More Cortisone Injections for Carpal Tunnel Erin

I received my 2nd round of cortisone shots in my wrists (really hoping it helps this time!) and I’m still trying to play catch up after being sick last month. I miss streaming and I’m stressed about how absent I’ve been but I’ll be back again asap

We’re all waiting, Erin.  We’re waiting to hear more of your retro gaming wisdom.  

She got her first shot in February.  Allegedly.  I talk about it here:

So apparently, she’s going every six months for cortisone injections.  Either she found some quack doctor to go along with her lies or she’s being injected with a placebo just to shut her up.  I like to think it’s the latter.

So horny wheelchair guy replies.  This guy must be new.  This is the second time that I’m seeing him and the first time was just recently.  Wait…was he on Crystal’s Twitter or Erin’s?  Let me check.

It was Erin.

So he says:

I have a trach because I had have surgery on my back because the rod in my back was poking through. long story short they discharged me too early, I went home had a bowl of soup and I ended up aspirating. But luckily I didn’t give up and I am a lot stronger now!!

Good god, that sounds horrible.  It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it, Erin?  You’re talking about your bullshit carpal tunnel syndrome lies and here’s this horny guy in a wheelchair with a rod for a spine.  Almost died.

Erin replies:

Oh wow, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that! My problems aren’t anything close to that. I’m glad you’re stronger now though and thank you so much for the support!

But keep giving me money, you horny retard, and I’ll continue to pretend to be your friend.  It’s disgusting.

Then some fat nerd posts a picture of his fat carpal tunnel hand.  He also says that the doctor refused to believe that he had carpal tunnel syndrome.  Probably because he didn’t have carpal tunnel syndrome.

What’s in it for the doctor to refuse treatment?  Doctors get paid by the treatment.  Doctors have an incentive to do as many treatments as possible.  The only thing holding them back is a code of ethics and some kind of internal investigations.

I went to a doctor once, just a routine physical, I was like 20 years old.  I’ve told this story before.  I saw a former classmate in the waiting room.  A receptionist was telling him to stop coming in and wasting their time because there’s nothing wrong with him.

But I never told the second part of this riveting tale.  I go see the doctor.  I give him the form that needs to be filled out.  There are just a few things that he needed to do.  Reflex test and whatever.  I don’t remember.

Then he starts questioning my height.  I’m taller than average but it’s not freak show material.  But this doctor seems really concerned about my height.  “Why are you so tall?  Is the rest of your family tall?”

This was an Indian guy, by the way.  Lots of Indian doctors in the US.  And the UK.  Of course there are good Indian doctors but it’s often a warning sign.

The next thing I know, some nurse is running an ultrasound on me.  Like I’m pregnant.  He thought that I had some fucking rare condition where the people are really tall and have really elongated fingers and toes.  I’m not really tall and don’t have really elongated fingers and toes.  I’m well within the normal range of humanity.  Any competent doctor can see this.

So after this ultrasound, which took like half an hour, the doctor comes in and says, “Well, it looks like you don’t have the condition but if we want to be 100% certain, we have to run a camera down your throat and take a picture of the inside of your stomach.”  I said, “I’m not doing that.”  And he got defensive.  “Oh, you don’t have to.  It’s just my recommendation if you want to be 100% certain.”

He was a crook.  He knew that I was young, didn’t have much experience with doctors so would just go along with whatever, and I had insurance.  The insurance company refused to pay because the test was completely unnecessary.  So he got nothing for that.

The point of this story is that doctors are not in the habit of refusing treatment to people who need it.  Or even people who don’t need it.  But Erin and this fat fuck Star Trek fan Steven seem to think that you have to beg doctors to carry out work.  No.  A competent doctor will perform every appropriate test and procedure.  Equally, a competent doctor won’t perform tests and procedures on patients who don’t require them.  

Here’s Steven’s Twitter, by the way.

Has Spock from Star Trek on his banner and Judge Dredd as his avatar.  These are the hardcore nerds who watch these women’s videos.  These are the complete losers who gives these women money.

Erin replies, “Wow, that’s crazy but I’m so glad you got it figured out finally! I’m not against surgery if the shots don’t help.”

