Erin finally comes clean about her carpal tunnel — IT'S ALL BULLSHIT AND SHE'S MENTALLY ILL!!!

0:00 – She greets the horntards like it’s Romper Room.  “I see Lennie and I see Corky and I see Clifton.”  And they’re all jizzing their pants over this.  “She said my name!”

Then an immediate edit.  Let’s see what she’s hiding.

Are the wrists still hurting?  So let me talk about the wrists real quick.  So I’ve had carpal tunnel off and on…well, I guess I’ve always had it, for like eight to ten years.  Basically, since my tweens, I’ve always been on a computer.  Then playing handhelds.  Whatever.  But then around the era, I got a MacBook and then I got a 3ds.  That’s when I started having actual problems.  You know, and smart phones.  So like I’m always using my hands.

Sometimes, there will be a few months where I’m fine.  Or it’s like, “Oh, I’m on my phone too much, I’m starting to feel it, put it down, wear a brace when I sleep” and I’m fine.  But sometimes it gets to the point where that doesn’t help.

So anyway…and I have seen doctors about it off and on, and usually they brush it off.  They go, “Oh, just take Tylenol and have a brace and ice it.  But it’s like…okay…I’m sick of being told that by various doctors.

So I’m finally going to a specialist tomorrow.  So I hope there’s an end in sight.  But thank you guys for asking.  

It’s just like, if you have carpal tunnel, you understand that, like, sometimes you’re fine and then other times, it really sucks.  And right now, I’m in the period where it really sucks.  But luckily, I’ve been resting a lot, I’ve been icing it, I’ve been trying to be very strict about…ummm…not using my phone and doing stuff like that and it’s been helping.  

So, I still need help, though.  So we’re going to (nervous laugh) go through that soon and I’ll keep you updated.  And I’m sorry I’m always complaining about it, it’s just I think some people don’t really understand what it is.  Because, you know, a lot of people don’t have it, which is good.  But some people are just prone to it.

I guess women are more prone to it than men, which I recently learned.  I’m not really sure why.  Anyway, so that’s what’s going on with me.

While she was saying all of this, ShiShi said, “A pain killer, brace and ice doesn’t seem to fix anything”.  

Erin went on to play Gameboy games, on stream, for money, for four hours.  After complaining about her crippling carpal tunnel.  We’ll go back to all that she had to say.  Properly dissect it.  But I’m curious.  She streamed the next day.  Does she give us an update?  

Well, not really.  Shishi asked, “Erin howd the doctor visit go? D:”  

Erin replied, “It went well, ShiShi.  I got some more tests but…it went well.”

Then she streamed more Game Boy games, for money, for two hours.

Now, these streams were a week ago.  She hasn’t streamed since and there have been no updates on Twitter.  And she edited all of this carpal tunnel talk out of the video she put on Youtube today.

It’s all made up bullshit.  The whole thing is a giant fucking lie.

First of all, let’s look at what she says caused her carpal tunnel syndrome.  She was “always” on her computer during her “tweens”.

Huh.  She must have spent A LOT of time on those two games that were on her father’s computer: Revenge of Arcade and some Barbie game where you designed dresses.  That second one wasn’t even a game, it was a thing to design and print out dresses for your real life dolls.  There were no other games on that computer.

So she was about 12 when she was apparently playing Revenge of Arcade eight hours a day, seven days a week.  That’s pretty late to get into video games.  I don’t know when I started playing video games.  Seven?  Eight?  It would have been Atari 2600.  I got a computer when I was about 10.  So that’s when I started playing computer games.  And I had fucking loads of games.  I’d buy them and get them as gifts and whatever.  You know, as tends to happen when you like video games as a child.  

But Erin only had the one game.  And she was “always” playing that game.  To the point where she says that this was the genesis of her carpal tunnel syndrome.

She also played “handhelds”.  You know what she’s talking about with this?  At first I thought a Game Boy but Erin has never talked about owning a Game Boy as a child, as far as I can remember.

She’s talking about her Little Mermaid Tiger handheld.  So when she wasn’t playing Revenge of Arcade (which was “always”) she was playing her Little Mermaid Tiger handheld.  These shitty games that you can’t play for more than 10 minutes before getting bored of them.  

I had a Double Dragon Tiger handheld.  I’d dust that thing off every few weeks, beat the game, and then put it back in the drawer.  NOBODY was playing these things to the point of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.  And I had Double Dragon, which was probably one of the better ones.  Or at least better than The Little Fucking Mermaid.  

