What is The Worst Predator Movie? – Tony from Hack The Movies


The triumphant return of that scamming religious nut Casey J Hempel.  I wrote all about this lunatic here:


The craziest person ever to appear on the channel?  I’m not sure.  There’s some stiff competition.  But quite possibly.

It starts with a terrible, terrible ad featuring Casey.  This is a professional actress?  Actually, I’m not sure.  She claims to be a lot of things but is actress among them?  Let me check her website.


No.  Only a writer, a director, and a princess.  So I was mistaken.

1:15 – I can barely even understand what she’s saying here.  Take some elocution lessons before appearing on something as prestigious as Talking About Tapes/Hack the Movies.

2:30 – The video starts here.  Tony is wearing a shirt that’s covered in bananas.  If this is a joke, I’m not getting it.  Maybe he just really likes bananas.

Oh, there’s also some bearded guy here.  I don’t know which bearded guy it is.  They all blend together.  I don’t think that it’s that faggot who banned me from Reddit, though.

I’m already bored.  Let me scan the comments for the word “Casey”.

– “Casey’s voice sounds fake af “Like omg i do love predators and all the big fluffy arms hehehehehe the fluffy hair is so amazziiinnnnggggggg” Like a selectively ditzy person who does it for opposite sex’s attention.”

It’s true.

– “Casey needs to do VA work or something, adorable voice.”

Well, it worked on that horntard.

– “Casey is such a cutie.”


– “I literally had to turn off the episode because Casey is just too annoying”

I’m feeling the same way.  After two fucking minutes.

Somebody replies, “I agree she doesn’t add anything to the conversation like Crystal Johanna Trisha.”

Oh come on.  Let’s not exaggerate.  Just because Casey is awful doesn’t mean that those people suddenly become good.  They’re all terrible.

Let’s…let’s at least try to make it ten minutes.  I mean, come on.  It’s Predator.  I’ve seen Predator.  It was good.  I also saw parts of the second one.  Maybe I can follow along somewhat.

4:00 – Tony starts with Predator 2.  Okay.  He has a format.  This is all structured.  Let’s do this.  Let’s try to pay attention to this video.  Tony spent a lot of time on this.  As did that butch lesbian editor.  

10:15 – He’s done with talking about Predator 2.  And I made it to the ten minute mark.  Casey had NOTHING to say about the movie.  Literally.  She offered no opinion.  Did she even watch the movie?  We don’t know.

God.  I’m going to take a break, get something to eat, use the bathroom, and then decide if this is worth continuing or not.

I’m not sure that it is.  You know, Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining released a video on Monopoly recently.  As here:


I watched it.  It was nine minutes.  Pam did a lot of “comedy” about feminism and the evils of capitalism.  I COULD have talked about that video but then I saw this fucking Hack the Movies with this anti-abortion lunatic Casey and I said, “No, I have to go with this instead.”

What a poor decision.  Nearly two fucking hours of nothing.  A bearded nobody, an airhead lunatic, and fucking Tony summarising movies.  Who wants to watch this?  

And I’ve already written extensively about Casey and her bizarre background and bizarre beliefs in my previous article about her.  I can’t rehash that.  

So what the fuck am I going to do?  

I’ll let this play a bit longer.  Put it on as background noise while I peruse Reddit.

I’m at 15 minutes.  Casey has never seen these movies before.  Any of them.  She only watched them for the purposes of doing this video.  And I’m not even sure if she’s watched all of them.  She didn’t know what Predator looked like under the mask until she saw Prey.  So…presumably she never saw the first one.  And I don’t think that she saw the second one because she had nothing to say about it.

This is fucking awful.  

Tony has been doing these “What’s the worst film in (franchise)” videos for a short while.  At first, it was something different and I welcomed it.  Anything to get away from these horror films that he always summarises.  But no, this shit has already worn out its welcome.  Back to the drawing board, Tony.

Can I suggest doing good movie reviews with competent people who know about movies, have some charisma, can talk, aren’t just there to pull in horntards, and are clean-shaven?  Do you know any such people?  

I suppose that this is the problem.  Tony only knows scumbags.  Like attracts like.  

Maybe he needs to start putting some cash down.  Because Tony isn’t paying these people.  So this is what you get.  Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.  Share some of that Youtube fortune and maybe you’ll be able to hire somebody who actually knows what the fuck they’re doing.  

Look at Newt’s proposed Hack the Movies rip off.  We’re a little scant on the details but it seems that he’s paying a prostitute, a soccer mom, and PVC Bondage Girl to review movies with him.  They don’t call him “The Ideas Man” for nothing.  This might just work.  He’s catering to a range of fetishes.  Big tits, tattoos, MILFs, goth shit.  He’s going to get all kinds of horntards with this.  

It’s not just whatever scumbag women he happens to know.  “Oh, okay.  We’ll get a horseface woman and a fat chick and an autist and an anti-abortion nut and see how it goes.”  No.  Newt sat down and thought this out.  And then he opened up his wallet and paid these women.  

Of course, none of this actually addresses the problem of releasing good videos but at least Newt is on the right track in terms of attracting horntards, which seems to be the business model that Tony is using as well.  

So that’s…Tony and whoever talking about Predator.  Which was the worst Predator movie?  Who gives a shit?  

4 thoughts on “What is The Worst Predator Movie? – Tony from Hack The Movies

  1. Yeah right she's a “writer” because she scribbled some shit on a legal pad once and then put “writer” in her twitter name, then she became a “director” when she pointed a camera at two of her unfunny friends once. And she's also a “nerd” because she watches mainstream TV.Why the fuck does every definition have to be diluted into something meaningless now? It's like the 'you can be whatever you want' culture finally turned terminal. You can be a girl even if you have a cock. You can be a nerd even if you have nothing to say and know little to nothing about the things you're supposedly interested in. It's like no, you're none of these things, you're just another banal, unremarkable girl on the internet with average looks.

  2. The fact Tony has people as fake and crazy as her on, and also has had Riley's crew of depressing nutjobs on; those two examples alone regardless of anyone else (couple other more minor examples) are proof the man has zero boundaries at all and will just have anyone one his vids despite how fucked in the head they might be off camera (or on). He's had her especially doing all these patreon exclusive vids the past month or so which is a little sus also…

  3. Beggars can't be choosers. If Horseface's comment is to be believed then none of them are making money for their appearances. And anyone desperate enough to be paid in exposure on Spank the Booties has gotta be a bottom feeder.

  4. Yeah totally, but like outside monetary gain it's awfully interesting how he consistently finds these people and a lot of them turn out to be fucked in the head. I think it takes one to recognize and desire the company of one.Some of my old friends from high school never made much money and they're still lovely people and not nutjobs for example.

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