Crystal Quin is NOT a Narcissist (According to Crystal Quin)

 It’s all been a big misunderstanding, guys.  She explains everything in a comment in the above article.

Hey! Horseface here. I heard of this blog but never read any of it until tonight. It does bring me sadness that I come off as a narcissist to some people.

Oh, yeah.  She’s really broken up about being called a “narcissist” by “some people.”  Just a handful of misguided souls.  Also known as everybody on earth who ever watched a single video of her or saw how she dresses.

I was made fun of for most of my life and never felt attractive until a few years ago.

Oh, that’s terrible.  Nobody likes to be made fun of.  And Crystal was obviously bullied for her appearance.  That’s why she told a story about being 19 years old and in some kind of sex auction at a bar.  She danced on the table with this other woman while the horny patrons cheered them on.  Then somebody paid “a lot of money” to go out with Crystal and her friend.  

This is a story that she told.  You can read about it here:

One of the earliest appearances of Crystal on Hack the Movies.  She told this story about how hot she was and somebody paid a lot of money to go out with her.  As a 19 year old.  

When was the bullying?  When was the low self-esteem?  People with low self-esteem who don’t think that they’re attractive tend not to dance on bar counters and take part in sex auctions.  

They also tend not to be shot girls, which was an early career of Crystal’s that she mentions later in this response.  

They also tend not to send, “Let’s have sex” texts, to their boss, who later became her boyfriend of nine years, who was in the marines.

She also told a story about being propositioned by a different boss who wanted to have sex with her.  

Oh, she’s also a “model”.  There are LOADS of pictures on her Instagram, probably dating back many years, of her in her underwear in various “gothic” softcore porn pictures.

Does any of this sound like somebody who had low self-esteem and didn’t think that they were attractive?  

Maybe my excitement of feeling attractive is coming out on the stronger side. I’m trying to build my self esteem and confidence.

She has never told a single story to indicate that she ever thought she was anything other than a hot chick who everybody wants to have sex with.  Every fucking story is like this from every stage of her life.  

Some things I can clear up…- I don’t get paid for Hack the Movies or anything I ever shot with Newt. I actually put in money for many of the projects Newt and myself made. I honestly do them because I have fun. I don’t make any money from any of this, except a small amount from Twitch when I stream.

Oh, I forgot to mention this one.  Poor Crystal over here who thinks that she’s so unattractive and has low self-esteem decided to get into acting.  She’s in loads of tits and gore stuff that her friend The Ideas Man plagiarised.  She’s there in a bikini, whatever.  Constantly.  FOR YEARS.  Since high school.  She went to that “acting high school”, remember.  


And Newt wasn’t even paying for this.  SHE paid, apparently.  The only thing she got out of these tits and gore projects was feeding her vanity.  

– I do have a full time job as a production manager at a venue. It’s my pure passion. I used to be a stage manager for Broadway and other professional shows. I used to do that “shot girl” kind of stuff and once in a blue moon I may pick up a gig again. The showgirl event I did was as a showgirl dancer for a birthday party. Not stripper, but more like party motivating and showing guests dance moves.

Nobody suggested that she’s a stripper.  But here’s Crystal Quin, very low self-esteem, thinks that she’s unattractive, dressing up as a showgirl for a birthday party.  This must all be part of her growing confidence.

– I like to support Johanna and Mint because they’re friends.

Perhaps suggest to your “friends” that they don’t do pornography or get pimped out by some fat hillbilly.  

– I am bi.

Oh, sure.  We’ve heard so much about Crystal’s lesbian relationships.  She was in a nine year relationship with her marine corps boyfriend and before that, she was with The Ideas Man.  Where did the ladies come into any of this?  

And I might lose people on this but women who claim to be bisexual are usually not the low self-esteem type who think that they’re unattractive.  They’re the type who think, “Hey, everybody wants to have sex with me.  Men and women.  I might as well get in on this.”

– I have gotten A LOT of hate from the internet commenting on my appearance. It wasn’t just you. It’s been happening my whole life. Horseface is new, though.

Direct me to the comments.  All I see on the Hack the Movies videos are comments about how hot Crystal is.  Everybody wants to have sex with her.  Sometimes somebody will say, “Hey, I don’t care much for Crystal.  She’s annoying” but I don’t see anything negative about her appearance.

– I have also gotten a lot of hate from some people who think Newt left Hack the Movies because of me.

I have no idea where this comes from.  I’ve heard Newt and now Crystal talk about this but I’ve never seen a single person make such an allegation.  And the allegation doesn’t make sense.  Newt was fired for plagiarising.  That’s what Newt does.  I have no idea why anybody would blame Crystal for this and I don’t think that anybody is blaming her.  I haven’t seen a single instance of that.

– The Newt situation is a very personal situation. I met him 15 years ago and he was my first love. Unfortunately I was too young to see the emotional abuse he put me through. You see in that interview he mentioned about moving to Arizona. That is when I forced myself to move on. That’s a lot more to this story. Feel free to ask questions.

I don’t give a fuck about your emotional abuse.  Keep your drama from 15 years ago to yourself.  Trying to bring The Ideas Man down with these nebulous claims of abuse from many years ago.  How dare you?  If he was so abusive, why did you still make the fucking tits and gore videos with him?  Why did you appear on Hack the Movies with him?  You were hanging out with him and doing whatever right up until he was fired for plagiarism.  Then suddenly he’s a complete scumbag who abused you?  

Why be the man’s muse for 15 years if he’s so abusive?  Fucking outrageous.

– I may act silly on Hack the Movies because it’s my escape from reality.

