Going to an AWESOME Cosplay Barcade in Tokyo – Kid Shoryuken

This is the guy who had sex for money with Destiny Fomo while she was in Japan. Well, probably one of many guys. I talked about this here:


I don’t know how many people watch the videos and follow along but if you are going to watch this video, I must warn you: this guy…this is a guy who needs to pay money to have sex with anyone. He’s no Brad Pitt, I’ll say that. He’s not even Brad Garrett, the brother from Everybody Loves Raymond.

And he’s with some other prostitute in this video. It’s creepy as fuck. So leave your morals at the door and let’s watch some fat fuck American going to a “cosplay barcade” with a prostitute in Tokyo.

0:00 – “Hey everybody. Jim here.”

More like John.

And this is the sort of video that he normally does, where he’s just walking around town and you can see what he’s seeing but you can’t see him. But this video is special. He’s going to turn the camera around and show himself.

0:30 – He says that he’s going to meet up with a “friend” of his. Uh huh. “Friend.” He used this same term for Madam Fomo. And if you read that article and watch the video you know immediately that this guy 100% had sex for money with Madam Fomo.

I’ve also heard him talking about massage parlours in some video of his. He was annoyed that the massage parlours were closed during covid.

He’s fucking disgusting. He’s the typical creepy American who can’t get a date so they move to Asia where the women have lower standards. But I don’t think that even the Asian women are going for this. I think that he has to pay.

Absolutely everybody is wearing a mask in this thing, by the way. I suppose that they were doing this before covid too, though. The Japanese love wearing masks. I guess. They love conformity, anyway.

2:30 – Here we go. Holy crap. Look at this guy. He’s in his 40s and a big fat guy. I’m thinking that he has a toupee or something as well.

2:45 – So now here’s his “friend”: a hot Japanese chick. Well, I don’t know how hot she is. She’s wearing a mask. And she’s not particularly dressed like a prostitute. This could be a guy for all I know. No discernible breasts. But let’s wait. From what I can tell, this woman is about half this guy’s age.

Oh, she gives her Instagram. Her name is Apollo. I suspect that this isn’t her given name.


Mmm…I don’t have an Instagram account so I can only see the thumbnails but…I don’t know. It very well may be a guy. It’s either a man trying to look like a woman or a woman trying to look like a man.

3:00 – There’s a brief picture of this creep with his arm around this man/woman.

3:45 – “Kid” Shoryuken says that he was promised “cosplay girls” in this bar. Oh god. I really don’t want to see any more of this.

Then he does a patronising “up top” and offers a high-five. He talks to this person like a child. He did the same thing with Madam Fomo. It’s gross.

4:30 – We see some “cosplay girl”. It’s just a waitress or something. In a mask, like everybody else. And she’s wearing…I don’t know…is this cosplay? I’m not familiar with the character, certainly, but that’s to be expected. And she’s doing the “V” sign thing.

Then he starts filming and talking into the camera and there’s two fucking weirdos that are looking right into the camera. I don’t think that they’re in this group. I think that they’re both guys but…it’s hard to tell. The one on the left might be an unattractive woman.

5:00 – Then he zooms the camera right in this man/woman’s face. The man/woman who he’s on a “date” with. I still can’t tell what the gender is. But in any event, he’s paying for this. He’s either fucking a woman with no breasts or a man who’s dressed as a woman.

Now the mask is off. No, I’m pretty sure that this is a woman. And he is absolutely paying this woman for sex. There’s no question of this. That woman would not spend two fucking seconds with this fat old man if he wasn’t paying her.

6:00 – Now they’re playing a “battle game” against two members of staff and “the losers drink tequila”. I don’t understand any of this.

7:00 – Yeah. He doesn’t get it either. He suggests that the winners should drink the alcohol. None of this makes sense.

And they’re playing some Samurai Shodown game against the staff. They paid for all of this. You have to pay for this ridiculous bullshit. Why would anybody want this? This is some weirdo Japanese shit for losers who can’t get dates so they pay women to play video games with them.

7:30 – Then there’s a weird montage of them playing the game and he intersplices some movie footage or something into this. I have no idea why.

He wins and then they both drink the tequila. So…what was the point of any of this? Just order two shots of tequila.

And they didn’t play against the staff. He got that wrong.

So I think the idea is that the loser of this fucking game is supposed to drink two shots of tequila. I don’t know. Getting drunk is kind of a punishment when you’re going to a tavern. Even though that’s the whole point of going to a tavern. Some loser drunk shit. I don’t know.

And I guess the idea is also to get your date so drunk that she’ll have sex with you.

9:45 – Now a graphic saying “7 or 8 beers later appears. This guy seems to be heavily intoxicated, or he’s pretending.

11:15 – Oh. What? “Kid” Shoryuken refers to Apollo saying that, “He’s a good guy. You’re going to love his art.”

Who the fuck would guess that this…so no. This is a guy who’s trying to look like a woman. Still…eww…the ramifications just dawned on me. There was a picture earlier of “Kid” Shoryuken with his arm around this guy in a sexual fashion. And this guy is still like half of “Kid” Shoryuken’s age. There is no doubt that “Kid” Shoryuken is fucking this guy for money. Because why else would he hang out with this old fat white guy? He wouldn’t.

And when “Kid” Shoryuken talked to this guy like he was a child…eww. And this guy didn’t say ANYTHING this whole video. He’s just there for the ass pounding.

This is fucking disgusting.

11:15 – Then he says “up top” again for the high five. It’s so demeaning. But he’s paying so…he gets what he wants, I guess. This is what he’s into. Demeaning Japanese ladyboys.

That’s the video. God…this was nauseating. Surely people in the comments can see what this is. I almost never watch this guy’s videos and I immediately figured out what a creep he is. Surely, his regulars know.

No. It’s just “glad you had fun” kind of comments. No references to this fat fuck sodomising this little Japanese guy afterwards. For money. Because that’s CLEARLY what this is.

And Madam Fomo fucked this guy. This guy who has sex with male prostitutes. It’s a sick world.

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