How To Overcome Life Challenges – Zap Cristal

2:00 – “I know all of us have, at some point, gone through tough times.”

So she’s going to talk about video game music that helped her get through difficulties. Eugh. Fuck off.

Mr Wright Way II is talking about how some Final Fantasy game stopped him from the brink of suicide. Uh huh. Great.

By the way, Zap “Too Hot to be an Influencer” Cristal is wearing a Garfield t-shirt that says “Food Snob”. What year am I in? Is the Jim Davis corporation still cranking this shit out? Who’s buying it? Who’s buying Garfield t-shirts in 2023?

Oh my god. So Mr Wright Way II says that some guy who he describes as a “musician” died and by playing Final Fantasy VII, it helped him cope with the loss. Because in the game there’s a character who dies.

I don’t want to watch an hour of this shit. How about some time stamps? I have to just blindly skip ahead then.

9:00 – Mr Wright Way II was talking about some singer and Zap Cristal says, “It’s so funny because she’s our son’s favourite too.”

How fucking creepy is this? This guy, who Zap Cristal has known for less than a year, and got married to him, is referring to HER son as “OUR son”. Has this guy adopted Zap Cristal’s son already? It’s creepy as fuck. What is she doing with her life? What is she doing with her son’s life? Does she not give a shit? Just invite random black men to move in with you and your son?

Mary J. Blige is who they’re referring to. I had to look it up. Some black singer. And Zap Cristal says that “our” son has a crush on her.

Yeah. This is what the young folk are listening to. Fifty-two year old Mary J Blige. This is who all of the 12 year old Puerto Rican boys are swooning over.

It’s creepy as fuck. Just don’t even mention your son. Can we have that as a starting point? We don’t want to hear this creepy shit. Ideally, creepy shit shouldn’t even be happening but it seems like Zap Cristal is completely incapable of keeping her son away from creepy shit. So at least just don’t tell us about it. We don’t want to know.

I’m skipping ahead again.

13:00 – Zap Cristal says that during covid she was a teacher. What? So what is she doing now? And how did this cretin become a teacher in the first place? You need a degree, surely. Even in Texas. She has a degree? There’s no way. I mean, I know it’s not a big achievement to get a degree, even Erin has one, but there’s no way that this woman has one.

Skipping ahead.

17:15 – She’s talking about some stupid album about depression and comparing it to her own life. “I was getting out of a marriage where, let’s just face it, I was going through some things where my life was in jeopardy.”

I don’t think that she’s talking about Mr Wright Way. I think that she’s talking about something that happened in 2015. So this was yet another marriage. Probably to yet another black man who she barely knew.

Exactly how many black stepfathers does this unfortunate son of “theirs” have?

“My life and my kid’s life was in jeopardy.”

Fuck you, scumbag. You’re the one responsible for this. Nobody else. Stop marrying random black men. It’s okay to be alone.

It’s amazing how some women seem to always pick “abusive” men. What’s the common denominator here? You, you piece of shit. You’re picking these men. What is it about your that makes you choose abusive or “abusive” men?

She brought a guy into her home who she’s claiming was going to kill both her and her son. And this is just normal. We’re supposed to sympathise with her. “Oh, how awful for you. You’re such a victim.”

No. You did this. You invited the guy in. You married him. You let him live with you and your young son. It’s all you. The guy didn’t break in. This is who you wanted in your home. This murdeous piece of shit, according to you.

Skipping ahead.

26:30 – Zap says, “Listening to you, I’m reflecting on my own challenges and there’s so many I don’t even know where to start.” Then she talks about her “challenges” in growing her Youtube channel.

No, you dumb bitch. Concentrate on your life and your son’s life.

Skipping ahead.

44:30 – “People come and go and I wish them the best.”

She’s talking about all of her “abusive” black ex-husbands.

That’s enough for me. I skipped around until the end and nothing seemed interesting.

So that’s Zap Cristal and Mr Wright Way II talking about their “challenges”.

Everybody has problems but nobody wants to hear them. Nobody cares. I don’t just mean horntards on Youtube I mean nobody. People have their own problems and don’t give a fuck about yours. It’s just how it is, unfortunately. Your problems are yours to solve.

I have my own problems. But rather than whine about them, I’ll wait until I resolve them and then say what I decided to do. The solution will not involve marrying black men, I can assure you of that.

3 thoughts on “How To Overcome Life Challenges – Zap Cristal

  1. When life’s challenges are all created by quickly marrying black guys, the fix seems obvious. I feel bad for her kid obviously but I somehow think the father was the only guy she didn’t marry.

  2. is she really marrying them in the real traditional sense of the word or just partnering up with them and calling it a marriage?

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