WTF Wednesday Review: The Exorcist – Newt Wallen

PVC Bondage girl is back in Newt’s kitchen.  Is she just living there now?  This was recorded on a different day from previous ones because she has different bondage gear on and she has her horrible makeup.  

6:45 – PVC Bondage Girl is critiquing the film for not using the proper psychological terms.  She really seems to be interested in psychology.  Uh huh.  Let’s just put this on my ever expanding list of why I don’t like PVC Bondage Girl and move on.

7:15 – Oh.  We can’t.  She continues.  

PVC Bondage Girl: They also refer to DID as ‘split personality, which, again, 1973.  Which is funny because right before they said that, I compared something that she did to when I switched to one of my alters.

Ideas Man: I guess that you should tell people what you have.

PVC Bondage Girl: Yes.  I have DID.  Hi.

Hi, PVC Bondage Girl.  Let me look “DID” up since I, like just about everybody on earth, don’t know what this is.  But people with mental health problems LOVE talking about their mental health problems and they always use these abbreviations that nobody fucking knows.

Dissociative identity disorder.  

Someone with DID has multiple, distinct personalities. The various identities control a person’s behavior at different times. The condition can cause memory loss, delusions or depression. DID is usually caused by past trauma.


So PVC Bondage Girl was talking about the movie and then she just casually started talking about how she was reminded of the time when she slipped into one of her “alters”.  Like anybody has a fucking clue what she’s talking about.  

And Newt is just sitting there smiling, “Oh, sure.  Alters.  Tell the people at home what an alter is.”

Who the fuck would advertise this?  If you have some mental health problems, I’m sympathetic.  Go speak to a competent psychiatrist.  Not the shit “therapist” who Newt goes to.  

But you don’t have to go on fucking Youtube, in your PVC bondage gear and crazy makeup and say, “Hi.  I slip into my alters on the regular.”

She continues, “I’ve been diagnosed since I was 18.  I referenced it in another review, I think.”

I’m pretty sure that I would have remembered this.  Maybe I missed one.

“I have DID.  I can talk more about that on the Discord or another review or whatever.”

Why?  What’s the relevance?  Come on.  This is a fucking movie review.  If you want to talk about your traumas and mental health problems, talk to a friend (not creepy ass Newt who is just trying to have sex with you) or a trained psychiatrist.  Not fucking retards on Youtube.  

8:15 – She’s referencing the movie, “And I thought, even before they said that, ‘Hey, that looks like my one alter'”

Do any of your “alters” enjoy reviewing movies?  Can you switch to that one, please?  

“Because you’ve seen me disassociate once.  I don’t think it was a good time.  I’m sorry.  But I don’t know if you saw that particular alter because I don’t remember.”


And Newt is just sitting there.  Oh yeah.  Alters.  I remember that time when you disassociated.  Wanna have sex later?

Then Newt says that he saw that alter.  So PVC Bondage Girl says, “Oh, you were familiar with me screaming at the top of my lungs then.”

Then she talks about a friend she had who was writing a comic book about a superhero with “DID”.  This guy interviewed her “alters”.  Fuck off.  Come on.  Can we get back to The Exorcist, please?

11:00 – “I’m also very ametaphobic.”

I…what?  Let me try to look this up.

Emetophobia.  Fear of vomit.  

Oh sure.  How fucking retarded of me not to know what that is.  I’m a real idiot.  Everybody knows what Emetophobia is.  What’s wrong with me?

11:15 – PVC Bondage Girl tells a sex joke that she saw on the internet.

PVC Bondage Girl: Stolen jokes on the internet.

Ideas Man: Whoa!  Don’t do that!

PVC Bondage Girl: No, I didn’t mean that.

Newt making light of his lifelong passion for plagiarism.

13:15 – PVC Bondage Girl twitches and Newt asks if she’s alright and she says that it happens sometimes.

14:30 – PVC Bondage Girl can’t watch some Invisible Man movie because of her “multiple, unfortunate, abusive relationships.”

And Newt is just sitting there while all of this craziness is going on.  Yeah.  Multiple abusive relationships.  Great.  Sex later?

We don’t fucking care about your abusive relationships, PVC Bondage Girl.  I mean…I don’t condone abuse but I don’t even know if there was any abuse.  And why has she had so many?  You can’t just throw this shit out there without any explanation.  And there’s no reason to throw any of this out there anyway DURING A FUCKING MOVIE REVIEW.