I don’t consider talking about hot chicks who you want to have sex with for every fucking comment to be “acting silly”.  It’s narcissistic behaviour.  “Look at me!  Everybody wants to have sex with me!  I love hot chicks even though all of my long-term relationships have been with men!”

– Yes, I feel as if I have to defend myself because a lot in the comments because I want people to not have the wrong idea of me. I need to remember to eventually get over that, but at the moment it’s easier said than done.

Everybody has to like Crystal.  This is all part of her narcissism.

– I did date my ex for 9 years. I did end the relationship. He is still an extremely good friend and we talk often.

Note how she has to stress that SHE ended the relationship.  Because nobody ends relationships with Crystal.  She’s too much of a hot chick.  Everybody wants to have sex with her.

– No, I was not sleeping with Newt when I was with my ex. He was aware of the situation. He was supposed to be my best friend.

Nobody suggested that you were.  Somebody left a comment stating that it’s unlikely that you would have done that.

Yes, I did just talk about myself, but wanted to try and clear something’s up. If you have questions, ask me.

No questions from me.  I don’t give a fuck.  I know exactly what you are.  A total narcissist.  And you’ve been a narcissist at least since high school.

I don’t l know where the hate came from

From the constant comments about how hot you are and how everybody wants to have sex with you.  From the constant comments about hot chicks who you want to have sex with.  From the swindling of horny retards.  From the complete lack of EVER having ANYTHING interesting to say.  

But if there’s something I can clear up, I will. You can DM me and I have no problem having a conversation.

Here’s why people do this sort of stuff: they don’t want people writing shit about them.  It’s like when Justin Silverman wrote on Reddit and then everybody started kissing his ass.  These same people who hurled disgusting abuse at him FOR YEARS about his weight and…well, just his weight, really.  But then he posts one time on Reddit and everybody is his best friend.

They do this to say, “Hey, come on.  I’m just a regular person.  Let’s rap a little.”

I get it.  Nobody wants some weirdo time-stamping every time you talk about wanting to have sex with a hot chick and calling you names and whatnot.  And maybe I got something wrong.  Maybe they just want to set things straight.  

But that’s not the case here.  What I’m saying is accurate.  What she wrote is just a pack of lies.  She doesn’t have low self-esteem.  She doesn’t think that she’s unattractive.  You certainly don’t get this impression from the videos.  And her entire life up until this point all suggests that she never had low self-esteem or thought that she was unattractive.  Every story is about how hot she is and everybody wants to have sex with her.  

Ultimately, who gives a shit?  Crystal Quin and everybody who I write about are bad people.  Some worse than others . But all they’re doing is making bad Youtube videos.  It’s nothing to get worked up over.  This is the fundamental humour of the blog.  I’m writing about something that’s completely insignificant.  Like Crystal Quin, for example.

7 thoughts on “Crystal Quin is NOT a Narcissist (According to Crystal Quin)

  1. It really disgusts me how often they play the 'he abused me' card. He yelled at you, oh the abuse, but let's discount the years of the woman's emotional blackmail. Every woman I've ever met has demonized their ex.

  2. I don't even know if he yelled at her. The example she gives of “emotional abuse” is…moving to Arizona. I can't picture any scenario where that would be abusive. I guess that the idea is that Newt wasn't interested in her so he moved to Arizona. She classes that as “abuse”? Well, it fits her character. If you don't find her to be a hot chick and want to have sex with her, you're being abusive. It's like with Bobdunga and that Relax Alax. Alax wasn't interested in Bobdunga (because, for one thing, he's a gay man) so he broke up with her on her birthday or Valentine's Day or something. And then they started going out again. And then he would break up with her again. And it went on like this for a bit.Bobdunga considers this to be abuse. No. He just wasn't interested. He likes dudes. Isn't it obvious? Think of the entitlement, not to mention the extremely high self-esteem. How dare somebody not be interested in me? That's abuse.When I think of all of the women who didn't want to go out with me any more…it puts things in a new perspective. At the time I thought, “Well, this is just how relationships go. Dating somebody isn't a lifelong commitment. All relationships end.”No. Those women all abused me. Apparently. Fucking emotional abuse.

  3. Most women I've met will cope and seethe about the emotional abuse they “suffered” because it's a huge cope and excuse to fuck a new guy without the feelings of guilt.

  4. The fact her ego is so fragile she “found” this blog and couldn't help herself instead of ignore it, is wildly psychotic. She's actually convinced herself she can bullshit her way out of any criticism and none of it is valid clearly. Even Tony handled being talked about with more humility (sort of lol), but he was never the mental case she is to begin with.She doesn't “know where the hate came from”? Of course you fucking don't. You're heavily deluded and unless you yourself self-deprecate (subtle strategy!) you would never admit someone else's view of your airhead behavior can possibly be valid. See, we aren't the fat desperate simps paying you money you're used to. This must be really eye opening to know people see right through your nonsense. Golly gee.You even admit your own sister is embarrassed by you, and I'm sure you telling yourself it's mostly a joke helps, but see….(whispers) I don't think your sister is kidding. I think she's telling you the truth and you're high maintenance to be around.So expect any time you bring her up for her to lose her shit from now on I guess. Just like she somehow obsessively finds every youtube comment about her on the entire site and responds to them. Popcorn ready 🍿

  5. You know that guy is friends with Mint Salad's pimp, don't you? They were all on an episode of Hack the Movies. I think that I deemed that episode to be completely unwatchable so didn't review it.

  6. Of course. He's one of Riley's freaks and he is also either currently or has in the past dated a pedo youtuber.Trust me also, that episode is cancer as fuck. You're right.But because they came on one episode (and never again), Tony still patronizes the guy's insanity of course.

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