SONIC 2 Review – Newt Wallen

0:00 – “Metz is behind the camera because Melissa couldn’t make it tonight.”

He’s such a scumbag.  Way to make PVC Bondage Girl feel good about herself.  “Oh, she’s only here because my preferred person couldn’t make it.”  He does this kind of shit all the time.  He has no social awareness.

Oh, let me do the Horseface reference prediction.  I’ll say…it’s a movie review…so there’s no particular reason why he would mention Horseface…so I’ll say that he’ll mention her three times.

0:30 – PVC Bondage Girl says that she gave Newt a body pillow as like a going away present, when he last stopped working in the cinema.  God, these people are pathetic.  Newt is at home crying into his anime body pillow, pretending that it’s Horseface.

0:45 – “My old staff gave me this Asian body pillow”.  PVC Bondage Girl says, “One side is Batman, the other side is Poison Ivy.”  Newt continues, “And I left it in the office of my last job and they threw it away because they thought it was funny so I didn’t get that one back.”

Let’s just move on.

Newt: We used to have a customer who would come in with his waifu car(?)

PVC Bondage Girl: Yes.  I went to high school with him, actually.  He was a couple of years older than me.

Newt: He had Asian characters all over his car.  Not like Asian characters as like letters but Japanese…

PVC Bondage Girl: — Titties.

Newt: — Titties on his car.  

And they tell some boring story about how this guy brought the body pillow with him to the cinema before and he would post pictures of himself with the body pillow on Instagram.

3:15 – “You said ‘Knuckles’ and I said, ‘Why have we not made a gay porn about that yet’?”

Because you don’t have the actors or the ability?  What is this?  Why is that even funny?  What about “Knuckles” is inherently gay?  It’s some sort of insertion reference, I guess, but can’t you do that with women as well?  None of this makes sense.  And I don’t like all of these creepy comments to PVC Bondage Girl.  He’s their fucking boss.  I know that it’s a movie theatre and not a bank but that doesn’t mean that all professionalism goes out the window.  

3:30 – 

Newt: It has somebody in the LGBTQ community.  You can say that.

PVC Bondage Girl: I can.

Newt: I’ll get in trouble.

Wait…is he suggesting that PVC Bondage Girl is gay?  No.  Even if she is, she’s probably just one of these people who pretends to be bi because it’s on trend.  I’m holding out for PVC Bondage Girl to be into men.

8:30 – Newt tells a boring story about how Chris Chan (or somebody) kissed him.  He mentions a picture on “that Reddit group”.  What Reddit group?  People don’t talk about Newt any more on TheCinemassacreTruth.  

9:15 – “I was doing a panel with my former production partner.”

Horseface reference #1

These videos must be IMPOSSIBLE to follow if you’re not an astute student of Newt Wallen.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  Just say her name, you obsessed freak.  Or better yet, stop telling these fucking stories about Crystal Quin.  It’s creepy as fuck.

Then they talked about the movie and some other stuff for the next eight minutes or so but I was tuning in and out.

17:30 – Newt claims to have produced three video games, despite not knowing anything about video games.  Really.  Tell us more, Newt.  What were the games that you “produced”?  What does that even entail?

The video ends with Newt asking PVC Bondage Girl, “Are we going to make a porno movie now?”

I don’t get it.  PVC Bondage Girl has a lottery ticket in her hands with these videos.  Just go cash it at your nearest lawyer’s office.  Does nobody know what sexual harassment is?  Has nobody been following the “Me Too” movement?  She could take Newt for everything he’s worth (which can’t be much but still) and the movie theatre (which, again, probably isn’t much).  

Aside from the legalities, Newt is a complete and total creep.  This is wholly inappropriate.  I know that people have relationships with people who they work with, they go out with them, they have sex with them, they flirt, whatever.  But why fucking film it?  Why advertise?  This stuff is supposed to be kept on the downlow because it’s frowned upon by any competent person in management.  

Newt is actually in management and doing this.  To his employees.  Again, I know that this stuff happens but only a fucking moron films it and puts it on Youtube.  He should get fired for this.  There’s no question.  And he was just fired from his last job.  He has no idea how to behave in a professional environment.  ANY professional environment.

Just because it’s a low-paying job doesn’t mean that you can use the place as your sexual playground.  You hear all the time about creepy managers coming on to their employees at McDonalds or whatever.  It’s even more insidious at low paying jobs because these people often don’t have any other options.  They can’t just quit the job and go do something else.  They’re desperate to keep the job so they just have to put up with this bullshit.  And these managers know this and that’s why they do it and that’s why they get away with it.

3 thoughts on “SONIC 2 Review – Newt Wallen

  1. If you think this was bad watch his Evil Toons review. He's even more brazen about creeping on them there.

  2. I tried watching it when it was released but I didn't get too far. I'll check it out now.Wow. That's shameful. He also mentions his fondness for Horseface, of course. He should be fired. There's no question. And he fucking uploads these videos to Youtube.

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