Look at Bobdunga and her many year campaign against Relax Alax over “abuse”.  That guy didn’t do fucking shit except be a gay man who wasn’t interested in Bobdunga.  But Bobdunga, who’s fucking nuts, is convinced that this guy abused her.  I don’t doubt that she’s sincere in her belief but she’s totally mistaken because she’s MENTALLY ILL.  Just like PVC Bondage Girl.

Horseface, same thing.  She claimed that Newt was abusive because he moved to Nevada.  Let me repeat that.  Horseface thinks that Newt was abusive because he MOVED TO NEVADA.  How the fuck is that abusive?  It isn’t.  But again, Horseface is mentally ill.

It’s irresponsible to have mentally ill people on your Youtube show accusing people of abusing them.  Maybe there was abuse, maybe there wasn’t.  But this person is mentally ill and we don’t know what the truth is.  So just edit it out.  What does this shit add to the discussion anyway?  Nothing.  This is a movie review for fuck’s sake.  

“One of whom stalked me both before we dated, while were dating, and after we broke up.”

Oh sure.  Who doesn’t get into a relationship with somebody who “stalks” them?  “Boy, this creepy guy who’s always hiding in the bushes and masturbating is really cute.  I think I’d like to go to Burger King with him some time.”

18:45 – Newt gives his idiotic pun title for a Napoleon porn movie.  More moronic sex talk from The Ideas Man.

20:00 – PVC Bondage Girl keeps wincing and complaining about her shoulder.  She sure has a lot of problems.

20:45 – PVC Bondage Girl suggests that she’s Swedish.  Uh huh.  

By the way, I’m reading the chat.  Newt “premiered” this.  Everybody just ignores PVC Bondage Girl’s crazy talk.  

22:15 – PVC Bondage Girl declares her love for maggots.  Great.  Moving on.

23:00 – PVC Bondage Girls says that she worked in a veterinarian office “for many years.”  Presumably, her father’s practice.  She gave that up to work in movie theatres, I guess.  They’re comparable jobs, I guess.  I assume she was a receptionist or something.

Newt leaves a comment in the chat, “this is an unfocused review.”  Indeed, Ideas Man.

There’s still another twenty minutes of this shit.

26:15 – “People think I’m hailing Satan when I do the fucking metal horns.”

What the fuck does she think it means if not a reference to Satan?  I know it’s a heavy metal thing but…they’re referencing Satan.

I made it to 40 minutes.  That’s good enough.  There are only five minutes left but…I’ve reached my limit.


– “I haven’t tuned in in a few weeks, your new ¿girlfriend? is pretty Noot, I’m happy to see you surrounding yourself with good people”

Newt replies, “That’s Metz. They are a former employee of mine at the theater and a good friend for 6 years. Plus Metz girl friend could beat me up. But I agree I have a much smaller group around me these days. But all are good people. Its nice to have a sucker. I mean friend. Who will still come talk movies with me”

He refers to Metz as “they”.  Is that because Newt can’t write for shit or because that’s her preferred pronoun?  

Anyway, this guy can be forgiven for assuming that PVC Bondage Girl is Newt’s girlfriend.  That’s clearly the vibe that they’re giving off with the constant sex talk.  

And yeah, Newt wants everybody to feel sorry for him while at the same time shitting on his current “friends”.  “Oh, everybody left me.  I don’t know why.  It can’t be because I plagiarise everything.  At least I managed to rekindle my friendship with lunatics like PVC Bondage Girl, somebody who I dropped like a steaming pile of shit when I started working at Screenwave.”

So what did we learn about The Exorcist?  Well, we learned that PVC Bondage Girl has “DID”.  We learned that she was in a lot of abusive relationships.  And we learned that she has emetophobia.  Interesting.  

It’s a shame that people like PVC Bondage Girl have multiple personalities but then you have people like Erin Plays who don’t have any.  Come on, PVC Bondage Girl.  Quit hogging all of the personalities.  Let Erin have one.

3 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday Review: The Exorcist – Newt Wallen

  1. DID is basically having a Tyler Durden or Mr. Hyde. When she transforms into her 'alter' why would she be able to know what he/she looked like, especially if she had no memory of it afterwards? Maybe it really is like Tyler Durden where he shows up as a mirage and you have lots of zany adventures together.

  2. Exactly. Real DID is debilitating; extremely confusing to those that have it. It's not something that they would or even CAN discuss glibly.

  3. Every retarded fat girl from Tumblr has DID, it's just a huge cope for autistic retards who think they have mental health problems but just use their autistic fixations as a personality quirk. I'm betting the person who diagnosed her was herself.

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