The Reason I Hate Mike Matei – Typical TheCinemassacreTruth Weirdo

The description starts, “Alright fanboys dont get your 10 incher in a twist”.  So this is somebody from TheCinemassacreTruth on Reddit.

This is about what I pictured.  A shirtless fat guy in his late 30s at least.  There’s a bunch of video game shit on his wall like he’s 14 years old.  It’s probably his bedroom in his mother’s house.  No job.  And gay.  SUPER gay.

I have a subreddit called CinemassacreTruth, not to be confused with TheCinemassacreTruth.  It can be found here:

In it, I re-post posts from TheCinemassacreTruth that are, frankly, gay.  And there are LOADS of them.  People there really enjoy talking about Mike’s penis, making Photoshopped pictures of Mike, James, and the Screenwave crew look like women, and just general weird, homosexual bullshit.  There’s loads of this stuff.  There seems to be less now that I’ve started doing this.  Maybe I’ve shamed some people.  But basically, TheCinemassacreTruth is a forum for homosexual men to make catty comments about James, Mike, and the Screenwave crew.  It’s weird and disgusting.

And it’s always been like this.  The sub was originally created by a 16 year old “trans” boy.  I’m not making this up.  And he quit the subreddit because he outgrew it.  He became too mature to post homosexual harassment on the internet.

Fortunately, there were plenty of gay men in their 30s and 40s who still found this enjoyable.

On my subreddit, I have to use codewords like “homoerotic harassment” because if you just call somebody gay, which is what the people on TheCinemassacreTruth are, you get banned.  I don’t care that these people are gay but it’s this bizarre homosexual harassment that I don’t much care for.  And it’s all based on appearance.  They don’t like big fat guys.  “Bears” as they’re called in the homosexual community.  They constantly talk about about sexier men like Bootsy and Kyle who haven’t appeared on the channel in over a decade.

It’s just the same shit over and over and over again over there.  Oh, and did I mention that there’s a picture of Mike’s alleged penis on the sidebar of that sub?  It’s gay.  Just admit it.  It’s a forum for catty gay men to do weird, catty, gay shit to James, Mike, and the Screenwave crew.

So here we have this shirtless, fat faggot in his mother’s house.  He’s going to tell us why he hates Mike Matei.  Okay.  Let’s hear it, nancy boy.

0:00 – He spends the first 40 seconds talking about computer issues and that he has an old computer.  So get a job, you faggot.  Then you’ll be able to afford a computer, a shirt, and maybe get a boyfriend.  Spending all of his fucking time on Reddit.  “540!  That’s funny, right guys!  Give me a thumbs up!  BOOTSY IS SO SEXY!”

0:30 – “So let’s talk about this: why I left TheCinemassacreTruth subreddit.”

So I was right.  This is exactly the type of person who goes there.  Giant fucking losers.  Gay losers.  Gay fat men in their late 30s and older who can’t move out of their mother’s home because they refuse to get jobs.

0:45 – “Not to be confused with ACinemassacreTruth because there’s actually two different ones.”

Now I’m starting to get creeped out.  He got the name wrong but he’s talking about my sub.  I’ll correct it any future quotes.

“So the funny thing about the two different ones is CinemassacreTruth hates both James and Mike but TheCinemassacreTruth hates James but loves Mike.”

This isn’t a very careful reader.  First of all, I’ve never said anything particularly negative about James or Mike on there.  And I don’t have any particular issue with Mike.  The difference between the two subs is as I’ve described: one is full of fucking faggots making catty comments about James, Mike, and the Screenwave crew, and the other is me calling out these disgusting, homosexual, harassing posts.

1:30 – “I am not a fan of Mike Matei.  I think he’s a cheeseball.”

Yeah.  In case it wasn’t obvious, this guy is mentally ill.  That’s another thing I think is rampant over on TheCinemassacreTruth.  Gay, mentally ill men.  Because it’s not like a healthy gay man would spend their time making Photoshopped pictures of Justin as a woman.

He doesn’t like Mike because he’s a “coattail rider” and “wishes that he was James.”

Even if it’s true, who cares?  This is a novel reason to hate Mike Matei anyway.  And at least it’s not the usual reason given on TheCinemassacreTruth: he’s not sexy enough.

1:45 – “If it weren’t for Mike, there wouldn’t be Screenwave Media.”

So now he’s blaming Mike for Screenwave.  And as we’ve established, the gay men on TheCinemassacreTruth HATE Screenwave.  The reason: they’re all big fat guys.  I mean the Screenwave guys are all big fat guys.  But the guys on TheCinemassacreTruth are also all big fat guys.

2:45 – Shout out to that Inspector Gadget video…from like 12 years ago.  It’s just the same fucking three topics discussed over and over again on that sub.  This guy is a perfect example of the kind of person who posts there.

3:45 – “Mike was the one slowing him down because of his stupid antics, you know, like showing his ding dong on Twitter.”

They sure enjoy Mike’s penis over there.  They mention it CONSTANTLY.  And again, this was like ten years ago that this happened.  TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE.

They can’t because they fucking love Mike’s cock.

“Which, by the way, is not ten inches.  He just made it far away from the ruler.”

Who cares?  This was ten years ago.  Stop looking at pictures of penises from ten years ago, you fucking creepy, shirtless faggot.  Get your life together.  That’s what you should be focusing on.  Not what some loser in rural Pennsylvania was doing ten years ago on Twitter.

Comparisons can be made between the blog and what goes on at TheCinemassacreTruth.  Weak comparisons.  I talk about the actual fucking content that these people produce.  Current content.

