Newt Hanging Out with the Skanks Again + More info About James in Special Education

It’s some ZZZ-list “actress” who’s on OnlyFans.  She’s an “actress” in the sense that Crystal Quin is an “actress” (i.e. NOT AT ALL).

Get it together, Newt.  You were fired from a shit job and released from a shit Youtube show that nobody watched.  WHO CARES?  

How many jobs was I fired from?  Well, just one.  But it didn’t completely destroy me.  The job was shit.  I hated every fucking second of it.  I was going to quit soon anyway.  So I just got another fucking job.  No big deal.  I didn’t sink into a pit of depression over it.  

He keeps writing this “woe is me” stuff on his Twitter.  For example, somebody talks about how hot this OnlyFans skank is and Newt says that he’s ugly and has no chance with her.  So the horntard says, “Didn’t you land a certain red head? You gotta be doing something right.”  Newt replies with, “That was long time ago and she does not speak to me anymore. But I get what your saying ha. I need to be in rooms with people who actually like me maybe will give me some confidence for once ha.”

What the fuck is the problem?  You hit the lottery with this shit.  Horseface McGee isn’t talking to you any more?  That’s the best thing that ever happened to you.  

Obviously, it’s scummy as fuck that Crystal Quin and Tony and Justin and the entire gang at Screenwave (as far as I’m aware) stopped talking to Newt.  But it just shows what kind of people these are: giant scumbags.  We already knew that.  Crystal in particular.  It was Newt who got her on that knockoff Rental Reviews in the first place and then she stops talking to him?  For what?  Plagiarising some shitty Youtube videos?  

Let’s say that it’s grossly unprofessional to plagiarise shit and that Newt was 100% to blame (which I don’t believe).  Who cares?  He was fired.  You’re going to stop talking to somebody who you’ve known for many years because they’re unprofessional?  They’re not good at writing shitty Youtube videos so you want nothing to do with them?  It’s ridiculous.  

So Newt is trying to get something going with this OnlyFans skank who is obviously using him to try to get some tiny bit of internet fame.  How crazy is this?  Somebody out there is trying to use NEWT to get internet fame.  You have to really be at the bottom rung of internet fame to do this.

But it’s true.  She has 735 followers on Twitter.  That’s remarkably low for somebody who takes their clothes off for money.  Newt has 2,500 followers and he, fortunately, doesn’t take his clothes off for money.

It’s some woman knocking on 40 who’s covered in tattoos.  And I assume that she has giant implants.  Newt thinks that her interest in him is genuine.

Get it together.  Make a Tinder profile and see what kind of dogs you’re getting as a 40 year old man in rural Pennsylvania who’s barely employed and is a 4/10 in appearance.  That’s the reality.  These are the women who are interested.  Fat, unemployed, single mothers.  Not big titted ZZZ-list porn stars.

Why doesn’t he just get a job like a normal person?  He’s working on Shark Exorcist 2.  This thing is going to sell ten copies.  How much can this possibly pay?  

I don’t know exactly what he’s doing.  It says that he wrote and directed this movie but he also links to Donald Farmer’s Twitter and Donald Farmer says that Donald Farmer wrote and directed this epic masterpiece.

Donald Farmer, big time writer and director, has 1340 followers.  So about half what Newt has.

His IMDB profile says that he’s been writing and directing films since 1973.  You’ve never heard of any of these movies.  Nobody has.  Nobody has ever seen any of this shit.  

Why aspire to this?  These people are not making any money.  You can go to Burger King right now and make more money in one year than Donald Farmer has made in the past ten years.  

It’s people throwing their lives away because they think that they’re artists.  They’re not artists.  Look at their artistic output.  It’s complete shit.  These people are just losers in rural Pennsylvania who don’t want to work and they enjoy paying ZZZ-list OnlyFans skanks to hang out with them for a few hours because they don’t want to face reality.

This applies to Newt, Tony from Summarise the Movies, Justin Silverman, Crystal Quin, Kieran, James Rolfe, all down the line.  

Newt has an opportunity now to distance himself from that shit.  Get his life together.  Fuck these shitty movies that nobody watches and fuck the shitty people involved with that detritus.  

There are two dentist offices in the building that Screenwave works at.  Go see if they’re looking for a receptionist.  This is the sort of job that you should be looking for.  There’s no shame in it.  This is what everybody does.  It would be a huge step up from what you’re doing now.  People with normal jobs look down at losers like Tony from Hack the Movies and Crystal Quin and these delusional Youtube “celebrities”.  Don’t you get it?  And you’d be making more money.  Way more.

What about being a dental assistant?  You could make some good money doing that.  

That reminds me.  There was a dental assistant at my dentistry practice who was covered in tattoos.  She even had face tattoos.  And she was South Asian, which makes it even more crazy.  Those people don’t do that shit.  But she was there working as a dental assistant.  

Anyway, this woman was proof that if you have an in-demand skill, you can work anywhere.  I guarantee that this dentist did not want a woman covered in face tattoos working for him but how many qualified dental assistants are out there?  You have to take what you can get.  

So enrol in a dental assistant program.  Learn a trade.  Then you never have to worry about money or finding a job again.  These movies are trash.  The people working on them are trash.  Forget about that shit.  Go do something positive with your life and stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Losing that trash job and those trash friends was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Now for James in special education.  This is just some bonus “content” because it’s not enough to do a full article on.

Some guy on Reddit did an AMA claiming that he used to take the short bus to a special education school with James back in the day.  As here:

The thread has now been deleted and people question the veracity of it but why would somebody make that up?  And the guy gives a lot of details.  He says that the name of the school was Y.A.L.E., for example.  And when you look it up, there is indeed a school called Y.A.L.E. and they deal largely with children with autism.

The original post, now deleted, gave more detail so I’ll try to flesh it out from memory.  The guy said that he was home-schooled so he would take the bus just to get out of the house, talk to people his age, whatever.  Sounds about right.  His mother was the bus driver.  

Apparently, James was 17 or 18 when he was on this bus and the boys on Reddit question this but it checks out.  These people don’t seem to know anything about special education.  If you go to the website, you’ll see that that school teaches children up to the age of 21.  That’s normal for special education.  

Also, it seems that at this time James was only going one day a week to this special education school and he was going part-way through the school day.  Again, this all checks out.  This would have been after James transitioned to a normal school but maybe he still had to go once a week to speak to a psychiatrist or whatever to see how he’s progressing.

Anyway, the guy doesn’t say anything outrageous.  James would just talk about his Snix movies and whatever.  It’s mildly interesting.  Check it out before it gets totally erased.

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