Ray Mona Commercial and Character Voice Over Reel (2023)

It’s nuts. It’s embarassing. It’s Crazy Bobdunga’s commercial and character voice over reel.

She does like a California Valley Girl voice. She does a hillbilly voice. She does a little girl voice. She does her normal voice.

What is she hoping to achieve with this? Do the horntards have connections? Are any of them in the commercial or video game making industry?

Send this shit to…I don’t know…casting directors. Get an agent. Take some acting classes. Whatever it is that people do to try get acting jobs. It’s not this. I’ll tell you that much. Posting this on your Youtube channel will not help at all.

She’s in her early 30s and has all of these hair-brained schemes to get wacky jobs. She made a butter commercial before. Just for herself. She was trying to get a job in some Asian Youtube house. I think that she wanted to be an artist, or maybe I’m confusing her with Pelvic Gaming (who definitely wants to be an artist, but maybe Bobdunga does as well).

No. Just get a job. A normal job that pays you a wage. What is so terrible about that? Billions of people do it.

I’m a big Donkey Lips fan. Or Michael Ray Bower as he likes to be called. He makes sporadic videos on Youtube. He’s nuts. And he’s stupid. And he’s chronically unemployed. He lives in a tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles with no stove. I’ve never even heard of this. But he refuses to get a job because he says that he’s a creative person and as a creative person, he just can’t do it. He can’t work a regular job.

Look, Donkey Lips, I appreciate your role in Salute Your Shorts. I also thought you did a bang up job in those two episodes of The Wonder Years that you were in. And I saw your cameo in Dude Where’s My Car. But this was TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. You might want to consider getting a job.

I’ve always respected Gary Coleman for getting a job after the acting roles dried up. People at the time made fun of him for working as a security guard. It’s absurd. He did the responsible thing. He did the thing that was most dignified. Instead of embarassing himself by continuing to try to get acting jobs, he got a regular job like a normal person. And the Jews in Hollywood made fun him for this.

Where’s your “natural habitat”? The unemployment line?

“Hey guys! Look at my ass from three years ago.”

No, Bobdunga. I’m not interested.

Bobdunga claims that a voice acting agency contacted her over this video. And separately, some production company wants to turn her Tales of the Lost or whatever series into a tv show. How is it possible? She released another one like a week or two ago and I can’t bring myself to watch even one second of it. That shit is unwatchable. They’re all the same. Bobdunga doing the world’s worst X-Files rip off.

Even if Bobdunga is the funniest woman in Canada, where does that get us? Watch out, Caroline Rhea.

7 thoughts on “Ray Mona Commercial and Character Voice Over Reel (2023)

  1. Unfortunately she would probably be abused if she tried to mayor in Hollywood, I’d say every girl has been. Half the guys too. If not sexually, then just overworked. Unlike Relax Alax (fag) it would be very real.

    Could she make it? She is (was) a young female and a light skinded black so she has that in her favor. But it’s really just luck and connections. Getting Hollywood fame is lottery odds. And even then by her age, 37? I have no idea, the ride is almost over. As far as her type, we already have Queen Latifa as it is.

    But if she truly cared about acting she could just do community theatre just to do it. If that’s your passion. I knew someone in high school that dreamed of broadway, she didn’t make it but still did local shows because she just liked it. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! But Ray-Bob won’t do that. It’s not her passion. She wants to sit on her ass while she does nothing and is adored for it. And that is the truth. I know she’s reading this, turning red! But it’s very true!!

    She should have got married to some guy with a job before she was 25. She’s have a happy life. The guy doesn’t have to be a millionaire but any capable skilled job, white or blue collar will make good money if you stick with it. Enough to buy a house and have a better life than what she grew up in. Even assuming it’s middle class. Then she could stay home and do yoga and drink latte or whatever while he’s out showing his carpenter crack all day earning the money to pay for her largesse. And she’d have some dignity. Marrying up is where it’s at. Especially if you think work is for suckers.

  2. I’m not sure what 53 year old singer/actress Queen Latifah has to do with Bobdunga. And I don’t think Bobdunga is 37. She’s younger than Erin. She’s in her early 30s, I’d guess.

    Too old to think she’s going to be a Hollywood superstar but that’s not what she’s going for. It’s like commercials and shit. But even that…what experience does she have? These hair brained ideas are never going to work.

    Now I’m thinking of other black women “singers” of yore. What happened to Nicki Minaj? Is she still doing anything?

    I can’t tell from her Wikipedia page but I did find this:


    A sub-reddit dedicated to a handful of perverts jacking off to Nicki Minaj. And apparently she’s never done anything nude so this sucks.

    There’s a woman there offering to role play as Nicki Minaj. For money, presumably. Maybe this is something that Bobdunga can explore. It would be some paid acting experience that she can put on her resume.

  3. I just mean if someone is looking for a black female actress that’s not in her 20s, we already got QL. She’s got it cornered. It is almost November unfortunately which means people bragging about writing fictional books, growing beards and not jacking off. Fuck!

  4. So, this is yet another example of women sexualizing themselves to get a minimum of attention. This time is one of the cheapest I’ve seen: just grab a GameCube and show your ass.

    I can walk along Las Vegas Strip, any regular day, at any hour, and find more beautiful women, younger, any color/type/hair. This Ray Mona has no chance at all, or maybe she can ask Erin for some tips about scoring a sugar daddy?

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