Wait they made a movie based on a store ? (SPIRIT HALLOWEEN Movie Review) – Newt Wallen

Newt is in a car with that woman who gave that scumbag story about how her pitbull killed another dog and bit off her finger. As here:


And Newt didn’t give the slightest of fucks about this woman or her story. He, like always, just talked about himself.

Nevertheless, even with this total social unawareness and lack of anything even resembling tact or charisma, Newt managed to get this woman in his car, at night.

Well, she is a large, middle-aged woman. So there’s that. Her standards are low.

0:30 – Newt says that he used to throw this woman’s ex-husband out of the movie theatre that he worked at. Why? What are grown men doing to cause them to get thrown out of movie theatres? Nothing is explained.

3:45 – Newt mentions Mona from Who’s the Boss and I don’t think that this woman knows who this is. Is it possible? She’s too young to get the reference? Well, I guess. I’m surprised that Newt even gets the reference. I’m a few years older than him and Who’s the Boss was cancelled when I was…I don’t know…13? Something like that.

This might be of interest to the boys on Reddit. I remember seeing a disgusting picture of Danny Pintauro that he had put on Grindr or something. Fully naked. And then later, he got AIDS.

This is why there will never be a Who’s the Boss reunion. Plus, everybody is so old now. Tony Danza and Judith Light must be nearly 80 now.

Oh, and what about that little kid? God, I hated that guy. They brought him in for a season or two after Johnathon started getting older.

Billy. That’s it. Played by Jonathan Halyakar. Well, the good news is that he couldn’t get any acting roles after Who’s The Boss. But what’s he doing now then? We don’t know. No social media presence. He’s probably some junkie turning tricks for sandwiches.

4:15 – Newt says that he liked the character who told jokes based on the periodic table because, “I know the periodic table.”

Well, look at big-brained Newt over here. He knows all of the elements. And their atomic weight.

I have no idea what Spirit Halloween is, by the way. Newt says that this is a store but I’ve never heard of it. Let me look this up.

They have 1,400 locations. Only open during the Halloween season. Somehow, this passed me by.

9:00 – This woman, who’s said basically nothing this whole time, says, “Is there anything that you liked about this movie? There’s one thing that I liked.”

And instead of pitching to her, like any normal person would do, Newt just keeps talking. Everything is about him.

Okay, I’m at 13:00. It’s only the midway point but I’ve reached my limit. Let’s peruse the comments.

Nothing interesting. Twitter?

More celebrities who have died. Newt REALLY likes re-tweeting about dead celebrities. People who he’s never talked about once. He just has a morbid interest in dead celebrities. He thinks that when he dies, people are going to re-tweet this information. No. I’m sorry. Nobody is going to re-tweet Newt’s death. And that’s okay. Focus on leading a fulfilling life and don’t concern yourself about the re-tweeting afterlife.

What the hell is this? An eye test? I’m not reading this.

More dead celebrities who he’s never talked about. Mike Schank this time. Fuck off. Nobody even knows who this is, particularly Newt.

“I’m looking for a shitty, plagiarised script.”

“Oh, I know just the guy.”

Yeah, sure, Newt. That happened. Don’t spend all your millions of dollars at once.

Newt also wants you to know that Anne Lansbury died. We know, Newt. Can you stop this obsession with death? It’s fucking boring. To say nothing of its effects on your mental health.

“1 year ago Tonight I had a total nervous breakdown. Lost my best friend. And attempted to take my own life when no one would answer my calls when i needed to explain myself. When i needed help. fucked a lot up. But also learned a lot about myself.”

Uh huh. This was over plagiarism, right? He always neglects to say that part. But his muse Horseface wouldn’t talk to him.

We’ve all lost jobs and muses. Maybe not so publicly. But just get over it. Both the job and the muse were shit.

So somebody asks him what he learned from this experience. Newt says, “To never allow myself to be that guy again. But I also learned a lot of strangers out here in social media land care about me. And I was not alone. A lot of us are suffering. And ill never let anyone feel alone when they needed help.”

Everything is about Newt. What he learned is that people love Newt. What kind of lesson is that? Maybe the less should have been “don’t plagiarise.” Or, “If you’re given too much work to do, speak to your boss and ask for less work.”

He goes on, “In the past year I’ve given my number to total strangers who told me they wanted to die. I sat up with them just to talk. And people have said i helped. I dont say this for pat on the back. I sat had to be a reason im here. That I am more than my mistakes”

More Newtmania from The Ideas Man. Look at how many lives Newt saved. Newt is a real hero. According to Newt.

Then everybody leaves comments talking about how proud they are of Newt and they’re glad that he didn’t kill himself.

This is why Newt continues to behave like this. These people are enablers.

What are they proud of? What has he accomplished? When he was working, yeah, that’s admirable. I was glad to see that Newt found a job straight away. But then he fucking quits to pursue this hopeless bullshit.

And who cares if some weirdos on the internet are proud of Newt anyway? Do your own fucking thing. He’s doing this shit for internet accolades?

There is no chance of any of his idiotic projects ever making a single penny. He’s wasting his time with this shit. And it’s all because he wants to Weinstein Crystal Quin. Fucking move on. You know what women like? Men with jobs. Try it out.

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