Erin Plays and Mike Matei play a Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle NES Hack! (part 3 of 16)

I don’t care how long it takes me to finish this. I’m going to watch every single second of this video. It’s a goldmine of awkward behaviour. And Erin doesn’t know ANYTHING about ANYTHING. It’s great.

14:30 – Mike, as Bugs Bunny, says that he can’t take a bath because Ernie is always in there. Erin says, “Ernie’s in there all the time and I can’t get him out…Erin tries too.”

You know…because this isn’t Erin. She remembered that she was in “costume”. She’s Lola Bunny. The world’s worst fucking costume.

I just can’t understand why she puts so little effort into everything. I put more effort into my Halloween costumes as a child. If I was one of these freaks who dressed up as an adult on Halloween, I’d put the fucking effort in. I’d spend the money on quality shit. Not so for Zero Effort Erin. Just get some bunny ears and a basketball jersey. You’re done.

The conversation ends awkwardly, of course, and then Erin says, “Oh my god. What’s that dog’s name?”

Erin “always” “forgets” the name of this obscure cartoon character.

Mike didn’t even know so maybe the character doesn’t even have a name. I think it’s the dog from some Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. Did he have a name? Let me look this up.

Barnyard Dawg. Yeah, that was never mentioned in any cartoon. That’s just the name that was used by the writers and animators and whatnot. I only remember Foghorn Leghorn beating his ass with a two by four. It’s probably what Mike did to Erin after this stream. “Well, I carried your shitty stream as usual. Now it’s time to pay the piper.”

16:30 – Erin stuffing an entire tissue up her nose. This is sexy. This is my fetish.

18:15 – Mike says, “My ears are very sensitive” and then starts stroking his ears. Erin says, “They are. Like a Ferengi.”

I’m surprised that she made a relevant reference. Mike must have recently made her watch some Deep Space Nine episodes.

18:30 –

Mike: What a maroon.

Erin. Maroon is a song on the new Taylor Swift album.

Two things. 1) She didn’t get the reference because she has no idea who Bugs Bunny is. 2) These are the only sort of references that she can make. Braindead 2000s pop music bullshit that nobody gives a shit about.

Is Mike going to start talking about Taylor Swift now? He doesn’t know who this is.

Erin: And I like it

(nervous laughter as Mike doesn’t respond to any of this)

Mike: Taylor Swift is great.

Now Mike is just doing the same thing that Erin does to EVERYTHING that she doesn’t know about. He’s just giving a generic response because he doesn’t know or care about Taylor Swift.

20:30 – Mike starts doing his annoying “nyaaaaaaa” thing that he did in the AVGN episode, I think. Then Erin says, “Yeah, and doctors can’t figure out why I have, like, crippling stress and anxiety.”

It’s not that they can’t figure it out, it’s that they’re disputing that you have any such afflictions. Same with your fake carpal tunnel syndrome. It took her literally over ten years before she found some quack doctor who would go along with this farce. And even now, I’m not convinced that she found a doctor to sign off on these lies. Where are the nerve tests? Over a year ago, Erin said that she got nerve tests done and she would let us all know what the results are. She never showed the results.

Stress and anxiety. Fuck you. Stress from what? Not working? Getting fucked in the ass for Youtube promotion? These were your decisions, Erin. You actively sought this out. This is exactly what you wanted to do with you life: NOTHING. If you don’t like it, try doing something. Mike isn’t keeping you in a cage, is he? Go back to mommy and daddy in California and see if your job at the record store is still available. Your Youtube scam is not working. It will NEVER work.

20:45 – Erin bumps into this wall for the third fucking time. I get it. It looks like you should be able to pass by this wall. But you can’t. It didn’t work the first two times, did it? Why can’t she remember this?

21:30 – Mike says, “Can you think of any other video games where characters go down pipes?”

No time for brain teasers, Mike. Just let Erin concentrate on the game.

24:15 – Mike is identifying an enemy in the game.

Mike: I believe that that’s Sylvester the Cat’s child.

Erin: Yes. Oh my god. Yeah. What was his name from Tiny Toons?

Mike: No. Not from Tiny Toons. From the old Looney Tunes cartoons.

Erin. Oh, I don’t know. I liked Tiny Toons a lot when I was little but I haven’t watched it since.

Mike: I was a teacher at that school.

(Erin is oblivious)

Erin: Oh…at the Tiny Toons school?

Yes, Erin. You remember? The intro to the cartoon showed Bugs Bunny teaching at the school. You don’t remember this? They showed this before every fucking episode. It was also the premise of the show. The old characters are teaching the new characters in some kind of school. Acme Looniversity, I believe it was called. It was in the fucking theme song.

Erin “always” “forgets” that Bugs Bunny was a teacher at Acme Looniversity. She also “always” “forgets” about Sylvester Junior.

25:15 – Some horntard is asking about Freakazoid. Whatever that is. I had to look it up. Some short-lived cartoon from the 1990s.

Mike: I think that you should do a top ten Freakazoid episodes.

Erin: I mean, I probably should. (awkward pause) I’ve never watched it too much.

So why should you probably do a video on the top ten episodes of the show? She says that she should probably do a top ten video on a show that she’s never fucking seen before. Why? It’s preposterous.

But this is what she does with video games. She knows absolutely nothing about video games but then she’ll do a top ten video about videos games. It’s idiotic.

26:00 –

Mike: Remember AOL?

Erin: Yeah. I like AOL. I miss AOL.

What do you miss about it Erin? What did you like about it? Tell us. We want to know. Can you expand on ANYTHING or do you just continue to give generic answers to everything because you don’t know anything about anything? I’m thinking it’s the latter.

26:45 – A horntard asks, “Remember the 100 free hours CDs you got in the mail?” Erin says, “Yes.”

Good contribution, Erin. Do you have any stories that you can tell about these CDs? The packaging used to be really plain, like a cardboard sleeve, but then started upping the production value by using little tins. See? I gave a little story to go along with that AOL CD question. This is what you should be doing in these streams. Not just “yes/no” or “I like it” or “I remember that”. That’s fucking boring. Nobody wants to hear that.

She can’t do it because she doesn’t know anything about anything. She doesn’t remember these fucking CDs. She was locked in her empty room all day and fed gruel.

27:15 – Then she gives a long, meanderingly, go-nowhere story about how much she liked Myspace and LiveJournal as a kid. Just that she liked these things. That’s it. Then she starts talking about how Justin Timberlake bought MySpace and was going to re-brand it.

What? First of all, this is another example of Erin only being able to talk about shitty 2000s pop music.

But did this even happen? Oh. It did happen. But yeah, this is all that Erin can talk about. Justin Timberlake. You guys like Justin Timberlake, right?

No. I’m a heterosexual man. I didn’t listen to that shit. I’m certainly not listening to it now. It’s 2022. Get with the times, Erin.

29:45 – A horntard asks, “Is there an AVGN poster?” Erin says, “Yes. Those exist.”

Great commentary, Erin. Do you maybe want to take us through what the current AVGN posters look like? Where can I buy one? How much are they?

She doesn’t know anything about this shit. So it’s just more generic bullshit.

30:45 – “I’m going to ruin my costume. I’m going to put on a hoodie because I’m chilly.”

How much more can that costume possibly be ruined?

We can stop here. I’m at 31 minutes. It shouldn’t take 16 parts to do this. Because I watched seven minutes the first time, seven minutes the second time, but a whopping 17 minutes this time. So we’re making progress.

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