Destiny Fomo is Touring Japan Again

But first, some Thanksgiving greetings. She’s thankful for all of her friends pushing her to do better. Well, her reviews on that New York escort site were all abysmal so there’s really only one way to go from here.

She sure does seem to have a lot of old men as friends. How about making some friends your own age, Madam Fomo? Women. Women who aren’t prostitutes.

And here she is with Justin Whang, that guy who does those “remember these old Youtubers?” videos. I think that can do a video on himself at this point.

But here he is, a “respected” “Youtuber” taking pictures with a known prostitute. He knows it, I know it, we all know it. If he wants to frequent prostitutes, that’s his business. But why would he advertise this? It’s not good for his “brand” is it?

Oh, here’s an interesting recent video that he did.

That’s no way to talk about Madam Fomo, you racist fuck.

Anyway, this was all Thanksgiving shit. After Thanksgiving, she went to Japan. You know…she was “touring”. If you know what I mean? Am I being too subtle? Sex for money.

She was playing Uno with her doll at the airport, apparently. She buys a lot of children’s toys. They’re on her Amazon wishlist. It’s creepy as fuck. What is she doing with this stuff? It’s for her clients, of course but…how is a Lite-Brite being used in a sexual fashion?

“someone found me in Tokyo lol I was sure this was gonna be the one place I didn’t get recognize😭but I ain’t mad at it lol”

Nice Ebonics. But yeah, prostitution doesn’t have the stigma in Japan that it does in, say, the US. I don’t know. Maybe it does. But you hear about all the creepy shit that goes on in Japan. I don’t need to enumerate them here. It seems to be a permissive country in terms of prostitution. So I can see why Madam Fomo enjoys going there.

But still…it must be illegal for Madam Fomo to go there and ply her trade. At the very least, she’d be working without a visa.

So then Adam Koralick replies:

“Honestly, it happens to me more often there than here. One dude jumped out of a (slow) moving car because he saw me walking down the street. You’d be surprised how often that will happen there.”

You guys all know Adam Koralick, right? He’s HUGE in Japan.

Japan LOVES fat, unattractive white nerdy guys who can’t get a date in their own country so they give Japan a shot. And even then, with the lower standards and white-worship that Asian women seem to have, he had to resort to prostitutes.

Here are some more pictures. Madam Fomo is wearing a corset on a train. And it’s like a costume corset. Uh huh. In case anyone needed confirmation about what I’ve been saying thus far about what Madam Fomo is doing in Japan, there you go.

Justin Wong replies. Not to be confused with Justin Whang. Justin Wong is a fat Chinese guy who says that he’s a “girldad” and a professional fighting game…guy. Okay, Mr Wong. Very good. Go spend time with your children. And maybe get a job. But whatever you do, stay away from the prostitutes. This is embarassing.

More pictures of Madam Fomo with johns. That nerdy white guy is literally wearing a fedora. Actually, it might be a trilby or something. But whatever it is, it’s very similar to a fedora.

Here are some pictures of Madam Fomo with dogs. I won’t make the obvious joke. This is a classy blog.

Oh, and here’s Madam Fomo enjoying the local cuisine. “I want to try the Japanese take on an American chain pizza.”

Now here’s Madam Fomo trying out some Japanese soul food. What does a Japanese chitterling taste like? I’ll have to find out if I ever go to Japan. Japan is renowned for its soul food.

Here’s Madam Fomo eating Japanese tacos and hamburger.

Here she is eating a Japanese gyro.

She also got some Japanese McDonalds.

Hey…Fomo…are you fucking retarded? This is fucking embarrassing. Who the fuck goes to Japan to eat at fucking America Town? Maybe try the JAPANESE FOOD while you’re in Japan.

I mean…what do you expect? She has an 8th grade education and is the world’s worst prostitute.

And where’s TuanX in any of these pictures? You know he was there. He’s her fucking pimp. He’s always there. But she always presents these pictures like she’s traveling alone. She isn’t. TuanX is there with her for all of these. Maybe he’s the one taking the pictures.

And why isn’t TuanX splashing out at all? Fucking McDonalds? Domino’s? How much money has Madam Fomo made you over the years? You can’t give ANY of it back? Take her to a decent fucking restaurant, you scumbag.

Madam Fomo also took some pictures with this woman:

She’s a prostitute in Japan, I assume. The pictures all seem to suggest that. And there’s also this video:

She’s with Madam Fomo and some other prostitutes. And some pathetic horntards are getting excited over this.

Anyway, that’s Madam Fomo’s “business” trip. She’s still there, I think.

Madam Fomo made a bizarre comment a while ago about coming to the UK and she suggested that I meet her. I obviously declined. I mean…what the fuck? No thanks.

But I suspect that she thought that I’d jump at the opportunity. Because look at how all of these other people respond. Even big time “Youtubers” like Pat the NES Punk, Mike Matei, Metal Jesus, John Riggs, Johnny Whang (or whatever his name is) they all have responded favourably to Madam Fomo and some of them have met up with Madam Fomo and agreed to take pictures.

Personally, I’m not interested in prostitutes. Okay? That’s number one.

Secondly, I’m not interested in meeting any of these fucking Z-list Youtubers. Who gives a shit?

I think that Crystal Quin aka Horseface McGee similarly expected me to be thrilled that she left a message on my blog. Oh, I can DM you with any questions? I’d love to, Horseface. Let’s smooth this all out. You’re a swell woman.

Fuck no. I keep it 100% over here, homeys. You know what I’m saying?

Similar with Tony from Hack the Movies when he posted here. Trying to be buddies.

I don’t have anything against these people, really, but I don’t want to fucking hang out with them. It’s ridiculous.

You look at what happened when Justin Silverman posted on that homosexual sub-reddit. These lunatics, who posted irrationally hateful stuff FOR YEARS against Justin, suddenly started kissing his 150 pound ass after he posted there. “Oh, you gave such a great performance as Violator. Are you a professional actor, by chance?”

Guys…these are “Youtubers”. Most of them don’t have jobs. They’re not people to sit in awe of. They’re people to be pitied. These are the dregs of society.

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