More Plagiarism Mania Over on PinkNews – Cinemassacre

Oh wait.  I mean Reddit.  Apparently, the second video in Monster Madness is also plagiarised.  I saw the claims on this one and…come on.  Now we’re just reaching.  There was one sentence that was maybe sort of similar but it could have been a complete coincidence.  And then for whatever reason, Justin went along with this bullshit and said that it’s all plagiarism and somebody is getting fired.

James Rolfe should be worried about his job, I guess.  Justin said that these were taken from his notes from ten years ago.  Justin also said that Newt had absolutely nothing to do with this second video.

So they’re going to fire Jimmy, I guess.  How the fuck are they going to do AVGN without him?  Just replace the actor, I guess.  This could be the best thing that ever happened to the channel, frankly.  James was terrible.  

How crazy is it that the weakest link in a show is the titular character?  He contributes NOTHING.  He doesn’t write.  His unscripted stuff is horrendous.  He sleepwalks his way through the scripted stuff.  And now, apparently, he’s just ripping off movie reviews from 15 years ago.  It’s time for James to go.  I agree entirely with Justin’s threats.

But if they try to pin this on Newt or some unnamed mystery person, that’s complete bullshit.  Maybe the workload was too heavy.  These Screenwave people do seem to an enormous amount and all the while, James is just at home playing in his toilet all day.  

And what do you suppose that these people get paid?  If it’s as much as $25,000/year, I’d be surprised.  And that intern, who I think has been suggested as a suspect, might be getting nothing.  

All the while, do-nothing Jimmy Rolfe is collecting the big bucks.  And Ryan, the owner of this company, was recently boasting on a shit podcast about buying a new house.  What the fuck is he doing to earn all of this money?  Maybe pass some of that money down to the people who are actually doing the fucking work.  

“Someone is definitely getting fired”.  Go fuck yourself, you bootlicker.  James is the problem and we all know it.  Don’t try to pin this on anyone else.  

And why does Justin even engage with this?  So somebody (James) ripped off an old review for his shitty Youtube video.  Who cares?  It’s just a handful of homosexuals who are blowing this up because they want they want Screenwave gone.  Ignore it and they’ll move on to something else in a few days.

Either that or people are REALLY concerned about intellectual property over there.  I read comments about how people get expelled from university over this and lose their job over this sort of thing.  Come on.  Really?

First of all, who cares?  Has nobody cheated on a test before?  Has nobody plagiarised papers before?  If they revoked everyone’s degree who cheated and/or plagiarised, there would be about 15 people on earth who hold degrees.  

I used to go to the library and copy whole sections from books and put it into my papers.  In high school, I just copied and pasted large sections of the Encarta article on “heroin” and used that for my paper.  And then for the PCP paper, I took the same exact paper that I turned in for the heroin assignment and I just changed all of the “heroin”s to “PCP”.

Am I in danger of having my high school diploma and university degree taken away from me now?  They can fucking have them back.  I never got a single job from that shit.  My life wouldn’t change AT ALL if they revoked my diploma and degree.  

The very notion of plagiarism is a recent one.  It used to be common and accepted to copy other people’s shit.  It was a sign of being a member of the intelligentsia if you were able to quote, uncited, from other people’s work.  

I think that modern scholars have shit on Martin Luther King Jr for ripping off other people’s shit in his speeches.  No.  That’s how it was done.  “Plagiarism” is a recent concept.  It came into existence not out of some scholarly circle but because companies like Disney wanted to profit from the work that was done, by people who the company employed, in perpetuity.  

It’s a capitalist invention.  And people in the US get particularly worked up about it because it’s a country of giant bootlickers.  The propaganda machine in the US is so massive that it’s completely worn the people down to the point where people want some nebulous person to be fired over a shit Youtube video.  And they don’t even know why.  

Ask these people what the issue is.  You think that they give a shit that some writer from 15 years ago had his work “stolen”?  No.  They just blindly go along with the idea that this is wrong but they don’t know why.

Go to China and see what they have to say about plagiarism.  They won’t even know what you’re talking about.  The concept doesn’t exist.  It’s because they don’t have a culture that kowtows to big business, which is quite unlike the US.  

Look at how ridiculously this corporate concept is applied in an academic setting.  If you quote from a source and put the citation, it’s fine.  If you don’t, it’s evil plagiarism. 

So little quote marks and cluttering up the bottom of your page with the citation is virtuous and you can turn that in and get an “A” but if you eschew the quotation marks and don’t put the citation in, you should be expelled.  What sense does that make?  

Or you can just take somebody else’s words and re-arrange them.  No need to quote.  So just sit there with a thesaurus, change a few words, and now the work is yours.  It’s stupid.  

Also, “borrowing” from a lot of different sources is another way that you can rip people’s ideas off and not credit them for it.  If you rip off one person, it’s plagiarism.  If you rip off two people, it’s research.  

It’s all complete bullshit.  And the reason that it makes no sense is because they’re applying a corporate idea into academia.  There’s no intellectual basis for the concept of plagiarism.  It’s purely about profit.  

Let’s check out what Wikipedia has to say.  I’ll cite my source, so as not to upset the homosexuals on Reddit.

“In some countries the act of plagiarizing a professional’s work is seen as flattering.  Students who move to the United States and other Western countries from countries where plagiarism is not frowned upon often find the transition difficult.”

Right there on Wikipedia.  In the intro.  This wasn’t some crazy communist bullshit that I was talking about.

Nevertheless, I hope that the culprit (James Rolfe) is captured soon, publicly castigated, and given the firing that he richly deserves.

2 thoughts on “More Plagiarism Mania Over on PinkNews – Cinemassacre

  1. something that I never understood from that reddit sub is why bootsy is so overrated. sure, the guy wasn't terrible at what he did, but what did he do exactly? his participation was always kept at a minimum, even in the board james panel, something ruined by the protagonist's penchant for lores. as for the game reviews, his contribution was pretty irrelevant, appearing a few times with mike and that was it. so much so that no one barely noticed when he was gone from the channel. it'd be years later when people got to question his whereabouts

  2. Yeah, I've been watching AVGN for about 15 years, so almost since the start, and I didn't even know who Bootsy was before I found that sub-reddit. The only explanation is that he was the most attractive member of the group. I'm not joking or being insulting when I say that the people on that sub are homosexuals. They genuinely are and it colours everything that they say.

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