The Life and Career of Stephanie Yuhas

You might remember her from The OverAnalyzers: that series of videos where three people you’ve never heard of before did sketch comedy while James Rolfe and Mike Matei talked about poop.  I review these videos here:

That was in 2011.  But she’s done loads of stuff since then.  Here’s her biography from IMDB.  I’ll just straight up Newt Wallen this shit.

Stephanie Yuhas is an award-winning Los Angeles-based screenwriter and producer who specializes in heartfelt comedy. She has worked with companies like Netflix, Amazon Studios, HBO Max, and Warner Bros Worldwide Home Video. Yuhas is most well known for her work on “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return” and “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.” She has won dozens of awards for her work which has been featured in over 100 film festivals and art galleries internationally

After graduating with honors from the Philadelphia University of Arts with a BFA in Animation, she co-founded two production companies (Cinevore Studios and Crystalline Studios) and started an arts district in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Yuhas is the co-founder of Project Twenty1, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

In 2021, Yuhas stepped down from Cinevore Studios, Crystalline Studios, and Project Twenty1 to found her solo company, Permission Slip, which specializes in diverse, female-driven content. As a first-generation Transylvanian American, she is a frequent writer for Story Terrace, where she ghostwrites memoirs to showcase first-generation American and immigrant stories.

She is represented by Zero Gravity Management.

Zero Gravity Management.  MORE LIKE ZERO TALENT!  Am I right, guys?

I’m right but, well, she apparently moved to Los Angeles.  That’s interesting.  Going where the action is.  She’s going to be a big superstar Hollywood writer.  Good for her.

And it was only in 2021 that she “stepped down from Cinevore”, whatever that means.  This was the “company” that made The OverAnalyzers.  

Now she has a one-woman “company” that specialises in “diverse, female-driven content.”  Good luck with that.  Whatever it even means.

“First generation Transylvanian American.”  Come on.  Are we really doing this?  

She had some fake accent during the first “season” of The OverAnalyzers.  People mistook this as a Russian accent.  But she corrected this.  She said that it was a Hungarian accent based on…her mother’s accent or something.

Now she’s saying Transylvania.  Transylvania is not a country, as I’m sure we all know.  It’s a region of Romania.  It was also part of Hungary.  But I don’t think it is any more.  Not since the end of the World War II.  It’s all in Romania.  This is all on Wikipedia.  I’m just skimming.

So…maybe I can see the distinction.  Maybe.  But she’s said Hungary before.  Why wouldn’t she say Romania?  Romania has a clearer claim to Transylvania than Hungary does.  People associate Transylvania with  Romania, not Hungary.  

And in any event, are her parents really both from Transylvania?  I really doubt it.  I want to see some 23 and Me results.  

Oh, she also worked on The AVGN Movie.  I almost missed that.  There’s a credit you really want on your resume.

But most interesting to me is the Mystery Science Theater 3000 stuff.

I saw pictures of the writers before.  Yeah, here it is:

Oh, the other two guys from The OverAnalyzers are also in this.  Wait a minute.  Is that nerd guy her ex-husband?  On her IMDB profile, it says that she’s divorced from Matt Conant.  His profile is here:

That’s the nerdy guy from The OverAnalyzers isn’t it?  I think it is.

Anyway, we’re not talking about the original Comedy Central version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  We’re not even talking about the SciFi Channel version.  We’re talking about the UNWATCHABLE reboot from a few years ago.  

I was a big Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan.  It’s nerdy as fuck, of course, but I was a kid when I was watching.  I liked nerdy stuff as a kid, as many kids do.

Then I got wind of the Kickstarter for the reboot.  I was hyped.  I even considered donating.  

Thank fuck that I didn’t.  I’ve never been so disappointed by a tv show in my life.  I was watching the first episode of the reboot, I gave it every chance in the world, but it sucked.  

So I tried another episode.  And another.  No.  These are all bad.

This is why.  These are the fucking writers.  A bunch of nerds whose writing credits are all Youtube shows.  

Instead of hiring 18 totally unqualified nobodies, why didn’t they hire 3 good, experienced writers?  Do we need 18 fucking writers?  

The reboot is universally panned.  At least from what I’ve seen.  

Wait a minute.  She’s not even credited with writing on the reboot.  What the fuck?  All she has is a producer credit for some short for a 2014 Turkey Day Marathon.  

Who the fuck were the actual writers of this reboot?  Let me look this up.

“Behind the scenes, the lead writer was Elliott Kalan, former head writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and host of The Flop House, a podcast about bad movies. Dan Harmon and Joel McHale also wrote for the show, along with the on-screen cast members. Hodgson also brought in guest writers for certain episodes that included Justin Roiland, Rob Schrab, Nell Scovell, Ernie Cline, Pat Rothfuss, Dana Gould, and Tammy Golden. Additionally, Paul & Storm and Robert Lopez composed original songs for the new episodes”

That’s from Wikipedia.  I’d like to see a complete fucking list.  Because why is she in this picture if she had nothing to do with the reboot?  Why are any of these people in the picture if they didn’t work on the reboot?  Presumably, these are the writers.  Or some of the writers.

More writers are mentioned here:

There’s some overlap in the two lists but some new people.  And just like the Wikipedia article, it makes it sound like these people all have legitimate writing credits.

So why is Stephanie Yuhas and this group of nobodies there with Joel Hodgson?  These must have been the actual writers.  Elliott Kalan and whoever put their names on this thing but had nothing to do with the actual writing.

