This small SWAP MEET in Moses Lake felt like 2004 all over again – John Riggs

God, this guy has really gained weight. Maybe it’s just more noticeable because he got a haircut. He’s not sporting that god awful skullet any more. He must literally weigh 400 pounds.

He’s in Moses Lake. He mentions this several times like we’re all familiar with Moses Lake. You guys know Moses Lake, right?

No. I’ve never even heard of it before.

Population: 25,000. Fuck you, Horny John Riggs. Expecting people to know some fucking small town.

He brought his children. I think. His sons/daughters. As a reminder, two of his sons are actually daughters. It’s a giant red flag of horrible, horrible parenting.

If it was just one, okay, we can maybe overlook it. Maybe it’s just some fluke mental illness with no particular explanation. But two? No. That’s clear abuse and/or neglect.

1:00 – Oh, John Riggs is eating a doughnut now. Want to get to 500 pounds, Mr Riggs? Is that the goal now? Don’t worry about your poor daughter in the background. Just keep stuffing your fat face with confectionary.

1:30 – Here’s Jeff Collins. He’s the organizer of this event. He’s about 500 pounds.

I don’t get it. What’s going on in the US? I’m trying to think about how many fat people I’ve seen in the US. I left the country 20 years ago. I saw some. Some people were fat. But fucking 400 or 500 pound people? Rarely. Extremely rarely.

But you look at videos from these nerd conventions and it’s FULL of 400+ pounders. A lot of these “gaming” “Youtubers” are big, fat, motherfuckers. Is this a representative sample of the current state of the US or is just that fat people are attracted to nerd shit like video games?

You see fat people in the UK too, of course, but…I don’t know. Is it more or less than what I’ve seen in the US? I never did any kind of statistical study on this.

But I don’t see people who are over 400 pounds in the UK. I can’t think of any, certainly. It would be noteworthy. I’d remember it. But I have seen such people in the US. Not often but sometimes.

I had a neighbour who had a couple of young children with her husband. She was regularly dieting. I got the impression that she was overweight as a child. Her children were both overweight. But she was fairly slim at the time.

Then she got divorced and ballooned to easily 400 pounds. And she became a lesbian. Because what man is interested in a 400 pound woman? And she got a girlfriend who was also about 400 pounds. And they were in our home, sitting on our sofa, and…god. How did that sofa possibly support that much weight?

I’m trying to think of any time I’ve seen somebody like that in the UK. I’ve seen 300 pounders. Not often but it happens. But 400 pounds? Fuck no.

I’ve never been on a bus or a train, for example, in the UK, where some fat fuck is taking up two seats. And I take trains most every day. It’s never even been like somebody is sitting next to you and their girth is unpleasantly intruding on your space.

Does it happen in the US? I don’t know. I didn’t take public transportation there. But you look at the size of John Riggs or any of these people who I’m talking about, they clearly could not fit into one seat.

I’m assuming that they drive. Anyway. Let’s continue the video.

5:30 – John Riggs is talking to another 400+ pound guy.

Then immediately after that, there’s a couple of 400+ pound guys behind a booth, selling shit.

6:00 – There’s a 400 pound…woman(?) rubbing her giant belly. It might be a man with long hair.

So that’s the video. John Riggs didn’t really show his children. That’s a good thing. They’ve suffered enough. Don’t put them in your shitty Youtube videos.

Let me look for the average weight in the US over time.

The average weight of an American man today is 200 pounds. That’s a big, fat guy. And that’s the average weight.

I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started this one meal a day thing in November. This is what I weighed when I was in college. And I’ve never been remotely overweight.

What are these people doing to amass so much weight? Well, you see from John Riggs’ videos that he’s CONSTANTLY eating. That has to be a factor. That has to be basically the only factor. I also assume that he’s not getting any exercise but I’m not getting much exercise either. It’s just constant eating. That’s how you get to 400 pounds.

You look at fucking Mike Matei. He’s probably 200+ pounds now. And five years ago, he was probably 150 pounds. What happened? I think that it was around the time that he got with Erin. Or was he already down that path before he got with Erin? I’m not sure.

I don’t think that Erin is cooking anything. I think that they just eat takeaway for every meal. But then why isn’t Erin getting fucking huge? For a while, she was gaining weight but she seems to have lost it. She also talks about working out once in a while. So maybe that’s the difference. Erin works out and Mike doesn’t.

They should work out together. And be each other’s weight loss buddy. They could finally have something in common. Something that they could bond over. Strengthen this obviously loving relationship that they have.

They have all the time in the world to work on their weight loss goals. Neither one of them has a job. Start doing some sit ups. Or what about doing some Mousercise? The videos are on Youtube. From 1983, so this was Mike’s era. According to Mike. He was three years old at the time. They like Disney. And retro shit. Erin in particular enjoys retro shit from before she was born. So this is right up their alley.

1 thought on “This small SWAP MEET in Moses Lake felt like 2004 all over again – John Riggs

  1. The only way to gain weight is to eat more than you burn. There’s literally no other way. Conversely, if you need to lose weight, you just have to put down the fork. It is physically impossible to gain fat on a calorie deficit with the law of conservation of energy.

    I will say though that part of the reason you never see 400lb people on the train is that when you get big you’re mostly stuck at home. Part of why these YouTubers do what they do, I’d think. Just get the McDonald’s delivered.

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