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It’s the chubby blonde woman from Metal Jesus Rocks.  But she appears to have lost a fair amount of weight.  Good for her.

0:00 – She moved to Japan with her husband and her cat.  I’m surprised that the cat is allowed in.  Maybe that’s a stupid thing to say.  It just seems like a giant hassle to move a pet internationally.  Do they have to be quarantined for a while afterwards?  

Speaking of which, Kinsey had this job offer in Japan before covid.  But then covid happened and she couldn’t move.  So it’s been like three years.  That’s unfortunate timing for a “global pandemic.”  

Is the visa even good any more?  Visas are usually for like two or three years, aren’t they?  Did she have to renew, which might be really expensive, or did they give her a free extension or what?

0:30 – She says that border has only been closed for a year and a half.  Is that right?  Maybe it is.

1:00 – She starts talking about what a hassle it was to bring her cat over.  So I was right.

2:00 – Shout out to Chubby Labs, her new, weird employer.  The company is owned by a British guy and nobody there speaks Japanese.

Then she shows a picture of her co-workers: a bunch of white guys.  This is what you want when you move to another country.  Just work with a bunch of people from your home country.

I suppose that this is a common immigrant experience.  I worked in a place that was almost entirely people from Pakistan.  They all spoke Pakistani all day.  What a joy it was listening to that..  And I worked in a place with a lot of Polish people.  So shit like this.  These were all really rock-bottom jobs but they tended to attract immigrants from their home countries.  These immigrants don’t have the language skills to get a more mainstream job.

And also neighbourhoods often have large concentrations of people from the same country.  I lived in a place that was mostly people from Sri Lanka, another place had a lot of Jews, another place had a lot of Muslims, another place had a lot of African/Caribbean people.  These places were all dumps of the highest magnitude but again, immigrants tend to move to places where people from their home country reside.

I never liked this, though.  I did not move to England so that I can live with a bunch of people from Sri Lanka.  It’s ridiculous.  But this is what London is.  You walk along the street and you’ll hear every language on earth except English.  It was three years before I saw an English person.  It was at work, when I was finally able to get a halfway decent job.  I don’t know where these English people were living but it was nowhere near anywhere where I lived.

I think that there’s also, allegedly, a small enclave of Americans somewhere in London.  But I didn’t move to London to live in fucking America Town.  If I wanted to live with Americans, I would have stayed in America.

What is Chubby Labs anyway?  I looked this up years ago and couldn’t figure it out.

Oh.  It’s a game publisher.  Why is this guy doing it from Japan?  Couldn’t he do this from the UK?  All of his employees speak English anyway.  And the games seem to be marketed to a Western audience.  So what’s the advantage of doing this in Japan?  

2:45 – She says that she’s looking for an apartment but it’s difficult because she doesn’t speak Japanese.  Yeah.  I guess that it would be.  

3:45 – She sold her and her husband’s game collection.  They couldn’t bring it with them.  Yeah.  That’s the problem.

5:30 – She starts talking about her love for alcohol.  What the fuck.  Go talk to somebody about this.  See a doctor.  Is there a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous in Kyoto?  Hopefully, they speak English or else you’re fucked.

6:15 – “When I found out that I was moving here, I thought, ‘Oh, I should find some cool craft beer places that I should go to'”.

She doesn’t even have a place to live.  She’s staying in hotels.  And the first fucking thing she does is find the nearest place to get drunk.  What is wrong with her?  How is she able to function?  

“I’ve been there quite a few times now.”

At the time of this video, which is from six weeks ago, she’s been in Japan for a month.  She’s been to this “craft beer” place “a few times” already.  

Maybe get your shit together.  Maybe concentrate on finding an apartment.  Maybe learn the language.  Maybe enjoy the sights of Kyoto.

No.  I’ll just get drunk.

And the whole idea of people enjoying the various tastes of beers is preposterous.  It all tastes the same.  Like shit.  No beer tastes any better or worse than any other beer.

7:30 – She’s still talking about beer.  It’s been two minutes now.  

8:00 – She’s finally changed the subject.  Now it’s Mexican food.  She’s going to talk about the difficulties of finding Mexican food in Japan.  What the fuck.  What does she expect?  

I enjoyed the occasional taco when I lived in the US.  However, you will not find anything even approaching authentic Mexican food anywhere in the UK.  No Mexicans living here.  

Who gives a shit?  I enjoy the local cuisine.  There are different types of immigrants here who open restaurants.  Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Middle Easterners.  So these are the restaurants.  There are also some surviving restaurants owned by British people.  “Fish and chip” shops.  I’m not too into that, I don’t eat fish, but they have other stuff.  Nothing particularly good, though.

Anyway, I don’t go looking for Mexican restaurants.  Because the ones that exist are owned by British people or non-Mexican immigrants who don’t know what they’re doing.  They’re serving wraps with a bunch of stuff in it.  They’re usually fine.  I like wraps with a bunch of stuff in it.  But it’s not Mexican food.  And I don’t give a shit.

There’s also a Taco Bell that I go to sometimes.  I can’t compare it to the ones in the US because I never went to one in the US.  But I’m sure that compromises have been in bringing the menu over to the UK.  And that’s fine.  If I wanted the authentic American Taco Bell experience, I’d go to the US.  When you move to another country, you need to accept and enjoy the shit that’s on offer.

8:15 – She says that she’s been to a lot of Mexican restaurants in Kyoto and they’re all good.  She’s been there a month.  Why is she eating so much Mexican food?  