Let’s just move on.  Mz Yuhas also has a book.  American Goulash.  You can order it here:

That’s not an affiliate link.  That’s just free publicity.  

Newt Wallen time:

A Coming-of-Age Memoir… American Goulash is a story about an awkward first-generation American’s journey from Transylvania to Pennsylvania on the battlefields of suburban New Jersey. Whether casting off old-world wives’ tales or turning to art to cope with poverty, bullying, and her family’s general zaniness, Stephanie valiantly finds her own way through adolescence in this heartwarming, hilarious soon-to-be classic.

Five stars.  30 ratings.  Well, let’s check out the reviews.  Maybe it’s good.

“Wonderfully written.”

“A warm, funny, touching and laugh out loud coming of age memoir.”

“Easy to read.”

“I had an absolute blast from cover to cover.”

“I’ve known Stephanie since high school and when I found out she wrote a book I was intrigued and had to get it.”

Maybe all of these reviews are from friends and family.  Or maybe it’s awesome.  Maybe I should check it out.

She also has a BLOG.

Is Tumblr a blog?  I thought that it was like Instagram.  Maybe I’m wrong.

She last updated it in April 2020.  

It seems to be personal anecdotes, original fiction, and during lockdown she made some lists of stuff you can do.  This is all comedic.  

I don’t find it amusing but I don’t want to go through this with a fine-toothed comb.  I wouldn’t want people to go through my blog and say, “Hey, this ‘article’ about Erin going to California really sucks cock!”  They can’t all be winners.  

But I don’t know.  It’s just not my comedy stylings.  She’s obviously trying to be funny in these articles.  There are jokes.  It’s not an Erin Plays situation with “X looks like Y” or whatever.  But I just don’t like things that are obviously intended to be funny.

Sometimes you’ll get people on the blog or Reddit or whatever who think that the blog is to be taken seriously.  That’s the comedy that I like.  There should always be idiots who don’t get it and smart people who can congratulate themselves for getting the joke.  Comedy should make you feel better about yourself.  You should be able to say, “Hey, at least I’m not like that dolt who didn’t get the joke.”

But to just come out and say, “Hey!  Here’s a list of stuff you can wipe your ass on”, that’s not funny to me.  That’s somebody who’s obviously trying to be funny.  And trying doesn’t work for me.  

Here’s something else that occurs to me.  Stephanie Yuhas is Jewish.  And I think that her nerd ex-husband is as well.  They’ve mentioned this on The OverAnalyzers.

What’s the Jewish population of Transylvania?  

“Nowadays, there is a very small number of Muslims (Islam) and Jews (Judaism), but back in 1930, with 191,877 inhabitants, Jews represented 3.46% of Transylvania’s population.”

So maybe.  I don’t know.  I don’t even know what I’m suggesting any more.  That she’s not Jewish?  Oh, no.  I was suggesting that she not as Transylvanian as she’s making out.

Oh, I found her MST3K credit.  It was under “additional crew”.  She was a “regional development consultant”.  Whatever that is.

So what is she doing now?  Nothing, according to IMDB.  She produced a short in 2019.  That’s the most recent credit.

God, that reboot sucked so much ass.  But at least we can’t blame her for it.  

Oh, no.  I forgot.  She’s in Los Angeles and doing creative writing and consultation, specialising in female-forward, heartfelt comedy.  Whatever any of that means.

Here’s her Twitter:

“Award-Winning Writer/Creator.”

What award?  Can you name it?  If I won an award, I’d give the fucking name of the award.

She gives her job as “digital nomad” aka “unemployed.”

She doesn’t say anything too annoying.  A lot of “please give me money on Patreon” posts, though.  

It was the same on The OverAnalyzers.  People bitched about her fake accent but I didn’t mind it.  She was okay.  Wasn’t funny but…it was fine.  She wasn’t annoying.  What’s the word I’m looking for?  “Competent”?  No, I think that’s going too far.  “Inoffensive”.  

I mean, it’s more than can be said about Erin or any of the ladies who I write about.  So good for Ms Yuhas.  Keep up the inoffensive work.

3 thoughts on “The Life and Career of Stephanie Yuhas

  1. Yeah labeling yourself as Transylvanian is just…weird. You're Romanian. Just say that instead of acting like you're special and should stand out from other Romanians.You're clearly some dumbass who watched too much Buffy in the 90s and wanted to associate yourself to vampire stuff. You're really nothing more than an even more pretentious Hot Topic girl essentially. What the hell are you doing?..

  2. when i first saw her i assumed she was an over-sized erinplays. maybe she's also nostalgic for the early days of youtube?! speaking of such.”A bunch of nerds whose writing credits are all Youtube shows.”youtubers are all garbage people. seriously. there are some glaring exceptions here and there, like people who do serious tutorial videos, with just the required explanation and illustrations. and nothing else. no intro, no annoying theme, no memes, no exaggerated faces, no weird animations or effects, no self-aggrandisement. not even face reviews. and it's the best sort of video to watch. what's so hard about not including stuff that makes the video unwatchable?

  3. It's clearly done to cash in on the vampire craze that's been sweeping the nation for…I don't know…100 years?I just find it extremely unlikely that both of her parents come from Transylvania. I don't know. Maybe it's not so unlikely.And she's said that she was Hungarian in the past. From that Wikipedia article, it seems that parts of northern Transylvania were owned by Hungary for a while. Also, northern Transylvania is where the Jewish population was concentrated. So…maybe that's why she makes the distinction. But yeah, it's obviously just to try to cash in on the vampire lore.

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