Bobdunga In Lingerie

“Time for an update after having the same pfp for centuries”

I had to look up “pfp”.  “Picture for proof”.  Whatever that means.

But it’s just pathetic.  Get some self-esteem and put some clothes on, Bobdunga.  

It’s also on her Instagram but I can’t link to the exact picture because I don’t have an account.  So if you’re reading this months from now, just scroll through loads of bullshit pictures.

I’d say that Bobdunga is the most attractive gamer grrl who I cover.  But I’m not going to do a full list.  That would be tasteless.  

It reminds me of the eighth grade.  We were nearing graduation and there was a girl running around with a notebook and asking everyone who the hottest guy and the hottest girl in the class were.  She’d ask the guys who the hottest girl was and the girls who the hottest guy was.   This was in “the 90s” so we weren’t as enlightened as today.  There was no allowance made for homosexuals or the 72 genders.

So I remember this girl coming up to me and my friend in the gymnasium.  There was some kind of event going on.  And she says, “So who’s your vote for the hottest girl?  And you can’t pick me.”  My friend scoffed and said, “I wasn’t going to anyway.”  But we were kids.  He was trying to be cool.  Sometimes you say something offensive.

I can’t remember who I voted for.  I might have abstained.  The results were a foregone conclusion.

You know what the hottest guy and girl are doing today?  Still living in the same area we grew up in.  Doing menial jobs.  Never went to college.  They’re both childless and never married.  They peaked in the eighth grade.  It’s depressing.

So Bobdunga.  She’s out there in her lingerie.  Trying to pull in the horntards.

I wouldn’t have sex with any of these gamer grrls.  I mean, purely from a physical standpoint, I’d probably have sex with any of them.  My bar is pretty low.  But when you factor in the shitty personality, the mental health problems, the lack of a job, and making a total ass of themselves on Youtube, it’s all a big turn off for me.  

And Bobdunga is without a doubt the craziest one of them all.  That’s a poll that we didn’t have in the eighth grade.  

Oh, it seems that Scott the Woz removed RelaxAlax from some video that he did.  RelaxAlax is the guy who Bobdunga claims abused her.

I think that these are some weird…I don’t know the word…SJW forums, I guess.

I discuss these bizarre allegations here:

Basically, nothing happened.  Go through this shit if you want but the consensus is that nothing happened and that was my view as well.  She’s just mentally ill.  Big time.  And so is he, frankly.

Did Scott the Woz really edit RelaxAlax out, though?  I helpfully did a review of this video.

Let’s see…it’s at 56:00.  Yeah, he did indeed.  

It’s unfortunate.  This is a literal crazy woman.  And even by her own account, NOTHING HAPPENED.  It was a bad relationship.  

I mean, I’m not some lunatic who discredits rape allegations out of hand.  I’ve done the research.  I’ve read Bobdunga’s own account on the matter.  NOTHING HAPPENED.  She’s just completely out of her mind.  And you have these obsessed lunatics with nothing else going on in their lives trying to “cancel” this guy over NOTHING.  

Yeah, I’m just reading the comments on that Resetera site.  These are some real nuts.  “As a POC and nonbinary, white guys get under my neck as much as the next person”.

Scott the Woz is being dictated to by lunatics like this.  The forum seems to be about “abuse” in the “gaming” industry.  Who would frequent a forum where that’s the main topic?  Full-time victims.  

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