Then she says that she got a MacBook and a 3ds.  When were those released…

MacBook, 2006 to 2012.  3ds…2011.  

So wait a minute.  Let’s just say 2012.  Because she probably didn’t get the 3ds on launch day.  Or even launch year.  And it couldn’t be any later than 2012 because that was the last year for MacBooks.  She probably wasn’t getting a used MacBook.

So 2012.  Erin aka Cykill1986 was born, according to her, in 1987.  She was 25 years old in 2012.  What?  She jumped from being a “tween” to getting a MacBook and a 3ds as a 25 year old.  And it can’t be any earlier than 2011 because the 3ds didn’t exist prior to 2011.

So we’re supposed to believe that Erin got carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of excessive use of her MacBook and 3ds as a 25 year old.  By the way, I have NEVER heard Erin talk about her MacBook or the 3ds.  Not once.  Let me just check the archives to be sure.  I’ll search for “3ds”.

That’s the only result for Erin.  She played WarioWare, for the first time ever, on stream, for money.  She never mentioned owning a 3ds.

Let me look up that collection tour that she did.  

Well, the review isn’t on the blog, I did this one back when I was on Reddit, but I have the article in my personal archive.  I don’t mention the word “3ds” anywhere but maybe I just missed it.  Let me re-watch the video.  It’s here:

Oh fuck.  45 minutes?  Well, in the description she says, “My first ever game room tour and collection video! Expect to see a lot of NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Master System, VECTREX, Intellivision, consoles, collectibles, Sailor Moon toys and much much more.”

No 3ds.  No Game Boy even.  

Let me just skim.  

No.  Nothing.  So in this video, where she says that she’s going to show you her entire collection, there’s not a single 3ds game.  She spends 15 minutes on the fucking Vectrex, she shows you her three fucking shitty Tiger handhelds, she shows you Sailor Moon figures, shit like this, things that have nothing to do with video games, but NOTHING about the 3ds.  Not even any Game Boy games.  Although, she does show Game Boys.  She doesn’t show a 3ds, though.

She was a big 3ds fan, guys.  But…the system and all of her games got misplaced, it seems.  

And she got carpal tunnel from playing the 3ds as a 25 year old.  She was “always” playing the 3ds as a 25 year old.  And then her 3ds collection just disappeared.

Oh, and her MacBook.  What was she doing on her MacBook that gave her carpal tunnel syndrome?  She was a big Mac gamer?  She’s never talked about playing computer games other than as a kid with Revenge of Arcade.  Where’s her fucking library of Mac games?  There was nothing in the collection video.

But she says that this is when she started having problems.  When she got a MacBook and a 3ds.  As a 25 year old.  

But…she gave a much earlier age before, didn’t she?  Time to do some more investigative journalism.

Somebody asks her how long she’s had carpal tunnel syndrome.  She says, “Eight years or longer.”

So…she’s 33 now…25, that checks out.  So she puts 25 as the age when she developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Because she “always” played Revenge of Arcade as a “tween”.  And she had a Game Boy as a child.  And as soon as she got her 3ds and MacBook, she developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  In spite of the fact that there’s no proof whatsoever that she ever owned a MacBook or a 3ds.  As soon as she got these things, boom, carpal tunnel.  She became obsessed with these devices.  

And smart phones.  She blames smart phones.  Was she playing Angry Birds all day?  She got carpal tunnel syndrome for shitty mobile games?  

Maybe she’s talking about texting or something but she specifically said “smart phones”.  So that suggests that she’s talking about functions on a phone that weren’t possible before.  I know that there were games on non-smart phones but she wasn’t getting carpal tunnel syndrome from Snake, presumably.  

It’s all complete bullshit.  She’s making all of this up.  And these are bad lies.  TERRIBLE lies.  

Then she says that sometimes she has to force herself not to use her phone so much.  Notice that she didn’t say, “I have to force myself not to play games so much.”  It’s her phone.  Her phone is the issue.  She’s spending too much time texting.  Maybe she’s also playing Raid: Shadow Legends but it’s unlikely.

So she says that she’s been to doctors about this.  Several doctors, it seems.  And they all tell her that there’s nothing wrong with her.  Stop wasting their fucking time.

This is a mental disorder.  If what Erin is saying is true for once, if she actually has seen several doctors about this, it’s a mental disorder.  Munchausen’s syndrome.  That’s what she should be getting treated for.  She needs to see a psychiatrist, not a general practitioner.

