What is this video going to be about?  I don’t know.  Let’s check the description.  Nothing.  Well, she does give her Amazon wish list and her PO Box.  Very convenient for the horntards who want to give her gifts for whatever reason.

She wants games and drawing books.  Great.  This is the wishlist of a 10 year old.

0:00 – Jump scare.

I never get tired of that joke.

She’s talking about the new background for her videos.  And she calls it “her room”.  Does she live with her mother?  I think that she does.  I have a vague memory of this.

0:15 – “So 2021 for me, in regards to gaming, was alright.”

Oh fuck no.  This better not be what the video is about.  I don’t fucking care what games she played in 2021.  Give us something else.  Give us some insight into your personality, if you have any.  What do you like to do in you free time, Pelvic Gamer?  Tell us about your boyfriend.  She won’t do that because it would crush her horntard subscribers.

2:45 – Oh, now she’s going to read her “favourite comments of 2021.”  For fifteen fucking minutes?  Well, I’ve got nothing else to do.

3:15 – She reads a long, embarrassing message from some horntard obviously trying to get a date.  I won’t even transcribe it.

5:00 – She shows a Game of Thrones clip for some reason.  Maybe all will be explained.  I’ve never seen the show so the reference may be lost on me in any event.

Oh fuck.  She’s reading a long comment from some horntard who’s complaining about her taste in games or something.  Who gives a shit?  But she stops every sentence or so and gives a long rebuttal.

Fuck…now she’s showing clips of the actual video that he’s commenting on to show that she didn’t say certain things.  NOBODY FUCKING CARES!  This is a retard trying to get a date using a 500 word comment.

Who’s the real retard here?  The commentator, Pelvic Gamer who’s actually getting really upset by this guy, or me for writing about this shit?

Actually, I think that we can rule me out.  I took an online IQ test recently.  Not one of those SurveyMonkey ones, this was legit.  Straight from Mensa.  Let me look for the link.

I got a 125.  That’s better than 95% of the population.  Beat that, ShiShi.

10:45 – Somebody wrote “haha” in the comment and instead of just saying, “haha”, Pelvic Gamer did a fake laugh.  I just found it interesting.

12:00 – Awkward…I don’t even want to fucking describe it.  Let’s just move on.  Check it out if you’re so inclined.

She’s just reading comments from people who don’t like her opinions.  Or people who do like her opinions.  She says, “aw thanks” to the latter and goes into a long rant against the former.  This is boring.  Nobody fucking cares.

This is fucking stupid.  It’s not respecting members of your audience who have a 125 IQ.

15:30 – The guy says that she “shits out reviews” of long games and she takes exception to that.

He’s right, though.  She reviews these games that must take months if not years to complete.  But she cranks out a review week, or did when she was actually actively making videos.  How is it possible?  

And in the beginning of this game, she had a to-do list of games that she wanted to cover this year.  There were a bunch of them.  This is how she consumes games.  Play the game, make the video, move on.  This is a chore.  It’s a “job”.  

16:15 – “Your channel is great and your vids well composed but please show some flesh.”

I haven’t heard her reaction yet but this is the real deal.  This horntard is giving you the straight dope, homey.  This is what they’re there for.  But she’s going to get pissed off over this and pretend that people are there to listen to her boring as fuck reviews on games that nobody cares about.  

She says that she shows her shoulder, her hands, and her face.  “What more flesh are you hoping to see?”

She raises a good point.  She doesn’t have much in the way of breasts.  So…I mean…I suppose big breasts aren’t a requirement to dress provocatively.  Erin makes videos in booty shorts and people seem to get excited over that.  Horseface McGee dresses like a prostitute on a regular basis.  

But personally, I encourage all of these women, big boobs or otherwise, to put more clothes on.  Just keep shitting out your crappy videos.

 17:15 – REALLY sycophantic comment by some guy with an anime avatar.

She agrees entirely with him.  But won’t be going to dinner with him.

18:15 – She says that she’s going to take some art commissions soon for some extra income.  

She’s also going to start dieting and working out.

Then she’s going to take a month hiatus.  You know…like all great tv shows.  

She’s been taking a fucking hiatus for the past year at least.

I’m intrigued by this art idea, though.  It’s a stroke of brilliance, actually.  

PushingUpRoses does something similar where she sells her atrocious art.  That’s a pretty good way to shake down the horntards for money.

Ultimate Warrior used to do this as well.  He’d do some little doodle that took him ten seconds to make and then sell it for a hundred bucks or whatever. 

But actually commissioning art.  That might be a better way to do it.  This way everybody gets to have some art.  Nobody is disappointed because they got outbid.  

And you can actually tell her what you want drawn.  So it’s personalised.  More intimate that way.  

It’s a good way for the horntards to feel closer to you.  And of course, Pelvic Gamer is making money off of this.  And improving her artistic abilities.  

Maybe this is something that Erin should rip off.  She’s told stories about her fondness for art when she was in high school.  She used to draw Sailor Moon from some Sailor Moon book that she had or something.  How much would ShiShi pay for an original Erin Plays sketch of Sailor Moon?  Five hundred bucks?  A thousand?  

And since it’s all custom, ShiShi could have Erin draw whatever he wants.  Sailor Moon defecating on Sailor Jupiter or something.  The sky’s the limit.  Obviously, charge more for NSFW stuff.  

– “”Shitting out reviews,” ha! Does this person have any idea of the time investment involved in playing a full JRPG, writing a script, recording everything, and then editing it all together?”

I think that’s the point, dumbass.  You can’t do all of that in the time frame that she cranks these videos out.  She’s not playing these games sufficiently.

– “u disliked some games? why are u being such a racist ? all games deserve equal love.”

Nobody said anything about racism, you imbecile.  You will not get a date out of this, I can assure you.

– “The fart noise killed me 16:14”

By “killed me” he means, “I had to change my underpants.”

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