Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey (Trailer Reaction) – Newt Wallen

Four minutes.  Let’s see what you’ve got, Ideas Man.

0:30 – “Winnie the Pooh has fallen into the public domain so you can do what you want with it.”

This is what this whole thing is about.  Somebody made a shitty tits and gore movie based on Winnie the Pooh because Winnie the Pooh is in the public domain now.  Newt really likes this.  Newt loves ripping off existing ideas because he has none of his own.

0:45 – “It’s really cool that people are taking these properties when they fall into the public domain and doing something different with them.”

What about NEW ideas, Newt?  Have you considered that?  

1:15 – Newt starts talking about his plagiarised fake movie trailer called Paperboy 3: The Hard Way.  NEW IDEAS, Newt.  Try it out.  

1:30 – Newt mentions another stupid, plagiarised idea of his: The Girl with the Purple Dragon Tattoo.  It was ripping off the children’s show Barney and Friends as well as the obvious movie ripoff. 

It’s fucking pathetic.

2:30 – “There’s a lot of shit you can do with this stuff.  Just taking the bones of an idea and twisting it into something new.”

No, Newt.  This is not new no matter how many times you say it.  This is just ripping off existing ideas.  That’s not remotely creative.  It takes no talent to do that.  

Then he admits that his Paperboy and Barney ideas aren’t in the public domain but…whatever.  He doesn’t give a shit.

2:45 – “I can’t wait to check it out.  The trailer looked — you know, there’s girls in it, there’s gore in it.”

Tits and gore.  We get it, Newt.  Do you have a single fucking original idea?  It’s the same shit every god damn video.  “I want to make a plagiarised tits and gore video.”  WE KNOW!

3:00 – “People always go like, ‘Don’t you want to make anything good?  Why are you wasting your time with pun titles and shit like that?’  Look at the attention that this got online.”

None.  I never heard ANYTHING about this piece of shit.  

Newt talks about how inspired he was by Kevin Smith.  

See, here’s what Kevin Smith did.  He wrote an ORIGINAL script and then made a movie on a limited budget.  He put TIME into writing something GOOD.  He didn’t just shit something out in two days.  He carefully crafted the characters and the dialogue because he was interested in making a good movie.  

And it worked.  A lot of people enjoyed Clerks.  It made Kevin Smith very wealthy.  Probably.  In any event, he’s well-known and he made at least one film that most everybody agrees was good or at least original.  

Why doesn’t Newt go down this route?  Because he can’t fucking write.  He doesn’t have any ideas.  

This formula of people making good movies on a low budget has been done time and time again.  Greetings.  Easy Rider.  Mean Streets.  Eraserhead.  Blair Witch Project.  Slacker.  Welcome to the Dollhouse.  Reservoir Dogs.  Little Miss Sunshine.  The Wrestler.  

If Newt was attempting to make something good, I’d say go for it.  Well…given when I know about his total lack of talent, actually, I probably wouldn’t.  

But this plagiarised tits and gore shit has absolutely no merit and no prospect of success.  So why bother?  He’s wasting all of his time and money on this shit.  He’s wasting his life on this stupid shit.

3:30 – “I really hope that as more shit falls into the public domain, more people find a way to mix it into something new and cool.”

It’s not new and it’s not cool.  It’s untalented hacks making shit that nobody watches.

“I’m just mad that I didn’t think of it first.”

He’s mad that he didn’t think to steal this idea first.  


– “Yes, I agree with you said at the end. Basically is what Picasso said “creativity has you find you working”, you can’t sit and do nothing and wait for the right idea, you have to work work work…. Some of it, maybe, wouldn’t be as good as intended, but one need to do the heavy lifting, play with ideas, titles, concepts, etc”

Oh sure.  Was Picasso ripping off other people’s ideas?  I don’t know.  I’m not an art historian.  But I’m guessing no.

What a fucking ridiculous comment.  Newt is no Pablo Picasso.  And he’s not working and working and working.  He’s plagiarising and plagiarising and plagiarising.  That’s not creative.  AT ALL.

– “I had an idea for a slasher story that involved all of the characters from television that just disappeared i.e; Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days, Judy Winslow from Family Matters, etc. Of course that would be logistically impossible considering how much money it would cost to license those characters.”

Plus, these people are all way too old for their roles.  Or are you going to recast the characters?  Nobody would fucking know who anybody is.  This is a completely idiotic idea.

– “People who talk shit about you not making “good stuff” totally miss the fact that you LIKE and ENJOY the types of movies you make. Those are the movies I enjoy and a LOT of other people feel the same way.”

Newt replies, “I like B movies. I like fun trash. I mean i LOVE great films. And art but I cant write that kinda stuff. I can write an pull off schlock”

Well, it’s refreshing that he at least admits that he can’t write.  So he’s just trying to make these shitty movies that nobody watches.  It’s a borderline scam.  And it’s a scam that’s not going to fucking work.

– “hack the movies is damn near unwatchable without you, by the way. just throwing that shit out there”

Newt replies, “I dont know. I saw a tweet saying its only gotten better without me”

I think that it was Tony who wrote that.  But it’s pretty much true that the show is unwatchable now.  They’re fucking awful without Newt.  When Newt was there with Horseface, they were unwatchable but when he was there with just Tony, it was fine.  Not good but fine.  

Too bad you’re a giant, unabashed plagiarist, Newt.  

5 thoughts on “Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey (Trailer Reaction) – Newt Wallen

  1. Anyone can get to a decent level writing formulaic movies if they put in the work. Sure Newt is talentless, but his major issue is his laziness.

  2. Check the community tab of Newt's yt channel. Read the post he just made an hour ago about being flagged etc. Read the comments and his responses.Jesus fuck dude lol.

  3. There's going to be some documentary about how George Romero was planning to make a Resident Evil movie. I think there's a trailer maybe. Don't really care.Point being, both Newt AND Tony are going to highly embarass themselves reacting to this news. Mark my fucking words. Either on Twitter or Youtube, both of them are going to bring it up and try to latch onto that hard because they cannot help themselves.

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