Erin Plays and Mike Matei Stream Fall Guys! (part 4 of 4)

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1:37:45 – Mike asks Erin who she would like to see as a costume in Fall Guys.  Erin says Hello Kitty.

JUST ONCE I want Erin to come up with a new answer.  Something that isn’t Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Castlevania, Disney, Rainbow Brite, or Britney Spears.  One time.  Is that asking too much?  Can we get a new fake interest, please?  I’m sick of the old fake interests.  I want new fake interests.  

Ask Erin anything about Hello Kitty.  She doesn’t know.  She doesn’t know the names of the characters.  She doesn’t know anything about this shit.  

Then Mike reads from the chat.  They’re having to prompt Erin with answers again.  They suggest Ghostbusters and…Britney Spears.  It’s so fucking predictable.  Then somebody suggests Sailor Moon…it goes on like this.

And why are people having to prompt Erin with answers for what SHE likes?  Erin has to be reminded of what she likes?  It’s ridiculous.  It’s because these interests are all fake and everybody knows it so the horntards try to help her keep the lies straight.  

1:40:30 – Mike says that he wants “old school Sesame Street” skins.  He suggests Guy Smiley.  Erin says, “mmhmm”.  She clearly has NO IDEA who this is.  Why pretend?  

I don’t even fucking know who it is and I’m about the same age as Mike.  I’ve heard the name but as I’ve explained, I have NO MEMORIES of watching Sesame Street because if I watched that shit, it was before I was school aged.  I don’t fucking remember anything from when I was four years old.  Unlike, apparently, Mike.  Mike must have really been living it up when he was four years old.  He remembers everything from that age.  That was his era.

1:46:00 – “Thank you Games and Movies for gifting a sub to MikeMateiLive.”

This guy is literally mentally retarded.  I’ve talked about him a few times before.  He’s the guy who goes to Disneyland and hugs all of the costumed characters.  And he constantly talks about Disneyland.  He counts down the days until he’s next going to Disneyland.  Shit like this.  He also always says “HUGS”.  

These are the people giving Erin money.  Doesn’t she feel at all bad?  They’re literally retarded.  

1:46:30 – Now it’s Erin’s turn.  Mike got first place in the last game, by the way.

She sure enjoys jumping.

1:50:30 – Erin failed to get past the first round.  Absolute shit-tier gameplay.

1:55:00 – Erin has said that this game is making her stressed probably…20 times in the past five minutes.

1:55:45 – “And people wonder why I don’t play online multiplayer.”

Are people really wondering that?  Spoiler, retards.  She’s not interested in video games.

1:57:30 – She barely got through this level.  It’s the one where you have to jump through some rings.  She kept missing.  Repeatedly.  She was only ever able to get through the first one.  The other people must have all been mentally challenged.

2:01:45 – Erin failed badly so it’s Mike’s turn.  

Nothing has really happened for the past hour.  Is it worth watching the last 45 minutes of this shit?  Let’s see who else has been uploading.

Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining did her monthly update and she’s wearing a pink tank top.  Views must be down again.  Getting the melons out.

I think that we can officially say that Retro Ali is done with Youtube.  She hasn’t uploaded in six months.  She made a very brief return like seven months ago, she said that she moved and was going to upload more frequently, but…she didn’t.  She also looked like she gained about thirty pounds.  

She has a second channel where she uploads her Twitch streams.  As here:

But NOBODY watches that shit.  Eight views.  Twelve views.  Shit like this.  And she doesn’t appear on camera.  She must have doubled in size since we’ve last seen her.

So it’s an interesting way to end a Youtube channel.  You become so obese that you can no longer bring yourself to appear on camera any more.

Speaking of obesity, let’s see what Tony from Hack the Movies has been up to.

He has some nerdy crack addict as the co-host.  Joey C from Screen Rant.  Well, that’s a new one for me.  Let me check it out.

Well, eight million subscribers but the videos only get like 20,000 views.  What the fuck?  Must be some real quality control issues.  

Oh, I think I might have seen this channel before.  He/They/Whoever do a lot of “20 Mistakes in (some movie)” videos.  But then you watch it and…these aren’t mistakes.  It’s just some dumb, “comedy” nitpicks.  Clickbait titles.  People quickly catch on and just stop watching the videos.

This guy is really annoying, by the way.  I’m a minute in.  Maybe I’ll watch it.

Same old bullshit from Pelvic Gamer.

Nothing from Madam Fomo.

Saint Dungalous just straight up posted a copyrighted Sailor Moon video.  This video was also shown in its entirety in her “documentary”.  She also has a separate video of just the intro.  She’s going after those Youtube ad pennies.  With copyrighted material.

John Riggs was in PAX recently.  Was he creeping on any ladies?  Let me skim.  Not that I’m seeing.  But that’s some mask, on John Riggs.  He’s afraid of getting a cold.  Germs.  Germs are everywhere.  My tiny mask will protect me.

What the fuck.  It’s like a doll’s mask.  Why is he wearing that?  

Nothing interesting from Zap Cristal or TheGebs24.

Oh, I almost forgot about The Ideas Man.  No, nothing.

So I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll finish this Erin Plays video tomorrow but I don’t think so.  What are the odds she’s going to say anything noteworthy in the last 45 minutes?  So I think I’m just going to check out this obnoxious homo on Tony’s channel tomorrow.

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  1. Thank goodness this 4 part series is over. It was excruciating for me, as a reader; I can't imagine actually having to watch it.Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, GG.

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