CannotBeTamed Overtakes Erin in Subscribers

 This is old news, actually, but I only noticed it recently.  

It was only about three months ago that I compiled the subscriber stats for the various gamer grrls.  As here: 

At that time, Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining was quickly catching up to Erin but Erin was still in the lead.  That’s all changed.  Here’s the updated graph:

Dark blue is CannotBeTamed, yellow is Erin, orange is Pelvic Gamer, grey is Bobdunga, and light blue is Retro Ali.

Again, I don’t know why the data starts at different points for different gamer grrls but that’s not really important.  We can see that Pam aka CannotBeTamed has completely smoked Erin of late.  I remember her saying something on Twitter about having a “viral” video.  Let me see if I can find such a video…

Well, her game room video from June 2021 is over 100,000 views so way better than she usually does but I don’t think that’s what she was talking about.

She has a Castlevania video where she shows some cleavage in the thumbnail and that’s over 150,000 views but that was five months ago.  Isn’t that going back further than when she had that big jump in subscribers?  No, maybe not.  It was May when she passed Erin and this video is from April.  So people would have been subscribing all through April and then the stats are updated in May.

So it seems that that’s the secret.  Show your boobs.  Although, Erin tried that with her recent sequel to the Power Pad video and that was a giant failure.

Two months on and it looks like that video actually did about average or even below average for Erin.  It’s at 27,000 views.

Another interesting observation is that Bobdunga has overtaken Pelvic Gamer.  It looks like they’re about the same on the graph but Bobdunga had 300 more subscribers than Pelvic Gamer in August.

This rise in the charts is from her documentary about some Mean Girls game.  She did a few videos about this, they all received negative reviews here at GamerGrrls but I think that her videos got some semi-mainstream attention.  Those esteemed journalists on Kotaku covered that important story.

Oh, there’s a spam link to a story there about Pokimane being “burned out” and “needing a change”.  I have an idea.  Try getting a job.  See how that works out for you.  

Let’s see how much Pokimane is getting for Youtube.  Check out SocialBlade…

Well, surprisingly little.  About $70,000/year.  But I’m not sure that somebody with her “skills” can make $70,000 in the non-Youtube job market.  Well…excluding turning tricks with Destiny Fomo on 42nd Street.

And of course Pokimane has other sources of income.  She’s on Twitch.  She’s on TikTok.  She also has a link to something called “Cash App” on her Youtube banner.  Presumably, so that the horntards can just straight up send her money.  How convenient.  She also has a PO Box where you can send her gifts.

But back to the bottom feeding gamer grrls, we have Retro Ali who’s now lagging way behind the pack.  Nevertheless, she has a small but devoted following of horntards who will hopefully support her until she finds another job.

Just out of interest, where would TheGebs24 fall in this?  She has 48,000 subscribers so she’d be below Pam and Erin but above the others.  ZapCristal is at 2500 subscribers so she’d be completely dwarfed even by Retro Ali.  ZapCristal is just too hot to be an “influencer”, I guess.  People are turned off by her hotness.  Or her personality.  Or her shitty videos.  Or any combination.

So how are these ladies going to get Pokimane numbers of subscribers?  Well…being a hot Asian woman is what seems to be working for Pokimane.  Maybe try that.  

But if it makes them feel any better, I checked out a recent Pokimane video and she looks a lot older than 25.  Must be all of that hard partying.  So I think her days of selling bath water may soon be coming to an end.

Here’s another idea, though.  I used to enjoy a channel called HotForCooking.

Now, I’m not a big cooking enthusiast but there’s something about those videos that appealed to me.  It’s a Chinese porn star with giant tits.  Jade Feng is her porn name but apparently you’d get banned for mentioning this on her Youtube channel.  She was only in porn briefly.

But yeah, that’s always an option.  How much are giant implants?  $5000?  $10,000?  A small investment.  

I mean, look at this.  Her video where she made fried chicken breasts got 10 million views.  And she hasn’t released a video in over a decade.  

Wait a minute.  I just realised that DestinyFomo is basically doing the same thing.  And DestinyFomo isn’t exactly setting Youtube on fire.  So I don’t know.  Maybe just make good videos instead.

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