Why Would Someone Send Us All This Stuff?! – John Riggs


Why indeed.  The question that gamer grrls the world over need to ask themselves.

It starts off…ummm…with John Riggs saying, “Three boops is all it takes.”  He’s talking about the camera, I guess.  The noises that it makes to indicate that it’s recording.  Then his daughter touches his nose and says “boop” and then his son/daughter hesitantly pokes him in the cheek.  She didn’t want to touch his nose.  Sensibly.  But also…it’s just a sad situation all around, isn’t it?  John Riggs really did a poor job as a father.  Remarkably so.

0:30 – Oh.  My.  God.  John Riggs gives his pronouns and they appear on screen.  John Riggs is he/him, by the way.  Then his daughter, the one who ISN’T his son/daughter uses the pronouns “They/he”.  What that fuck does that even mean?  Then his son/daughter, the one who recently got his/her name changed, is he/him.”

So John Riggs now has TWO transgender sons/daughters.  And one of them is…I don’t even know.  How the fuck can you be “they/he”?  Even “they/them” doesn’t make any sense but that’s the usual pairing.  

These are both girls, by the way.  Just…well, I won’t comment on these particular girls.  But a homely girl is still a girl.  Right?  

And John Riggs son/daughter puts more bass in her voice than John Riggs does.  Because she’s a guy.  Right?  That’s what we’re supposed to believe?  

People aren’t buying this shit no matter how much the Chosen People keep cramming this down our collective throats.  It’s preposterous.  Homely girls are still girls.  

What’s wrong with the old school method where homely girls became lesbians?  Or going back further, homely girls used to become nuns.  Let’s bring that back. 

1:00 – John Riggs shows a picture of himself from high school.  He’s shown this before.  He was a homely kid.  So did he become a girl?  No.  People didn’t do that back then.  

He’s doing this shit for internet kudos.  He wants to impress the 1% of his audience that’s female.  He’s trying to get some loving out of this from some purple-haired freak who doesn’t shave.  He’s selling out his own children for the POSSIBILITY of getting some ass.  Some really undesirable ass.  

1:15 – Then he talks about conventions that he plans to attend.  “I am vaccinated but I plan to wear my mask for the most part.”

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?  I don’t care if he’s been vaccinated or not.  I don’t care about his mask preferences.  Are people not going to come see horny John Riggs because he’s not vaccinated and/or won’t be wearing a mask?  How do we even know that he’s vaccinated?  I want proof.  I can’t just take his word for it on something this important. I might catch a fucking cold.

And if he’s vaccinated, what’s the point of the mask?  You can’t transmit the disease, right?  Or get the disease.  So what’s the problem?  Is the vaccine not effective?  

Remember when the recommendation was that you should wear rubber gloves?  Because covid can live on surfaces for…whatever it was…weeks?  Months?  

Why aren’t people wearing gloves any more?  Why don’t you hear about this any more?  

1:30 – John Riggs’ son/daughter starts making a deranged face.  Umm…do I want to go here?  No.  Draw your own conclusions about transgenderism and mental illness.

Then both of John Riggs’ sons/daughters/its start mimicking John Riggs.  You know what they should do if they really want to show how masculine they are?  Shave their heads.  But just the top.  Emulate John Riggs’ male pattern baldness.  Because that’s common with guys.  And these are all guys, right?  Except for the individual on the right who is sometimes an it.  I guess.  Seems insulting, but this was her chosen pronoun.

John Riggs will be selling some homebrew games at these conventions.  One of them is a convention exclusive that has John Riggs as a playable character.  We’ll all look forward to that.

3:15 – He also made…a cereal book called NostalgiaOs.  It looks to be about 20 pages in length.  It’s just copyrighted pictures of old cereal boxes and then John Riggs writes, “Oh, remember this?”  This is literally how he described the book.

4:15 – Somebody sent him cereal from Costa Rica.

5:30 – Then John Riggs’ son/daughter says something and…umm…I don’t like saying these things.  I don’t like commenting on John Riggs’ videos when he has his sons/daughters in them, but…it’s to illustrate what a shit father John Riggs is.  

So his son/daughter says something totally insane that I couldn’t even understand.  Moving on.

5:45 – They’re looking at Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles and John Riggs son/daughter says, “I want the fruity one because I’m fruity.”

What?  Wait…god, I wish I paid more attention in algebra class.  John Riggs’ son/daughter described herself as “gay” before.  And then…I think that she/he has a boyfriend.  So…that’s right.  She’s right.  John Riggs’ son/daughter is a gay boy who has a boyfriend.  I don’t know what the boyfriend’s pronouns are or if he was born a boy or became a boy in later life ala Pinocchio.  

