Last Stream Before I move – Newt Wallen

Where is he moving? Maybe he’ll say.

1.45 – PVC Bondage Guy and some other woman he pays to hang out with him will help him move. Not that PVC Bondage Guy is a woman. He’s obviously a man.

Newt says that he worked all day.

2:30 – Newt says that he’ll be closer to the “mainline” in this new place. He says that it’s closer to his new job…I really hope he’s talking about an actual job as opposed to this tits and gore shit.

3:30 – Newt says, “We’ll be up by Bath, PA.”

Who’s “we”? Him and PVC Bondage Guy? And where is Bath?

He says that he helps run a theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Bath is a small town, population 2,000, near Allentown.

4:30 – He’s talking about the Amish.

5:00 – “I’m in Bucks County which is, you know, white people”.

Yeah. Like almost all of rural America. What is his problem with white people?

6:30 – Fallon, the prostitute who Newt pays to hang out with him, is in the chat. She says, “What’s shakin.” That’s hot, right? A 40 year old prostitute saying, “What’s shakin”? Like boobies, you know? 40 year old boobies.

7:15 – He says that he’s going to be living over a bar, a pizza place, and a nail salon. What? Why would he choose this place? Apartments above shops are always awful. Must because it’s cheaper, I guess.

Newt says that his current place doesn’t have a washer and dryer in the actual apartment but there’s some in the complex.

It’s crazy. In this day and age? 20 years ago I was living in a place in New England that didn’t have a washer. But I’ve NEVER seen a place in the UK that doesn’t have a washer in the property. Maybe this is still a problem in the US, no matter how shit.

16:30 – Newt says that it was his idea to review Alien 3. This is, apparently, some thing that Tony says a lot. Newt claims responsibility for just about every idea ever conceived. Well, he is The Ideas Man, after all. I believe him.

17:45 – Newt is talking about what he did for Passover. You guys all celebrate Passover, right?

24:00 – “We’re doing an overhaul of the comic book because we have to change some likenesses and stuff like that?”

What? CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME! It’s Florida Man, by the way. He stole this idea from the existing Florida Man “meme”. And there’s also a pre-existing Florida Man comic. And he knows this. And he went ahead with this anyway.

I wonder what likenesses he’s changing, though. I think that there was a character who looked like Horseface. Maybe that’s it.

But he said that this thing would be released…he keeps changing the fucking dates.

32:00 – Newt suggests that he’s still kind of friendly with Mike Matei and Erin Plays. But everyone from Screenwave blocked him.

He says that he deleted James’ phone number and email address from his phone. It’s suggested that James doesn’t want to talk to Newt ever again.

I made it to 35 minutes. I’m going to turn this off now. I have work in the morning. I can’t stay up watching this fucking three hour stream.

7 thoughts on “Last Stream Before I move – Newt Wallen

  1. The protagonist in ‘ol Newt’s “comic book” is an exact copy of Danny McBride. Newt will def get sued if he does not change that likeness.

    There are other easily identifiable celebrity likenesses throughout the art he has shown online so far as well. And yes, he also has to scrub Horseface’s, well, horseface, from the character that looks like her in the comic book too.

    But also, this “comic book” is NEVER coming out. It does not have an actual publisher, because the idea is also plagiarized, there have been numerous movies and other media that have used the term “Florida Man” before Newt has. Newt mentioned on Twitter that he was going to launch some sorta GoFundMe or Kickstarter for this “project”, which is also his M.O., like the GoFundMe scam he ran for the Anthony Wayne Theater in Wayne, PA, which has now shuttered its doors. The money collected was never accounted for.

    His new schtick is working at a movie theater for a while, then either getting fired or quitting, cause he is always taking time off to work on all these inane “movie projects”.


    1. You’re too harsh on The Ideas Man.

      Obviously, no publisher is going to accept Newt’s comics but Newt says that he has the comics. He’s printed them. Like 1000 of them, I’d guess. He just has to sell them. I don’t know why he’s not doing that. Put them on Etsy or something.

      He’s not going to get sued over this. He’s making these comics in his kitchen. And he doesn’t have any money.

      As for that GoFundMe for the theatre…maybe there was money left over that didn’t go to upkeep of the theatre. I don’t know. But anyone dumb enough to donate to these things is basically flushing their money down the toilet. If these are all scams that Newt is running, why doesn’t he seem to have any money? I don’t think that he made anything from that Anthony Wayne fundraiser.

      1. He has NOT printed any comics. If he did, why not actually show them online? He has only Xeroxed a few smaller-in-size copies for one single comic con he attended like a year or so ago. That’s it.

        As for the scam money, he puts it right back into these inane “projects” he is working on, as well as buying toys and movie posters for himself, which he shows off in his videos.

        Anxiously awaiting his final crash and burn, give him 2 years at most.


  2. So I saw this post and noticed this is yet another YouTube channel I have never heard about. The post got me curious, and I started watching the video.
    Yeah, you are right. It’s unwatchable. I am surprised you made it to 35 minutes. You are a soldier.
    But, you know, the guy is in the middle of moving out. It’s just an unedited stream, so I can’t expect excellent quality, right?
    I visited the actual YouTube channel, and I saw there are a lot of videos. Most of them have a movie poster as a thumbnail. I started watching his “Black Adam Review”.
    Now, this is an actual video, I suppose. I mean, it’s not a random stream while moving out. It got planned, edited, and so on, right? Well… no. It’s the same shitty quality as his “last stream before I move”.
    Who is it for? It’s so low-budget that he could not even afford a white wall behind him.

    I watched for 2 minutes.

    And you managed to watch 35 minutes. A soldier, I say.

    1. I don’t know how you find the blog but a lof of the people I write about are somehow connected to Cinemassacre/The Angry Video Game Nerd/James Rolfe. So Erin, Tony from Hack the Movies, Newt, Horseface.

      You have a lot of reading to do if you want to learn more about Newt. I’ve chronicled his entire career from the time he got fired from Screenwave (producers of The Angry Video Game Nerd) to today.

  3. Im still anxiously awaiting the release of “Sucks2Suck” we were even teased with a Fallon shower scene and people actually donated their fiat currency towards this! I’m sure he gave it all to her so she’d continue to hang out with him. I want to see those old, fake tits with the surgery scars. I want to see some worn out roast-beef curtains. I didn’t donate, i missed the boat, but other people did….this is a disservice to the Newt Wallen fans.

  4. He’s gonna have to self-publish that comic because any potential publisher will do a quick google search on Newt before doing business with him and the plagiarism debacle will be there on the first page of the results. If Florida Man is an existing thing then that’s another factor this could be a rip-off. Comic publishers hate expensive lawsuits and won’t touch this thing with a ten foot pole.

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