Erin is Getting Cortizone Shots in her Wrists (Allegedly)

I’m currently in my own personal hell dealing with some of the worst carpal tunnel issues I’ve ever had, so that’s why content is light lately and I haven’t been replying to things much or even looking at twitter. Trying to edit here and there when able – a new video IS coming.

It’s being treated by a good Dr so that’s comforting. Just a slow process. And I love how it was carpal tunnel all along and I wasn’t crazy. Always seek second opinions if a doctor visit doesn’t feel right/you feel dismissed. You know your body better than anyone!

Forget second opinions.  This is like the tenth opinion according to Erin.  She’s apparently seen multiple doctors who have all told her that it’s nothing.  Stop wasting their time.  This is entirely imaginary.  This is being done for attention.  

But she finally found a quack doctor who’s willing to go along with this nonsense.  Apparently.  As long as he’s getting paid, he’ll go along with it.  

The horntards all go along with it too.  They give her advice for carpal tunnel syndrome.  They all seem to have carpal tunnel syndrome.  And it’s all from playing video games.  They’re all wearing wrist braces and getting cortizone injections.

Here’s another gem from Erin:

Got a cortisone injection in my left wrist as a test and my grip strength went WAY up. So now my left wrist got one and we wait.

She offers this as proof that she actually has carpal tunnel syndrome.  I’m thinking that anybody would benefit from that, though.  Isn’t it a steroid?  I don’t think that this is proof that she has anything.

Here’s a particularly delusional horntard:

– “you must of felt it while you were tweeting this.”

Yeah.  No.  You’re an idiot.

There are more replies under this one:

– “You’ll get through this yo! Keep taking care of yourself first and foremost and don’t push yourself to be constantly working or streaming! Let me know if you need anything!”

That was from Marcus.  He might be the creepiest horntard of them all.  Here’s his Twitter:

He seems absolutely obsessed with some hot Asian woman who he’s apparently been sending money to for many years.  He also met her at a few conventions or something.

And look at that guy.  She’s not fucking interested.  Are you completely out of your mind?  But she’s taking advantage of him hard.  It’s digusting.

Oh, Joe from Gamesack left a message.

– “You can always use your nose to scroll through Twitter and type.”

Hehe.  Women sure like funny guys, don’t they Joe?  Let me know how this works out for you.

– “cannot stress the importance of second opinions enough”

Erin replies, “YUP! And it’s especially fun if you’re anything like me and full of constant self-doubt, lol. I’m getting better with doctor stuff as I get older though. Thank god.”

As a reminder, Erin has claimed to have carpal tunnel syndrome from when she was in her early to mid 20s.  This was before she was even playing video games.  How did it possibly develop?  

The most common reason she gives for developing carpal tunnel syndrome is using her phone too much.  She got carpal tunnel syndrome from…what?  Swiping motions on her phone?  How often is she doing that?  It’s ridiculous.  Nobody has ever developed carpal tunnel syndrome from using their phone.  But this is her explanation.

She doesn’t even claim that it’s from video games or editing videos.  Her explanation is that it’s from using her phone too much.  It’s completely fucking ridiculous.

Just get a non-smart phone, Erin.  Problem solved. The swiping motion is obviously too much for you.

– “i was thinking about you today and this! i’m sorry friend :(“

That was from somebody named Amanda.  Here’s her Twitter:

It’s a SUPER stupid woman from Los Angeles.  She says that she tweets about music but all I see are brainless re-tweets about food and clothes and hot dudes and whatever.  She looks to be about the same age as Erin.  Same intellect.  Same interest in music.  Same hometown.

I’m thinking that this might be a friend of Erin’s from when she lived in Los Angeles.  I also think that she might be a stripper.  Maybe a prostitute.

– “All the best Erin my wife as dealt with carpal tunnel in the past and still as pain off and on hope u feel better”

His wife got carpal tunnel syndrome from jerking off other men.

Anyway, that’s Erin’s bullshit carpal tunnel update.  Why did she never release the results of that nerve test that she had done?  Surely, that would be the proof needed to show whether or not she has carpal tunnel syndrome.

2 thoughts on “Erin is Getting Cortizone Shots in her Wrists (Allegedly)

  1. her cts is something she brings up whenever she has nothing to talk about, but she still needs the attention, what with being a youtube influencer and all. sort of a safety net for content

  2. You know what else helps with carpal tunnel?Actually exercising and using weights to build up your muscles.I tend to find “gamers” with carpal tunnel are one of two extremes. Either fat as hell, or skinny as hell. I never really see or hear about people with a somewhat or heavily muscular build having this happen to them, and not to toot my own horn I've never dealt with it before. I had like one issue a year ago with my pinky from me resting my phone upon it too much while holding it in bed, and it strained that whole area enough to turn into pain for like a week of me using the other hand instead.But yeah. Carpal tunnel. It's not arthritis and usually caused by stupidity actually.

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