CannotBeTamed Sleeps With a Weighted Blanket – Confirmed Autism

“The weather has so nice and cool last night. Got out the weighted blanket and had the best sleep I’ve had in a while. Feels good.”

Hello, autism.  I mean, that’s what these are for, right?  People with autism?  


“I use one, I’m autism, sensory processing issues, anxiety etc. The usually package. I find it helps me, but I used to layer blankets and duvets (which was obviously unbearable hot) so I knew that I needed pressure while I sleep. Mine has a hot and cool side which I would massively recommend”

The top reply is somebody talking about his/her mental health and that the blanket helped.

The second reply is somebody else talking about how they have autism.

The third reply is the one I quoted.

And I didn’t search for “autism”.  My search terms were “weighted” “blanket” and “reddit”.  This was the first result.

I don’t know.  Autistic people really like being held.  I worked in some mental health facility with autistic people and we were warned that that these people would intentionally cause problems because they liked being restrained.  It wasn’t a straightjacket that was used but it was something similar.  They liked it.  And they liked being physically restrained.  

So maybe this is an idea for old Pam.  Invest in a straightjacket.  Of course, she’d need a (human) partner to assist.  I suppose that that’s the difficulty, isn’t it?

Here’s the second top result:

It’s a guy asking about his wife, who has depression and anxiety.  “Will a weighted blanket help?”  Again, mental illness and weighted blankets.

But I’m using the search term “reddit”.  There’s probably a higher percentage of people with autism on Reddit than the general populace.  Let me just search for “weighted” and “blanket.”

Top result is Amazon.

The description contains, “Heavy Blanket for Sleep and Stress Relief, Anxiety Blanket”

Top review starts with “I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks”.

So yeah.  This is what this is.  An autism blanket.  

It does explain Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining’s behaviour.  Particularly, her complete lack of social skills.

It’s like how people will downplay Jimmy Rolfe’s seven and a half years in special education.  “Oh, it was the 90s.  Everybody was in special education in the 90s.”

I can say for 100% certainty, having gone through my education in the 90s, that this is a complete fabrication.  It was the 1990s.  It wasn’t that different from today.  People aren’t massively more intelligent and progressive today.  If anything, there’s been a regression.  

Yes, there was an increase in ADHD diagnoses and a lot of kids were prescribed Ritalin and the like.  But they weren’t going to fucking special education unless there was something seriously wrong with them.

And I only know about this ADHD shit from the news and popular culture.  I didn’t know anyone who was on Ritalin or anything like this.

I’ve worked with kids who had autism and were in special education.  These were not normal people.  You immediately knew that something was wrong with them.  It wasn’t just that they were a little withdrawn or rambunctious or whatever.  They were nuts.  They had serious problems.  They could not function in a regular school environment.  

Some of their problems involved poop.  They were obsessed with poop.  They’d smear it on themselves.  They’d eat it.  Do you want to sit next to the kid who’s smearing shit on his face?  

This is why Jimmy Rolfe was in special education.  Not because he was a little different.  Not because he was slightly hyperactive.  Because he had serious problems.  This is a man who talked just recently about literally wanting a buffalo to take a shit on his face.  Do you want to sit next to this guy?  

Maybe Jimmy could benefit from a weighted blanket.  Maybe he already has one.

The fact that Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining has one, coupled with her history of unbelievably poor social skills, clearly suggests that she had autism.  She also works in IT, a sector that autistic people are attracted to.  

Does she also have an excrement fetish?  Let’s hope not.  

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