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Talk about channels that have fallen. This guy has loads of videos that got over 100,000 views but they’re all from over ten years ago.

His channel plummetted, I don’t know, around the time of that Amico thing. Was that what it was? John aka Gamester81 was supporting the Amico and Pat the NES Fag called Gamester81 out or…something. Somehow this had an effect on Gamester81. I definitely remember the quality of his videos going way down for quite a while. Months? Years? He said that he sold all of his recording equipment. For what, I don’t know. Rent? Games? Meth? But it was really bad quality for a while. Like he just gave up on the channel.

But he’s still here cranking out shit and he apparently bought his equipment back from the pawn shop. So good for him but his videos are now getting about 1,000 views on average.

I unsubscribed years ago after he banned me. It’s actually my favourite banning of all time just for how utterly preposterous it is.

There was discussion in the comments about how Gamester should shave his head. Not from me. I didn’t start the discussion. But somebody was saying that Gamester should shave his head. Because he was balding. And he usually wore a baseball cap because he was obviously self-conscious about it.

So some kid, at least I assume it was a kid, said something like, “Ew, he shouldn’t shave his head. He’d look awful with a shaved head.”

I then entered the discussion and said that he wouldn’t look awful and it’s probably a good idea if he does shave his head.

Banned. Banned for eternity for this. For DEFENDING Gamester81. For saying something positive about him.

And he did end up shaving his head. So what the fuck was I banned for?

“Well, you’re probably exaggerating. Surely, you called that kid a faggot or something.”

No. Nothing. It was a perfectly civil message simply stating that if Gamester81 wants to shave his head, he’s free to do that. Banned.

Well, karma came around. This guy is now effectively banned from all of Youtube. One thousand views for this video.

0:00 – “You may or may not be aware that I’m co-owner and founder of Game On Expo.”

I was not aware. I don’t even know what it is. Some fucking nerd convention. Just what the world needs. We don’t have enough nerd conventions.

It’s in Arizona.

What are these things actually called? I call them “nerd conventions” not as a joke but genuinely I don’t know the term. They’re not video game conventions because they usually have some other shit going on. Like Game On Expo has anime. I mean, come on. What else can this be called but a “nerd convention”?

0:45 – He describes the event as “Like Comic Con but for gamers and anime lovers.”

So yeah. Nerd convention. Who else but a giant nerd would go to such a thing?

And like comic conventions weren’t already full of nerds. These video game conventions are even worse.

Are there still Star Trek conventions?

Here’s one in the UK. Is this guest list some kind of a joke? There’s a red shirt guy and two random background women from the original series, some hobo in a baseball cap, an old black guy, and an ancient white guy. I’ve never heard of any of these people.

And the people from the original series must be 100 years old now. That’s why they’re using their pictures from the 1960s television show instead of their current picture.

Who would POSSIBLY go to see this? I’m saying what Star Trek fan would want to go see this? I’m not saying you have to get William Shatner but ANYONE. Anyone who’s recognisable. Get the woman who played Dax on Deep Space Nine. Come on. What can she possibly be doing now? Offer her £500, a free flight to England, and all the convention hot dogs she can eat.

1:00 – He says that there’s a “maid cafe” at this nerd convention. Come on. He should be deeply ashamed of himself. Anyone going to this thing really needs to sit down and have a serious look at what they’re doing with their life.

1:45 – He’s going over the guest list. John Hancock, Radical Reggie, Pixel Game Squad (whoever they are).

WHERE’S JOHN RIGGS? The three most important members of the Metal Jesus “crew”, as far as I’m concerned, having not watched the channel in probably ten years, are John Hancock, Radical Reggie, and JOHN RIGGS. How can you leave John Riggs out? He goes to every fucking nerd convention in the country. Was he not available for this one? He had pre-existing nerd convention obligations?

2:15 – Christopher Judge is also a guest. “You might recognise him from Stargate SG1”.

No. No, I’ve never seen a single episode. Don’t even know what it is.

Well, it was on from 1997 to 2007. Yeah, I wasn’t nerd shit by then. I was an adult.

Then he mentions all of the other guests. Just fucking video game and anime voice actors that nobody has ever heard of before.

Show me the person who wants to meet the guy who did the motion capture for Johnny Cage. What possible appeal is there? For anyone?

You go to a comic book convention and one of the guests is Rob Liefeld and you might say, “Well, the general population probably doesn’t give a fuck about Rob Liefeld but I can a certain segment of comic book fans being interested in seeing him and hearing what he has to say.”

Who’s the audience for the guy who did the motion capture for Johnny Cage? What is that guy possibly going to say that’s going to be of any interest to anyone? Do you want this guy’s autograph? Even if you’re the world’s biggest Mortal Kombat fan, why would you care?

So that’s Gamester81, that bald, hat-loving bastard.

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  1. This was supposed to be published at 8.01 am, not 8.01 pm. Oh well. No article for tomorrow, by the way. But then next one is going to be about that fucking Family Matters video that James Rolfe just foisted upon a bored as fuck public.

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