Lady Decade Cries Over Copyright Threat

She’s since removed the video so here’s a review from some Canadian Gamer.  He has a few clips from the original video.  

From what I can gather, Lady Decade used a copyrighted image in one of her videos so some guy threatened to sue her if she didn’t pay €700.  So she made this video where she’s crying hysterically, her breasts are out, and she says that she doesn’t have the money to pay this.  So she encourages the horntards to sign up to her Patreon to pay for this.

This all happened like two weeks ago.  She’s subsequently taken down the video.  Canadian Gamer talks about that here:

He gives a shoutout to TheGebs24, who apparently messaged him on Twitter and didn’t have a favourable opinion of Lady Decade’s behaviour.

Why the fuck did nobody tell me about any of this?  Well, I guess that I’m the investigative journalist here.  It’s my responsibility.  So I dropped the ball on this one.  

But what Canadian Gamer and others who have covered this seem to be focusing on is that she’s crying over €700 while sitting in front of a small fortune of video games.  And €700 isn’t much anyway.  She should be able to pay that.

That’s all true but my view is why would she agree to pay that anyway?  Some lunatic sends you a threatening email saying, “Give me €700 or I’m suing.”  I say bring it.  File the claim.  If not, shut the fuck up.  You’re not getting a penny.

Destiny Fomo aka Madam Fomo used to do false copyright strikes on me all the time.  So what happens is you have to file a counter-notice claiming that it’s actually your content.  Google just sends you this form whenever there’s a copyright claim.  You fill it out and it all looks official and legal, you have to swear to tell the truth, and then you say that it’s your stuff and the claim is erroneous.  

Madam Fomo uses fake names and address for these claims.  It’s all bullshit.  But if she wants to go to court over the banner art or whatever other ridiculous claims, fucking do it.  Until then, fuck off.

These threatening letters are worthless.  I get them semi-regularly.  Some company, usually the electric company because they’re completely incompetent will claim that I owe money.  If I owe the money, I pay it.  If I don’t, fuck them.  File a claim if you think you’re in the right.  

And I’ve filed claims against these various electric companies numerous times.  Probably twenty times.  There’s a free arbitration service that all of these companies have to sign up to.  I’ve won every fucking time.  You get £50 to £100 and, if applicable, they cancel whatever debt that they claim you owe.  The paltry sums that you’re awarded aren’t worth the hassle but I have time on my hands.  It’s all done online and you can file a claim over just about anything.

Letting agents will also always try to fuck you out of your deposit and shit like this.  They’re always trying to fuck with you.  So I say, “Okay, let’s go to the arbitration service.”  Then they try to settle.  Nothing doing.  Let’s present our cases to the learned members of the panel.

It’s no fucking problem.  I’m always happy to go to the free arbitration service for these landlord/tenant issues.  I’ve won every fucking time.  I’ve got thousands of pounds out of this.  These letting agents are complete scumbags so you can always get them on something.

Debt collectors, same thing.  Those threatening letters are worthless.  If you think you’re owed money, file a claim in court.  

There’s also a tv license in the UK.  If you watch tv, you’re required to have a tv license.  It costs £150 a year or something.  I used to have a license, back when I had a tv.  It’s no problem.  I didn’t mind paying.  But I haven’t had a tv in many years.  I don’t watch tv through any medium.  I watch Youtube.  I don’t need a license for that.

So I get these threatening letters from the tv license people all the time.  Every week or so.  Ever since my tv broke so I stopped paying, which was like ten years ago.  

They’re worthless.  Fucking file a claim in court if you think I’m supposed to pay this.  

But here you have Lady Decade crying with her tits out, begging the horntards to give her money over this preposterous letter.  You don’t have to pay €700 for using somebody’s picture in a Youtube video.  It’s ridiculous.  No court would uphold that.  Where did they come up with the figure of €700?  

Where would the court even be located?  Presumably, the guy sending this letter lives in mainland Europe because he’s asking for euros.  Is he going to come to England for the court case?  Because she lives in England.  He’s going to hire an English solicitor over this?  It would all cost a fortune.  And he has no case.  So he’s not going to do shit.  Anyone with a brain knows this.

From what I’ve gathered, she actually paid this.  Somebody gave her the money.  What a moron.  

So now anybody can just send her a threatening letter and she’ll make a video where she’s crying with her tits out and then pay you the money.  Why stop at €700?  Ask for €10,000 and a copy of Mario Kart.  Apparently, she pays.  Just come up with some bullshit and send the letter out.  Total idiot.  How is she getting through life on a day to day basis?  

9 thoughts on “Lady Decade Cries Over Copyright Threat

  1. An army of simps always on hand to relieve them from dealing with any real problem. Apparently that faggot Quartering paid the entire sum, which means all that extra Patreon money she got was gravy. This is what ruined the internet: WOMEN.

  2. Apparently the entire story was made up and planned from the start. There are other youtube videos about it.

  3. In the UK you don't have to pay the TV licence. My parents absolutely SWEAR that you do, but no one ever actually goes to court over it unless the government is trying to make an example out of a particularly egregious case. I literally don't even know how to get my TV to get a television signal – I only use it for video games – and they sent me letters. The last one was red and told me I owed them £2000 and was going to prison so I ignored it. That was over two years ago.It's the same with parking in the UK. Aside from double yellow lines, if you park somewhere and they send you an angry letter saying you owe them £100 because that's how much business they lost, just ignore it. They have to prove you actually made them lose money. Last one I got – same as the TV people – said I was going to prison and owed them £600. I actually did reply – in a handwritten schizophrenic letter that said I'd pay them £5 as a goodwill gesture if they wanted, and they never wrote to me again.

  4. I'd be surprised. Seems like a lot of humiliation over a fairly small sum of money. She gets another €700 this month. Who cares? There's now a video of her crying hysterically with her tits out for the whole world to see forever.

  5. Obviously, you're required to pay for a tv license if you're watching terrestrial television through any means. Just because they're lax on enforcing this doesn't mean it's not a legal requirement.

  6. Based schizo. Fuck law jannies. They're just thugs with power, that's all it is. Everything is always based on coercion and tacitly supported by weak cucks. Just like covid, just like climate bullshit, just like refugees, just like everything.

  7. Lol yeah this seemed fake from the start of her video. Also listening to her voice just made her lying worse. I couldn't listen to more than a minute really.

  8. She is just another ebeggar. They always come up with some scam like Metal Jesus and his leaky basement. I doubt there was ever a copyright strike, just an excuse to beg for change from the simps.

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