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Just finished watching Dahmer. Can someone with money and/or power PLEASE get a park built in memorial of the victims at the Oxford apartment site already???? Someone with influence had to have watched the series.

She talked about her excitement for this movie before. I discuss it here:

So now, having watched the movie, she wants some wealthy industrialist to build a park in memory of the people who were killed by Jeffrey Dahmer. Why? This is such a bizarre comment. What is a park going to accomplish?

She doesn’t give the slightest of fucks about any of these people. She doesn’t even know how to empathise. She can’t even fake it. The emotion is totally foreign to her. So this is her attempt at trying to approximate empathy. Building a park. It doesn’t even make sense.

Did she not already know about Jeffrey Dahmer? Why does it take a dramatised movie for her to try to feign empathy? Couldn’t she just have done a little research? Check the Wikipedia page for Jeffrey Dahmer?

And she’s said before that she’s read books on serial killers. She’s one of these losers who takes an interest in this shit. She hasn’t read a book about Jeffrey Dahmer before? She didn’t know the story? Really? Is this what we’re expected to believe?

I was was wondering about a guy who I went to school with recently so I looked him up. He had an account on GoodReads or something, so I thought, “That’s cool. I’ll check out some of his book reviews.”

All serial killer books. He’s worked a variety of low-paying jobs all of his life. The last job that I’m aware of is in a pizzeria. And he regularly talks about wanting to kill himself.

These are the people who read books on serial killers. With respect to this guy, and with no respect to Horseface: total losers.

Let’s build a park to the victims. This is just Horseface trying to justify her love of serial killers. “Oh, no. I’m only interested in the VICTIMS. I want to honour the VICTIMS.”

Okay, so let’s look at how the family of the victims felt about that movie. Or maybe it’s a series. I don’t know.

When I saw some of the show, it bothered me, especially when I saw myself — when I saw my name come across the screen and this lady saying verbatim exactly what I said.

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought it was me. Her hair was like mine, she had on the same clothes. That’s why it felt like reliving it all over again. It brought back all the emotions I was feeling back then.

I was never contacted about the show. I feel like Netflix should’ve asked if we mind or how we felt about making it. They didn’t ask me anything. They just did it.

But I’m not money hungry, and that’s what this show is about, Netflix trying to get paid.

I could even understand it if they gave some of the money to the victims’ children. Not necessarily their families. I mean, I’m old. I’m very, very comfortable. But the victims have children and grandchildren. If the show benefited them in some way, it wouldn’t feel so harsh and careless.

It’s sad that they’re just making money off of this tragedy. That’s just greed.

That was from Rita Isabell, the woman who screamed at Jeffrey Dahmer during the trial. Her brother was killed.

It’s just a cash grab. It’s the usual people cashing in on tragedy. And dumb goyim like Horseface are supporting this.

Where’s our park? We want a park to the victims.

Maybe if you want to do something productive for the people who were killed, you can stop actively supporting the glorification of serial killers. This only happens in the US. The US is the only culture on earth that glorifies serial killers. That’s why all of the well-known serial killers are Americans. The degenerate culture glorifies this. And morons like Horseface gleefully take part.

So Safe Space Kaiju replies. “I have been saying this since they demolished the building do something to remember them the fact we remember him more and not the victims is heartbreaking”

Who’s Safe Space Kaiju? Well, according to his Twitter description he’s, “on the spectrum and by government definition trans so tread lightly”.

Uh huh. Sounds like a model of good mental health. These are the people going to Horseface’s Twitter. And probably paying to see her shit cosplay Fansly.

Speaking of which:

“Go support my Fansly so I can buy these masks and take sexy photos in them (and wear them all the time)”

“The masks have been pruchased!!!! I bought them online since so many places have sold out. I get them on Tuesday. I’ll stream next Wednesday opening the box!!!”

There are three masks. A pumpkin, a skull, and, I don’t know, something else. Some kind of monster. Two are $60 and one is $50. They’re just shitty, rubber masks. They seem expensive for what they are but maybe these are the prices for shitty rubber masks these days.

Why would she want these? She’s like 40 years old.

And she’s going to wear this for “sexy” photos on her Fansly? What? Why would anybody want that?

Look, Horseface is not an attractive woman but I don’t want to see her in a mask. It’s weird. Nothing sexy about that.

It’s completely insane.

Kris Glavin replied but it looks like he was just being polite. “I love Halloween 3 season of the witch”. Yeah. He doesn’t want to see this weird shit either. A smokeshow wearing a children’s Halloween mask is just a lunatic.

The downvoted comments are somebody who posted a picture of Bugs Bunny saying “no” and Kiwi Chris who said, “Why, can’t you afford them ? Lol”.

A fine question. You know what I do when I want something? I go fucking purchase it like a normal person. I don’t go on Twitter and beg literal retards to send me money in exchange for “sexy” pictures.

Kiwi Chris has a pretty insane Twitter, by the way.

Jewish conspiracy stuff, his love for large-breasted Jewish women, the inherent superiority of men over women, and his passion for pocket radios. This guy REALLY likes pocket radios. He also really likes Mint Salad. He sends her messages asking if she’s Jewish. He also does an impression of her here:

Hopefully this guy gets the help that he needs.

Here’s a picture of Horseface with a bunch of roses covering her face. She’s made comments about roses recently. Somebody is giving her roses. She doesn’t say who. So what’s the point of any of this? Why tease the horntards?

She doesn’t want to say that she’s in some kind of relationship with somebody because she wants the horntards to think that they have a chance.

Here’s a “sexy” picture of Horseface and she promotes her Fansly. Again, she’s hiding her face. What is this? Why would I want to PAY MONEY to see pictures of this blurry shit of a Horsefaced woman, fully clothed, with a towel over half of her face?

Somebody says, “Try autofocus dear”.

Horseface replies, “It’s blurred on prupose. The Fansly post has the non-blurred photo”

To be honest, I think I prefer to stick with the blurred version.

  • “Smokeshow stunningly beautiful young lady”

You’re the best, Kris Glavin.

  • “makes me wanna do some wrestling moves”

What a bizarre comment. When this guy gets aroused he wants to…put somebody in a full nelson? Even if we’re talking about moves that could potentially be sexual, like the piledriver or a head scissors takedown or something, why is this the response to so-called erotica? Most people just want to jerk off. But no, this guy is leaving his basement and powerbombing his mother through the coffee table every time he gets horny. He needs immediate help.

  • “So not to be rude but do you sell Nude content on your Fansly?”

Somebody replies, “I just checked and sadly no”

Yeah, so what’s the point? What’s the point of any of this? She posts this shit for free on Instagram right now. And I don’t even want it for free.

Well, if she makes enough money from these mentally challenged horny losers, maybe she’ll be able to create that park.

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