I don’t talk about what these people look like (for the most part).  I don’t go back to videos from years ago.  I don’t make erotic or homoerotic pictures of anyone.  That would all be really fucking stupid.  But that’s exactly what they do on that forum.

It would be like if every day, I did an article on the Power Pad video that Erin did.  “Hey guys!  Remember that time that Erin did a video on the Power Pad?  Wasn’t that stupid of her?  Here’s a sexy Photoshop I made of Erin as a man.”

4:30 – He starts complaining about the livestreams that Mike does.  He finds them boring.  Fine.  Then don’t watch them.  Who cares?  Why am I watching this?

4:45 – He suggests that Mike is sometimes drunk on stream.

5:00 – “I don’t want to sound jealous but I just don’t get, for the life of me, bro, what that Erin Plays chick sees in him.”

She was using him to try to become a famous Youtuber.  I’ve covered this extensively.

Although, this does raise the question why she’s still with him.  Because it’s been years and she must know by now that her channel is not going to take off.  She just doesn’t want to get a job, I guess.

5:15 – “This dude, he’s like a manchild.”

The irony.  This guy has the bedroom of a 14 year old boy.  It’s tough to call somebody a “manchild” when you have a Jurassic Park poster on your wall.  And what is that on his immediate right?  It’s a picture of a shirtless guy but I can’t make it out because the left side of the video is all hazy for some reason.  Some weird gay porn on his wall, I guess.  And he has a fucking bedsheet over his window.  I think.  And what’s the blue thing on the right?  A pair of jeans?  This guy really needs to get his life together.

5:30 – “I’m not trying to make fun of people with disabilities but he’s not right in the head.”

Says the shirtless 35+ year old man in his mother’s home, making weird Youtube videos.

And all of his videos are like this.  He’s shirtless in all of them.  Well, almost all of them.  In some of them he’s wearing a Nirvana tank top.  The same exact Nirvana tank top in multiple videos.  So he owns one shirt.  I guess when the shirt is being washed, he has to go without a shirt.

He also makes videos every day.  Sometimes more than one a day.  And they get no views.

He’s only been doing this for a month, though.  Maybe the channel will take off.  Who knows?  He makes videos on his workout regiments.  Oh, I can tell.  This guy is buff.  He also makes videos on martial arts.  Yeah, he’s a real badass.  But video games seem to be the thing that he talks about most.

By the way, I wrote about my experience in taekwondo as a kid.  As here:

And then one of these gay men on Reddit used this article to suggest that I was trying to make out like I’m some tough guy because I did taekwondo as a kid.

No, you fucking retard.  There are no tough guys doing taekwondo.  It’s something that nerds did.  It’s still a nerd activity.  It’s for nerds as a kid, as an adult, everybody.  No normal, healthy adult says, “Oh, I’m going to take some martial arts classes.”  It’s for nerds.

I mean, it’s a fine activity for children.  Any sport or music class or whatever else kids do is going to be nerdy to some degree.  But no, the cool kids were not all lining up to take taekwondo classes.

6:00 – “No time!”  Remember?  Like that thing that James said?

Yeah.  We get it.  This is another unfunny “meme” that the morons on that forum beat into the ground day after day after day.

So anyway, that’s the video.  Why doesn’t he like Mike?  I’m not really sure.

He also said “James Ralph” a lot.  I’m not sure if it’s because he can’t pronounce the name or if he’s doing the “meme” that those gay men on Reddit beat into the ground.

Oh, here’s a video called Making Positive Changes in My Life.  Let’s check it out.  Maybe he’s going to buy a second shirt.  Or some blinds.

0:45 – “I have low testosterone, guys.”

I…what?  Then he mentions Mike’s penis.  I swear that I’m not making this up.  This is the exact type of weird, homosexual, mentally ill, unemployed, shirtless loser who frequents TheCinemassacreTruth and makes gay “memes” about James, Mike, and the Screenwave crew.  And they’re all obsessed with Mike’s phallus.

Say what you want about James, Mike, and the Screenwave crew but all of those people have shirts.  And probably curtains and/or blinds.  And they all either have jobs or they’re somehow making money.

I would say focus on getting this sort of stuff sorted and don’t worry so much about your low testosterone.  I mean, the low testosterone may account for your homosexuality but don’t worry about it.  You can be gay but be a gay man with a job and a shirt.

11 thoughts on “The Reason I Hate Mike Matei – Typical TheCinemassacreTruth Weirdo

  1. This guy is fucking retarded talking about Mike's cock when it was found out YEARS ago, YEARS ago, that that's a picture from a gay UK cruising website that Mike stole and posted pretending it was his. Everyone knows this. Imagine still talking about his cock and being jealous over that photo when it's not even a real picture of Mike. Why the fuck am I talking about this.

  2. I'm approving the comments because it illustrates my point. These people are fucking morons. All they know how to do is repeat the same three unfunny “memes” and lust after Mike's cock.

  3. I had to post here today because everything you said is still true. And I read the phrase “they sure love mike’s penis over there” DAILY! For years! You coined that phrase but they obsess over it. What a bunch of retarded faggots!! Especially garbage stabber. I hope someday he runs awful of the law and he gets his internet revoked. For him that’s worse than being raped daily in prison.

    1. At first I thought the reason GarbageStabber posted about Mike’s penis 24/7 was because of skittlesdoritos pointing out that they sure enjoy Mike’s penis over there, but now I realize he really IS obsessed with Mike’s penis (and also now John’s balls).

      He also posts all the time about used car salesmen, in reference to a poll skittlesdorito made YEARS ago. And still posts about EggplantDoctor, the mod who tried to ban him for his bullshit over a year ago. I wonder if he still tries to visit the blog to post threats every day despite being IP banned.

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