CAR BOOT – He SNATCHED this game out of my hand! Game Cube & Mega Drive finds! – TheGebs24

She’s going to a “car boot sale” (flea market) with her fucking dog.  How low class does it get?  

But then she complains about the low class behaviour of the sellers.  So don’t fucking go.  And leave your god damn dog at home.

2:00 – She tells a guy that some item is too expensive because she just bought a house.  NOBODY CARES.  If you don’t want to buy it, put it down.  Nobody gives a shit about your house.

And she’s saying this stuff to people who are completely impoverished.  It’s disgusting.

“That’s beaut.  That is fantab.”

She’s really annoying.  Try finishing your words.

8:45 – She offered to pay £1 for a DS game.  It was listed as £2, I think.  Fucking ridiculous.  Her insulting offer was rejected.  Two pounds is too much?  

These people have absolutely no money.  They’re there in a park selling their meagre possessions.  And she’s trying to lowball them.

9:15 – Somebody is selling old magazines for 50p each.  She’s not happy with that.  She wants five of them for £2.  

12:00 – “Have you got any other PS1 games handy-ish?”

And there’s a fucking wall of games in front of her.  She looked at two of them.  She does this a lot.  She’ll ask people if they have more stuff.  Where would anything else be stored?  What’s on the table is what’s being sold.

12:15 – “So you’ve not got any Gameboy games?  Nothing like that?”

It’s just so annoying.  She should be banned from these places.  There are fucking hundreds of games on this guy’s table and she’s complaining because he doesn’t have more.  Buy what’s there or leave.  He can’t make games appear from thin air.

13:30 – She crawls under a table to get at a Gamecube.  She asked the guy if he was willing to sell it as “untested”.  Presumably, she means for a rock bottom price.  Earlier in the video, she bought a Genesis for £5.

Then she starts rooting through this bin.  All that she was given permission to do was to look at the Gamecube.

14:30 – THIS is what she was complaining about.  The old man who was selling this shit simply took the games from her that she took out of the bin.  She had no right to take them.  She was given permission to look at the Gamecube in the bin.  That’s it.  She then decided to root through the bin.

She says, “I was just looking”.  The guy responds, “There’s no point in looking because we’re not selling it.”  Or something.

It’s true.  This is stuff that was on the ground.  It wasn’t on the table.  She had to crawl under the table like a dog to get at this stuff, and she wasn’t given permission to go through this fucking bin.  Is she out of her mind?  Why would she think that it’s appropriate to do that in the first place?

Maybe she’s going to talk about how she bought a house soon.

That’s the video.  Everybody in the comments say that this old man is a piece of shit and she was 100% right.  It’s insane.

– “Why have things at a car boot if they’re not for sale?”


It’s the worst kind of behaviour.  It’s like people who go to fast food restaurants and then hassle the employees.  If you’re not happy with the service, get the fuck out.  Go to a restaurant more befitting of your needs.

I always treat fast food workers with the utmost respect and I’ve never had a problem in a fast food restaurant.  Maybe the two things are related.

These are people making minimum wage.  And they’re probably getting treated poorly by management.  They’re desperate for work, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.  I’m going to lord it over them?  

If you don’t like how you’re being treated at the “car boot sale”, try Harrods.  Maybe the staff there are more professional.  See how many games you can buy for £1.  

And she’s a complete piece of shit.  No job.  Covered in tattoos.  And fucking listen to how she speaks.

This is the second time I’ve written about TheGebs24 since I went looking for a replacement for PelvicGamer.  Is this a worthy replacement?  I mean…she went to a fucking flea market and behaved poorly.  Kind of boring.

But is it any worse than PelvicGamer?  PelvicGamer does the same fucking video every time.  

Yeah, I’ll stick with it.  She makes like four videos a week.  Surely one of them has something of substance.  

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