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I found this woman from some shit that Destiny Fomo re-tweeted.  As here:

Its a picture of Madam Fomo, this NYC Demon Diva, and a couple of guys who I assume are either pimps or johns.  They’re in a bar.  Presumably, this woman is in the same profession as Madam Fomo.

She’s also on Youtube.  And OnlyFans.  And TikTok.  Her TikTok stuff is unwatchable.  A lot of it seems to be in Spanish but sometimes she’s speaking English and I just can’t understand it so it’s confusing.  She goes in and out between Spanish and Spanish-like English.  I think.

She’s originally from Puerto Rico.  I don’t know how long she’s lived in the US.

She also has an Instagram.  Across all of her platforms, she’s often wearing low-cut stuff and I think that we’re supposed be jerking off over this but…it’s just not working for me.

So let’s check out her Youtube.  She seems to exclusively do “reaction” videos to…wrestling shows?  This is how you know that wrestling is for nerds nowadays.  Women are trying to exploit it.  Same with comics and video games.  These are all things that women now pretend to be interested in as a way to get money from socially-inept nerds who don’t know any better.  

These are also the three things that Madam Fomo pretends to be interested in.  It’s no coincidence.  This is all calculated.

NYC Demon Diva is “reacting” to an episode of Monday Night Raw.  

It’s all edited.  It’s disjointed.  We have no idea what she’s watching.  And she says seemingly random things, some of which I don’t even think is in English.  

She has a foot of cleavage showing.

God.  She could filter krill with these gums.  She should work on her closed-mouth smile.

Okay.  I’m done.  I made it to 3:30.

This doesn’t even make sense.  She’s saying stuff, we can’t understand anything that she’s saying, and it’s all over a video where we have no idea what’s going on.  

Nobody is watching this shit.  Her videos average 300 views and even that seems remarkable to me.  Who can possibly be at all entertained by this?

She has references to New York City all over her Twitter and whatnot.  You see this a lot with people from New York.  Here’s why it doesn’t work: nobody outside of New York gives a shit.  Indeed, Americans not from New York hate that shit.  

We don’t care what the best place to get bagels is.  We don’t care which subway lines get you there.  We don’t care about any Bronx versus Brooklyn rivalry.  We don’t care about your local sports teams.

You don’t see this with people from any other city.  Somebody from Akron isn’t forever talking about Akron like people not from Akron will have any idea what he’s talking about.  

Or even if you look at bigger cities.  People from Los Angeles don’t do this.  People from Chicago don’t do this.  People from Houston don’t do this.  People from Phoenix don’t do this.

Wow.  I had no idea that Houston and Phoenix were the fourth and fifth biggest cities in the US.  It’s because the residents aren’t engaged in constant self-promotion.  

London has a similar population to New York, similar infrastructure, whatever.  People in London don’t do this.  When speaking to somebody else in London or from London, of course you can talk about London.  But they’re not going on the fucking internet and regaling the masses about the air-conditioned trains on the Victoria line.  Or how sad they are that the Cereal Killer Cafe closed.  Or how shit Bethnal Green is.  Nobody would know what they’re fucking talking about and they’d come off as pretentious assholes.

But people in New York do this.  Like we’re all supposed to give a shit about New York.  New York can suck my fucking cock.  

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  1. hey man how are you doing? I don't know if you're taking requests, but I think it's rather worth the effort checking out the pinned topic on that reddit sub. The central point of the whole discussion is the plagiarism accusation, and it contains an account of the person who presumably wrote the original article. The user name is retrobitch, and she goes on a tirade about how it's unethical and people shouldn't do it and credit the original source blah blah. Which brings us back to the whole conundrum, like you pointed out earlier: it's a shitty youtube video and the viewers who watch it don't take anything seriously. they aren't interested in researching anything or finding out any further information on whatever they are watching. it's low-value entertainment in a rather limited niche which doesn't appeal to anyone of consequence. we aren't talking about a best selling book or a major mainstream movie. it's just something irrelevant and yet this person pops out of nowhere looking all chuffed and proud as if some great media company is hoodwinking her and profiting from her “innovative work”. as stated earlier, the audience is just a bunch of nerdos half-interested in whatever the content is, just looking to pass the time. no one of importance is critically judging the videos so he can write raving reviews about it. nothing worth getting angry over, makes you wonder if retrobitch's vitriol is really about this.

  2. Awww man that's a shame. I know NYC Demon Diva personally. She a real sweetheart and knows her stuff with pro wrestling. Also adding to the RetroBitch comment, if it's who I think that is, I would dig to hear your take on her as well.

  3. Oh yeah. That Polybius thing. I looked into it briefly when it first hit the scene and thought that it was so transparently desperate, far-fetched, and bandwagon-jumping that it wasn't worth investigating further. But I'll check it out. Thanks.

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