Did We Hate The Munsters? – Tony from Hack The Movies

Oh, Tony is hacking some movies again with…ohhh. Are these my two least favourite guests? It’s that faggot who banned me from Reddit and that anti-abortion nut.

Yeah, they have to be my least favourite. I mean, you might think Horseface but no. Horseface is probably more objectionable than either of these degenerates but you’re always guaranteed something to talk about when Horseface is on the show. At least I am. It’s always the same shit, “Here she is talking about hot chicks again” but at least I can roll with that.

These two clowns are just boring. And that faggot who banned me from Reddit can also be annoying.

But it’s The Munsters. I’ve already watched Newt’s video on this. And James Rolfe’s fabulous greenscreen spectacular. But I’m not Munstered out yet. I still have room for Tony from Hack the Movies’ take on the movie. Will he like it? I’m guessing no. But why not? That’s the important thing. Oh, and who doesn’t want to watch 75 minutes of a man reading a scene by scene summary of the movie? So strap in.

0:15 – But first a word from out sponsor…Southern New Hampshire University?

I’m going to look into this, but before I even do that, I’m going to tell you that Southern New Hampshire University is a for-profit, online, scam university.

Now let’s see if I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a totally respected university with a long, proud history.

Established in 1932. Non-profit. But it is private. Non-profit is certainly no guarantee of the place not being a scam.

Well, it was an accounting and secretarial school from 1932 to 1961 so…not a university.

70,000 undergraduates? Really?

Oh. I see. No. 3900 undergraduate students and 135,000 online students. It’s a scam.

“Alumni and educators outside SNHU have criticized the university’s aggressive recruiting techniques and nationwide advertising campaigns, comparing them to those used by for-profit institutions such as the University of Phoenix and the now-defunct ITT Technical Institute”

Who’s fucking dumb enough to take university advice from Tony from Hack the Movies anyway? He doesn’t even have a degree. And he went to the same college that Terri Schiavo went to. It was some community college or similar.

Everything has to be a fucking scam in the US. Unless you want to be a doctor or a nurse, I say don’t bother going to college. Ninety percent of the degrees are a total waste of time that will never get you a job. And even in the tiny percent of jobs that require a specific degree, you can just say that you have a degree. People rarely check.

$15,000/year for an online college. Fuck you.

He’s specifically selling their video game design program, one of the most useless degrees out there. You don’t need a degree to make video games. You just need to know how to make video games. You can learn for free on the internet. Save yourself the $60,000+ for this bullshit. You’ll be paying that shit off for the rest of your life while you’re working at Jiffy Lube.

Actually, not even. You need marketable skills to work at Jiffy Lube. Where did Tony work…I can’t remember. Some plant nursery. Just a big store that sold plants and dirt and shit.

God…I’m back to the video…I’m past the ad…and this faggot is unbearable. Good thing I filibustered about college for so long because I don’t think I can watch this shit much longer.

9:15 – Horrible footage of Tony, Horseface, and Butch Patrick in some old tyme car and Horseface is being obnoxious.

9:30 – A picture of this anti-abortion nut, dressed like a prostitute, in front of some alleged Munsters car, and she’s holding up the devil horns.

She doesn’t seem to know much about Christianity, I’ll say that. The anti-abortion stuff, yeah, I guess that’s part of it. But not the dressing like a prostitute or the devil horns. That stuff is frowned upon, at least in my experience with Christianity.

Okay. I’ve made it to 20:30. This is boring. The faggot who banned me is annoying. The anti-abortion nut never has anything even remotely interesting to say. And Tony is just going scene by scene giving a summary of the movie. It’s terrible. I’m going to take a nap now.

Oh wait. Comments. And I found some good ones.

  • Since Tony loves Seinfeld references. I’m surprised he’s never referred to Casey as the perfect Girl that Jerry was seeing during the sponge episode. She’s just to perfect.

Somebody replies with, “not creepy at all.”

By the way, a lot of comments about how hot and interesting this anti-abortion nut is. But she’s awful. These retards just want to have sex with her, that’s why they’re saying these things.

  • “I’m just gonna say it for everyone..Casey is annoying. Ditsy and likes family friendly horror only.. zzzzz”

A rare negative comment about this lunatic.

  • “Casey’s positivity is really infectious. Really fun episode!”

Somebody replies, “she’s better than Crystal, She’s the reason why I don’t watch Hack the movies much. I only watch the episodes she’s not in”.


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