What the fuck is she doing?  If you like Seattle so much with their craft beers and Mexican food, why didn’t you stay the fuck in Seattle?  

8:30 – Now there’s a picture of her with a “jumbo margarita”.  Go get fucking help.

“And back to craft beer…”

Oh fuck.  

9:15 – “Another thing that we’ve been doing, in our short time here so far, is sightseeing.”

Where do you have the time for this?  She’s working.  Full-time, I assume.  And every free second of her day seems to be spent in Mexican restaurants and craft beer breweries.  

She’s talking about the cherry blossoms.  I wonder if they can be fermented.  Maybe she can try it out.  Save some money.  Ferment your own stuff in the bathtub.  But first you need to find your own place.  And I wonder if bathtubs are common in Japan or if there are just shower rooms or wet rooms.  

10:45 – Now she’s talking about how she misses Renaissance faires.  Who the fuck…who even goes to these things?  I’ve seen the commercials.  They’re for children.  

And they don’t really exist outside of the US.  Not in any appreciable numbers, anyway.


This is not authentic British entertainment.  That’s what it’s supposed to be replicating, right?  British feudal stuff with knights and whatnot?  Yeah.  It seems to be.  Well, they don’t do that shit here.  At least not since feudal times.  You’re at least 350 years too late to see that bullshit anywhere in the UK.

Unbelievable.  Who goes to Japan and complains that they can’t go to a live theatre/restaurant experience where they loosely recreate a medieval British jousting tournament?  

Do they serve ale at these things?  That’s probably what she’s missing most.  The authentic medieval ale.

So that’s the video.  It doesn’t seem like she’s really embracing the culture.  Not even the alcohol culture.  Is beer popular in Japan?  She didn’t mention sake once.  

Maybe it just takes time.  But at the moment, she’s an embarrassment to the country.

10 thoughts on “I Moved to Kyoto, Japan! – KinsZilla

  1. Man she talks about alcohol a lot. I'm sorry, “craft beer”. She's above being considered nothing more than common bar patron trash. So uh, she is (based on evidence) teetering on the brink of homelessness if the job there doesn't pan out. How long can your game collection “money” really hold out then? For that matter how much money are you even making working for this nothing game dev? Also it's honestly hilarious considering what made you “famous” was gaming vids that you sold your all your games to fund this. You claim you're going to start a new collection once you get a place to live, but girl…you're dreaming. Your past collection will never be obtained again and you should never have actually moved there. If anything you should have sold all your games in the States AND used that money to better your life here.I don't know. This has red flags all over it and I predict in like a year she's going to be talking about how disaster struck and they were evicted and they still have barely learned the language and she's trying to get her parents to send her money or come home and live with them. For a woman her age, despite all the chuckling gayness she portrays, she does not seem to really have her life together. It's like she's taken the concept of a vacation in a foreign land (Japan) and extended it into an obsession and goal for her future life path. But that's just it. You're just barely living there and working there. If you lose that job or the company goes bust, you will either have to find a new job (good luck with that not speaking Japanese!) or completely move back to the States. I've known so many weebs like this that get obsessed with some other culture (Japan in particular) and they claim this and they claim that and they try living there, but it never pans out more than 5 years at max. Because guess what? You're a fraud. You don't actually know what you're doing and you drown yourself in booze to avoid the truth. So I mean yeah, “cheesecake” flavored “craft beer” and all that blah blah, and sushi sushi Godzilla wasabi Sailor Moon tai senshin desu!!!Buuuuuuuut this is still doomed for failure. Because it isn't enough that you like Japanese things. You know nothing about this country really. You're a tourist and a cultural leech and you work with other cultural leeches. So you stay safe in this little bubble reality you've created. It's going to burst at one point and hard reality is going to set in fast for you and your cuck house “husband”. You know this isn't truly sustainable. You actually think in 20 years you'll still be doing any of this?

  2. Also it has to be said. Her channel upload frequency is wild. She was pretty consistent 4+ years ago and 3+ years ago. But then it suddenly went down to like 2 videos a YEAR and even 1 video a YEAR.This is a channel with 37k subs too. So not microscopic fanbase. So for that like 2 almost 2+ year span, I'd like to know what the hell the story was there lol. Was the reason…getting ready for Japan? For that long?Perhaps I'm not clued in enough to the Kinsverse and this has all been explained. Was she too busy getting drunk at Renn fairs? Because she is the archetype of exactly the fat white girl that goes to those religiously.

  3. An actual psychopath runs thishttps://www.reddit.com/r/HeyGuysKinseyHere?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  4. She had a job offer at this place but wasn't able to go because Japan closed their borders for a year and a half due to covid. I remember her saying that she was close to leaving, in some Metal Jesus video, but then the “global pandemic” happened and she had to wait.

  5. In her most recent video, while still living in a hotel, she opens a couple of video game loot crate type things. She drinks two beers in the course of this video.

  6. Yeah I watched it after this. Same shit different day. I can't imagine at this rate how her liver is doing.

  7. I know, she keeps mentioning how long it took to get done and how she was stuck waiting, but what I'm saying is how did that get in the way of uploading “content”? Like, if anything you were just sitting around doing nothing but drinking for a couple years and once in a rare while doing a vid with MJ.Even fucking Erin uploads the most dry, slapped together “content” all the time despite almost no gain from it lol.

  8. This is funny as fuck. Never thought I'd be reading fanfic about the titgirl from MJR thumbnails.

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