Man-Thing is The Marvel Horror Movie You Forgot About! – Tony from Hack The Movies

Oh, the terrible and awkward MintSalad is the guest host this time. What has she been doing lately? I haven’t checked out her Twitter or Fansly in ages.

Her banner says, “Being autistic doesn’t mean I lack agency.”

Then why keep mentioning that you’re autistic? Most people with autism who don’t want people talking about it or treating them differently, don’t fucking advertise that they have autism. But she’s CONSTANTLY talking about how she’s autistic. It’s her entire personality, such as it is.

It’s the same on her Fansly. I won’t link directly to it but it’s on her Linktree.

“I’m Mint, I’m 22 and I am autistic!”

Nobody gives a shit. Not one person.

And she is posting CONSTANTLY on this thing. More than once a day, every day. That fat pimp is really working her.

In one of these, she’s wearing a shirt that says, “Fuck off. I’m autistic.”

Ummm…I think that we get it. Why are you constantly telling us that you’re autistic? Who the fuck knows? Just for the attention, I guess.

Stefan70 says, “Super sexy. Whenever I see these photos, I get hard instantly. It takes less than 2 minutes for me to cum to these photos. LOL”

Wow. Really? To this shit? As a 52 year old man? It’s impressive, in a way. I guess. There’s no way that I could even get a semi over this shit.

Oh, she’s also going topless now too. As here:

It’s the moment a lot of y’all been waiting for hehe, I’m finally showing my nipples for the first time! November 1st is my 22nd birthday and on my birthday I’ll be dm’ing you THIS super cute bat-mint boobie pic from today’s EXTRA SPICY set completely uncensored so you can see my batnips in all their symbolic glory!

After this I’ll be a lot more open to custom requests with topless nudity so if that’s interesting to you, keep an eye out and hit me up! Have a good day/night

Does anybody want this? I guess that people are paying for this but…I don’t get it.

She also posts really, really awful movie reviews every day on Youtube.

Her pimp doesn’t even do anything any more. He used to make Youtube videos but he doesn’t do it any more. He just makes Mint Salad do everything now.

Nobody at Screenwave has any problem with this. Not Tony, not Horseface, not Johanna. Nobody. They’re enablers of forced prostitution. Mint Salad is clearly a vulnerable person, she mentions that she’s autistic a hundred times a day, she had a bad childhood, her parents died or were drug addicts or something so she was raised by foster parents. And she clearly has a pimp. They’re all promoting this. They’re complete degenerates.

0:15 – But first a word from the degenerate Tony from Hack the Movies. He’s looking for “holiday gifts.” Which holiday? He’s wearing a Santa hat. There’s a fir tree in the background. So…Ōmisoka? He’s looking for Ōmisoka gifts?

1:15 – Mint Salad says that she does movie reviews every day. And this looks like a hostage interview. But Tony just moves on. He doesn’t ask any questions. “Why are you doing movie reviews every day? Is your pimp putting you up to this?”

No. Just ignore it. Ignore the people trafficking. Of an autistic woman.

4:15 – Tony gives a vague reference to Mint Salad doing porn. You want to mention the pimping at all, Tony? No. Just ignore the fact that this is an autistic woman being pimped out by some fat fuck.

I’m reading the comments because I’m already bored with this. Somebody asks if Mint Salad is doing a “bit”. Tony replies, “She is autistic and Hack The Movies is super inclusive.”

Why keep mentioning that she’s autistic? And why no mention of the forced prostitution?

  • “She’s terrible…. Can’t watch these episodes with her”
  • Ugh. I hate to say it, but this video was pretty rough. I’m sorry, but Mint Salad can be very annoying to listen to. Conversation had awful flow — like trying to have an in-depth conversation with a 6 year old
  • Where is Newt? How come you people never mention him anymore? Bunch of fake ass friends

Fired for plagiarism. Check out my 50 articles on Newt Wallen to learn more.

Actually, how many articles have I done on Newt? Is this easy to find out?

Seventy-one. Seventy-one articles tagged with “Newt Wallen.” That’s a lot.

7:00 – “I have to focus autistically on this.”

You say you’re autistic? I had no idea.

  • This is the worst video you have ever put out.

I don’t know about that. I’m not going to listen to much more but I find Horseface WAY more annoying. Mint is actually talking about the movie.

So I’m going to stop here. I made it to 16 minutes. It’s pretty much unwatchable. Like all of Tony’s videos from the past year or so. Around the time when they got rid of Newt. Nobody wants to watch an hour long movie review. Even if the people are charismatic, which they clearly are not in this case.

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