6:30 – John Riggs got some Famicom games.  I don’t know what gender the games are.  He doesn’t specify.

7:45 – John Riggs’ son/daughter says something again that I can’t understand.

8:45 – Ummm…this really can’t be ignored.  John Riggs’ daughter says something YET AGAIN that doesn’t make any sense.  She hands John Riggs a little knife and says, “Finally, some food.  Yum.”

Are there no psychiatrists in Yakima or wherever he lives?  This entire family needs urgent intervention.

9:00 – Oh my god.  Then John Riggs’ son/daughter says, “For back to school, we got our pronoun pins.  Mine is my pronouns but the trans flag because, of course…”

Because of course your father is a fat fucking failure who didn’t give a shit about you.  It’s terrible.  You didn’t deserve to have that asshole as a father and you have my deepest sympathies.

Imagine going to school and everybody is given a fucking pin with their “pronouns” on it like it’s some kind of fucking fashion statement.  Do they even make a pin that says “he/they” on it?  Because I’m telling you that that doesn’t make any fucking sense.  Not even by the insane “logic” of this “trans” bullshit.  

9:30 – More insane faces from John Riggs’ son/daughter.

10:00 – John Riggs says that he’s a mentor to some Youtuber who has cancer.  He’s trying to help this individual (he doesn’t mention their pronouns) make better videos.  Seems weird to me.  More attempts to get some ass from the Woke Brigade.

11:15 – More insane faces from John Riggs’ son/daughter.

Anyway, Horny John Riggs won a camera by donating to this guy with cancer.  Or something.

12:15 – Somebody (he says “he” but it could be a transgender woman, I guess) sent John Riggs a long letter on parchment paper and it had a video game-themed seal and it looks creepy as fuck.  I think that this guy wrote a letter to Jodie Foster as well.

13:15 – Somebody else sent him a long letter along with a box of…something.  And John Riggs says, “Here’s me as a dude who’s like, ‘Words?  What?'”

It’s unfortunate that John Riggs has such strict gender stereotypes.  There are all kinds of guys.  Some guys like to read, some guys like sports, some guys like video games, some guys like other guys.  But what unites them all is having an X chromosome and a Y chromosome.  Or you can just say that you’re a guy.  Nowadays, that also works.  On the dim-witted.

15:15 – John Riggs gets an empty beer box to store styrofoam peanuts, for whatever reason.  I suspect that John Riggs is a big drinker.  

17:00 – 

John Riggs: Thank you for watching me for the years I’ve been on Youtube and you’ve watched them grow up.

Son/Daughter – You are now seeing me transition.  So…that’s fun.

John Riggs: (to his “they” daughter) And your hair just keeps getting shorter and shorter every time I see it.

Son/Daughter: Hey, who knows.  Maybe my hair will start receding too.

How fucking creepy is this?  Let’s just move on to the comments.

– “Both of the girls are now guys…..im so confused”

– “Pronouns? Identity politics?? I just want to watch John Riggs talk about video games.”

– Pronouns ?

Then somebody replies, “Yeah.  Love the channel… But that was cringe.”

John Riggs replies to a few of these messages.  He repeatedly says that it’s normal in Seattle to “give your pronouns”.  Even if this is true, which it isn’t, who cares?  Think about the rest of the world.  Don’t be so isolated that you only care about how things are done in Seattle.

He also says that people are leaving negative comments on this video because people hate that he “loves his kids”.  Why would anybody possibly hate that?  Again, he’s the world’s worst father and he’s just doing all of this to try to get ass.  There’s literally a fat woman with purple hair, according to his/her/its avatar, who replies positively to this shit.   

– “Good for you kids. You’ve got a great, strong dad. In the American Indian cultures, we honored people like you two before settlers came. We believe two spirits are sharing one body. Don’t let any haters get to you. Those people are not secure in who they are, that’s why they feel challenged. Weak people throw shade. Secure people, share love. I don’t claim to fully understand, and I’m sure as you both know, people who are not like you, simply cannot. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all continue to love. Thanks for introducing yourselves. Keep being strong and brave.”

How shameful that this guy is using a proud people like the American Indians to promote his transgender ideology.  Somehow I don’t think that a tribal people were entertaining this bullshit.  

It was Sioux, not Sue

Iroquois, not Iroqueer

Sac and Fox Nation, not Packing Fudge Nation

The Shoshone People, not the Pronoun People


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1y_0NfhF9c]

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