Get the surgery.  If Erin just got the surgery and we had some kind of proof of it…okay.  I’d apologise for doubting her.  I still might not be convinced that she has carpal tunnel syndrome but I’d at least be convinced that she thinks that she has carpal tunnel syndrome.  Because what kind of psycho would get unnecessary surgery just to try to continue a lie?  

– “Erin I am truly sorry your having a tough time. I truly care about you and I hope you feel better sweetheart. believe me being sick sucks, in 2017 I was in the hospital for many months. I had a lung aspiration and it was so stressful because I missed so much.”

That was from horny wheelchair guy.  Doesn’t she feel bad?  This guy is talking to her like she’s his girlfriend.  He’s giving her money.  And she just accepts it.  She takes the money.  She lets him continue to post there.  She responds to his messages.  She encourages all of this.  This is the goal.  This is her job.  Her job is to scam horny retards out of their money.

– “Erin just take the time off and recover your fans will still be there when you return.”

Yeah.  Exactly.  Her horny retard fans don’t mind.  They’ll continue to pay her no matter what she does.  As much or as little effort as Erin wants to put into this Youtube and Twitch scam, they’ll continue to pay.  

– “Don’t rush it Erin, your gonna comeback fully strong it’s like You’ve never been gone”

That was from horny retard Super Geoff, who works in a grocery store and lives in a group home.  He’s a regular on Erin’s streams.  And Mike’s streams.  Gives both of them a lot of money.  

He also posted a weird gif of the little girl from Full House.  Michelle.  You know, because Erin is such a big fan of Full House.  Even though the show was cancelled when she was like seven years old.

– “Erin don’t you give up because you are the Queen of Stream!! I believe in you and I believe you’ll be back and stronger than ever!!! #FightErinFight”

That was from horny wheelchair guy again. I feel so fucking bad talking about him but…look at this.  It’s literally a horny man in a wheelchair.  Replying constantly.  In a sexual fashion.  And he tweets LOADS of porn stars and just sluts on Twitter and shit like this.  

She takes money from this guy.

– “We all understand. Rest up for now and when you feel up to it, start off light, then work your way up to what you’re accustomed to.”

That was from Luis Chambers.

Another giant fucking nerd.  He lists his “job” as moderator for some video game shit.  

– “So sorry you are going through this. You are in my thoughts and hoping for a speedy recovery.”

That was from Horny John…Hancock this time.  Maybe the whole Metal Jesus crew are Erin fans.  She’s just so knowledgeable about video games.  I get it.

– “Fingers crossed this round goes better for you and that you can get some relief. 💜 Sorry you’re dealing with this.”

That was from Horny Goriya.  God damn is that woman boring.  But she’s hot for Erin.  

– “Crossing my fingers for you friend!”

That was from Super Awkward Gal.  She’s also horny for Erin.

– “Cortisone shots? Wow. That’s some hard-core gaming you’re doing if you’re giving yourself arthritis in the wrists.”

I like to think that he’s being sarcastic but…I don’t believe that he is.

– “this medical distsharge discontinueance needed for medikkuhl serwis tending your wound. mind ur qurr.”

I’m inclined to agree.  Finally someone talking some sense in the comments.

It’s somebody who is deeply disturbed.  He has schizophrenia or something.  These are the people who Erin is taking money from.

7 thoughts on “More Cortisone Injections for Carpal Tunnel Erin

  1. Wow now the scam neckbeard game collector world is merging with the scam gamergirl world. Cortisone is nothing but a short term painkiller anyway. Quacks give it out like candy.

  2. I find it interesting how even Mike is on board with this carpal tunnel lie now. He used to sort of roll his eyes every time she mentioned it and just not say anything. Now he talks about how much pain she goes through. And he even claims to have carpal tunnel syndrome himself now.

  3. Oh didn’t you know that carpal tunnel syndrome is contagious and is passed by two hour doggy style sessions ending in huge loads followed by titty fucking?

  4. If you're unaware, that guy was referencing a “meme” that gets beaten to death on Reddit. Mike said something about “titty fucking” his girlfriend and that “the load was huge” YEARS ago. Like ten years ago? Maybe more than that? It was long before Erin. And these people will still talk about this day after day after day. This is how autists behave.

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