So then she allegedly goes to see this specialist and…nothing happens.  Some tests were given.  Here we are, a week later, no mention of the results.  

There’s nothing wrong with her fucking wrists.  Look at how preposterous this story is.  How much could she have possibly been playing Revenge of Arcade and The Little Mermaid Tiger handheld as a child?  

And then she blames it on the 3ds, a system that has never talked about and has ZERO games for.  She doesn’t even have the system.  But she says that as soon as she got that 3ds, the carpal tunnel started.

And her MacBook.  Are Macs big “gaming” machines?  People are playing a lot of games on their MacBooks?  And Erin has never talked about any computer game other than Revenge of Arcade.

Then she finishes her pack of lies by saying that she didn’t know that women were more prone to this than men.  Really?  I don’t give two shits about carpal tunnel syndrome but I knew this.  How could somebody who’s been suffering through this affliction for EIGHT YEARS never bother to do any research on it?  She never checked the fucking Wikipedia article?  She uses Wikipedia for everything else that she does.

“Women suffer more from CTS than men with a ratio of 3:1 between the ages of 45–60 years. Only 10% of reported cases of CTS are younger than 30 years”

Erin says that she’s in that 10 percent.  From playing Revenge of Arcade and Barbie’s Dress Designer as a child.  And The Little Mermaid Tiger handheld.  And all of that big MacBook gaming that she did as a 25 year old.  And that phantom 3ds that she was constantly playing.  And Angry Birds.

How could anybody possibly believe this shit?  Even if you’re retarded.  It’s completely preposterous.  Even if everything she says in her fucking bullshit account is true (which it isn’t) it’s completely preposterous.  

And then these doctors all tell her to get the fuck out of their office and stop wasting their time.  This is again by her own account.  That’s not a red flag to anyone?  IT’S BULLSHIT!  SHE’S MENTALLY ILL!

When multiple doctors are telling you that there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s probably nothing wrong with you.  Right?  That’s how a normal person would react.  But Erin is insisting that she has carpal tunnel syndrome.  From launching that fucking bird into those pigs too much.  

Is it even possible to get carpal tunnel syndrome for mobile games?  Or whatever she’s doing, she’s not actually playing games, of course.  But from texting, let’s say.  You can get carpal tunnel syndrome from that?  

And who the fuck was she texting all day?  She’s said many times that she didn’t have many friends, she was a giant nerd, she doesn’t know anything about dating, et cetera.  

Then she goes on, having announced that she has crippling carpal tunnel syndrome, and plays videos games for four hours.  And the next day, she does it for three hours.  All on stream, for money, of course.

I’ve downloaded this stream.  It was ten gigs but this is an important piece in Erin’s unending attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the Youtube retro “gaming” community.  How can anybody possibly take her seriously?  The horntards, I can understand, but how can people like Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining or Retro Ali or Joe from Gamesack or Tony from Hack the Movies or any of these people possibly support her?  They all know that it’s bullshit.  How can they not?  Every fucking thing that she says is a lie.  And she’s TERRIBLE at it.  

The whole relationship with Mike is a lie.  And he knows it.  Fucking anybody can see it.  When that relationship inevitably ends, are we going to hear the truth from Mike?  Are we going to hear about how she never plays games unless it was on stream, for money?  Are we going to hear him admit that she knows absolutely nothing about video games and doesn’t give the slightest of fucks about them?  Are we going to hear the truth about her many fake maladies?  

What does Erin REALLY do with her time?  It’s not playing video games.  Or working.  Does she just sleep all day, as Mike has suggested in the past?  Is she doped up on something?


26:00 – Erin says that she was using Mike’s XBox account when she was playing Doom Eternal.  So Mike is Cykill1986?  Why would Mike be Cykill1986?  He was born in 1980.  He’s going to try to shave six years off of his age?  That’s too much.  

On the other hand, Erin was, allegedly, born in 1987.  She’s only trying to shave one year off of her age.  That’s much more feasible.  

27:00 – Erin quit playing Doom Eternal, on stream, for money, because her carpal tunnel “got really bad.”

There’s probably LOADS of good shit in this video.  She seems really off, like she’s on something.  But I just don’t want to watch four hours of this.   Plus another three hours if she uploads the next day of this Game Boy “variety stream”.

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  2. Something that children might enjoy. Like the old “Youtube poop” videos that were popular for a while. Anyone who has reached puberty doesn't find that stuff funny. Thanks for stopping by.

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