Limited Edition Mondo Mothra Tokyo SOS Premium Statue Unboxing – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

They start by apologising for not uploading.  Tony suggests that the reason for the break was because of Newt getting fired so Johanna had to do more Talking About Tapes aka Hack the Movies videos.  

Then Johanna opens this box.  It’s a plastic statue.  Look at that thing and guess how much it costs.  My guess was fifty bucks.  Spoilers below.

Four hundred dollars.  She spent four hundred dollars on a plastic statue that she had to assemble.  It’s like those cheap statues that come in “premium” game packages.  

Who the fuck would spend $400 on this thing?  

Is there any value to these statues in the secondary market?  Let me check Ebay.

I don’t think so.  I’m seeing an unopened Harley Quinn statue from 2017 going for $500.  That’s probably not far off from the original price.  And this Mothra thing has been opened.  So there goes its value, if it even had any to begin with.

Nobody will want this shit in ten years.  Nobody wants it today.  This is trash.  She spent $400 on trash.

That Mondo site claims that their trash is made by artists.  For $400, you could have got actual art made by artists.

I bought a print from some “urban art” site years ago.  Limited edition of 10.  TEN.  For comparison purposes, this Mothra statue is “limited” to 300.  And how much did I pay for this print?  Like $100.  

I’ve seen people occasionally ask for this print.  And since there are only ten of them out there, I have a fair amount of selling leverage.  Not that it’s worth anything.  If I got my $100 back, I’d be shocked.  But I got it because I liked it, not for an investment.

Four hundred dollars for a plastic statue that you have to assemble.  It’s something that’s manufactured as a “collectible”.  This is worth nothing.  

Elvis commemorative plates.  Or Princess Diana commemorative plates.  All of this shit that was made to be a “collectible”.  It’s worth nothing today.  

What were those little statues in the 80s?  My friend’s mother collected them.  Precious Moments.  There was even a store in town that sold nothing but these.  They aren’t worth shit today.

Fucking Beanie Babies.  Worthless.

Oh, the Franklin Mint.  They would do those $500 gold-plated Monopoly sets and whatnot.  Let me check Ebay for that shit.

I’m seeing a Franklin Mint Monopoly going for $550 or best offer.  Given the inflation between now and 1991, that’s a significant loss.

You can buy one with “heavy wear” for $200.

In ten years, this Mothra statue is going to be on Ebay, marked as “heavy wear”, and going for fifty bucks.  And nobody will buy it.

What’s the most I ever spent on a comic?  $70 maybe.  This was as a kid, though.  I didn’t buy this shit as an adult.  I got a Vampirella #8.  From Warren.  It’s from 1970, I think.  Let me look that up on Ebay.

There’s a really beat up copy for $25.  My copy was in “very fine” condition.  Oh, here’s one in very fine condition.  $110.

So even comics from the 1970s aren’t worth anything today.  Certainly, comics from the 1980s to the present are also worthless.

You can get all kinds of crazy shit on Etsy for $400.  Pennsylvania art and antiques.  A belt and buckle from the Civil War.  A page from the Pennsylvania Gazette from 1800 detailing George Washington’s funeral.  A rare book that’s entitled “Rural Pennsylvania Clothing: Study of Wearing Apparel of the German / English Inhabitants Men / Women”, 

Wouldn’t any of this be more interesting?  Not to mention better investments?  

I can state categorically that that plastic statue, that she had to assemble herself, will never sell for anywhere near $400 ever again.  She’ll be lucky to ever get $100 for that thing.  

It’s just such a shocking waste of money.  I’ve never spent anywhere near that much on trash.  I don’t buy trash as an adult.  

Not to get too personal, but where is she even getting the money to piss $400 away on plastic Mothra statues that she has to put together?  We’ve seen what Screenwave pays.  It’s a modest salary.  She can’t be making much from these podcasts.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony pays nothing.  And her fiance is a used car salesman in a small town.

Just grossly irresponsible spending, I guess.  Like the trips to Disney World and whatnot.  

What about saving money to get a house or for your retirement or just general emergency money (medical bills, Justin decides to fire you for some trumped up bullshit, whatever)?  No.  Let’s get a $400 plastic statue that you have to assemble yourself instead. 

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  1. I can't remember if its in that video or a recent Talking but apparently she has a main job that isn't related to Screenwave. I think $400 is insane as well especially since it's not all metal. Even for stuff that I'm a huge fan of I keep things in perspective financially. That thing is just overpriced for what it is.

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