crying about missing Horseface and Justin? What the hell? Good lord man. You gotta get an actual life. You can’t possibly maintain this another 10 years.

  2. “There isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t miss Crystal with all my heart.”

    He will kill himself someday. Either directly or through drug and alcohol abuse. I mean he has had other girlfriends paid or unpaid we don’t know, but he will never move past this girl. So, what do you think is gonna happen?

  3. So Newt is so distraught over his breakup years later, but Horseface doesn’t think of him at all and apparently was also dating some Marine at the same time she was dating Newt. Is that right?

  4. I’m still upset that “Sucks2suck” was never released (as far as i know) and that we never got to see Fallon’s fake tits, as promised….you don’t see me “crying about it” except for RIGHT now.

  5. This is truly psychotic behavior from Newt. The obsession with Crystal is reaching a very scary point all jokes aside. It’s been almost 3 years now!! Even now these videos are a narcissistic way for him to play the victim. Newt really needs to be on antidepressants and increase his therapy sessions to multiple times per week.

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