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This is a recent panel from something called Southeast Game Exchange.  It took place in Greenville, South Carolina.  JOHN RIGGS was a featured guest, along with a bunch of other people but I’ve never heard of anyone else.

But this panel, just like John Riggs, is all about the ladies.  So we have JLuv81.  I wrote about her before.  I wasn’t proud of that article.  It was needlessly insulting.  You can read it here, though:

She has 4,000 subscribers.

Also present is Gamer Ahmer.  She has 3,800 subscribers.

Rounding out the “who’s that?” of female retro gaming “Youtubers”, we have Laci from Do You Nerd.  She has a channel along with her “partner” Tom.  They have 2,100 subscribers.

This is all that you need to get invited to these nerd conventions.  2,000 subscribers on Youtube.  And I don’t think that it’s a sexism thing because I’m sure if we checked out the men “guests”, they would have similar low numbers.  Actually, let’s do that.

Yeah.  RetroWolf88 has 2,000 subscribers.  Universe Retro has 1000 subscribers.  Retro Reminiscence has 500 subscribers.  

I mean, come on.  Five hundred subscribers?  Who would possibly want to go and see this guy?  

According to the description, there was a “full room” to see these gamer grrls.  They don’t state the room’s capacity but…why is ANYBODY there?  Are they all friends and family of these gamer grrls?  

Let’s just get to it.  Fifty fucking minutes.

0:00 – “Good morning, ya’ll lovely and beautiful people.  How is everybody doing?”

Some fucking dumb hillbilly teasing the horntards.  Who even is this?  Maybe this is ZapCristal.  I’m watching this on her channel, after all.  She has 2,200 subscribers.

“I am super excited because I am among greatness here.  These are my sisters from another (some Ebonics that I can’t understand)

Two out of the three other gamer grrls are having NONE of this.  So I give them credit for that.  They’re deadpanning all of this.  They know when some dumb redneck is trying to blow smoke up their ass and they’re having none of it.  

Oh yeah.  And this is ZapCristal.  You all know ZapCristal, right?  2,200 subscribers.

She’s REALLY off-putting.  She’s one of these hillbillies who tries to sound black because she thinks it makes her sound tough.  No, you just sound like a fucking inbred moron.

She also has braids, by the way.  You know, like how Caribbean people have.  Black Caribbean people.

0:45 – Gamer Ahmer then introduces herself.  It’s…how to put this?  It’s awkward as fuck and uncomfortable.  But…I don’t say this as an insult.  She’s just not a showman.  Who is?  Certainly not these people.  I just don’t get why anybody would want to watch this.

And Zap nods along, seemingly trying to encourage her, but she’s clearly judging her and trying to steal focus.  Because Zap thinks that she’s a big superstar and everybody wants to hear what she has to say.  Zap thinks that she oozes charisma.  No.  She looks like she oozes gonorrhoea.

Then after Gamer Ahmer mercifully stops talking, Zap takes the microphone and says, “Amazing.”  Then she hands it to Jluv81, Jluv points out something happening in the crowd (which we can’t see) and Zap starts loudly clapping in an animated fashion, again to try to draw attention to herself.

God.  Zap is fucking dreadful.  I can’t keep commenting on everything that she’s doing but she’s constantly clapping and making stupid face and saying shit when other people are talking.  She wants constant attention.  Can she at least shut the fuck up while other people are doing their introductions?

Anyway, JLuv was a little more…what’s the word…boisterous?  I mean, she wasn’t good, it was still awkward but again, these aren’t professional entertainers.  Not in any real sense.

2:00 – So then it’s Laci from Do you Nerd’s turn.  Let’s see if Zap can shut the fuck up for 20 seconds.

No.  Not even two seconds.  Laci simply gave the name of the channel, and Zap decided that that warranted applause so she started the clap session.  I suspect that Zap knows all about the clap.  And then she yelled, “Come on, Tom”, I think.  Tom is presumably the other person from this Can We Nerd channel or whatever it’s called.

This Laci woman did a decent job.  It was still awkward and she had to deal with this fucking buffoon Zap but she seemed more natural and able to have a conversation than the other panellists.

If you’re not actually watching this, it might help if I describe the ladies.  Everybody except for Zap is overweight.  This is why Zap is behaving as she does.  Zap thinks that she’s the hot chick who everybody wants to have sex with and it’s her job to prop up the other women.  Make them feel good about themselves.  She’s also there to pull in the horntards.

I have bad news for Zap.  She’s a hard pass for me.  I would rather spend time with any of those other women.  

Not everything is about appearance.  Zap’s personality is completely repellent.  Also, Jluv is fairly abrasive.  But the other two panellists seem like perfectly nice women and it’s unfortunate that they’re at this fucking clown show with Zap who’s just going to make everything about her because she’s just so fucking hot and everybody wants to have sex with her.

By the way, in terms of appearance, Zap is a 3.  If that.  So it’s not even some hot chick.  This is the Crystal Quin Conundrum.  Take an unattractive women, surround her with even less attractive women, and suddenly that unattractive woman thinks that she’s super hot.  You see this a lot in the world of “gaming” Youtubers.

3:15 – Jluv starts the panel off officially but then Zap says, “Look who’s there!  Looks who’s there” and starts blowing kisses to somebody who we can’t even see.  


Then she says something in Ebonics that I can’t even understand.

Jluv: Thank you so much for being here.  I appreciate it.

Zap: Me too.


I implore everybody to watch this.  Zap can not keep her whore mouth shut.  Every two fucking seconds, she’s saying “yeah” or “no” or doing some stupid shit to draw attention to herself.  It’s not your turn, Zap.  Shut the fucking mouth.  

I can’t even focus on what Jluv is saying because Zap keeps interjecting.  This is the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Doesn’t she know that she’s supposed to shut the fuck up while other people are talking?  

Jluv is saying something about women in “gaming” and how she doesn’t consider herself a “woman gamer” she just considers herself a “gamer”.  And something about how people think that women are given special treatment in “gaming” and maybe that’s true but…

And Zap is just constantly interrupting.  And when she’s not saying something, which is basically all the time, she’s making a stupid face.  It’s so bad that I’m surprised that nobody is approaching the table and escorting her from the premises.  

4:15 – Jluv talks about how some women are in “gaming” because they want attention but she contrasts herself from these other women.  “You don’t see us flaunting anything.”  Well…it’s true but…with respect, how much of a market would there be for a JLuv OnlyFans, for example?  

And also, look at how many subscribers these women have.  It’s abysmal.  

Yes, nobody is going to accuse these women of using their bodies to get views.  Because they can’t.  And maybe they wouldn’t do that even if they had bodies worth flaunting.  But I don’t know.  It just rings hollow.  It’s easy to be moral when you don’t have the option to be immoral.  

6:00 – After interrupting CONSTANTLY Zap gets the microphone back.  Let’s see how many times anybody else interrupts her.  I’m going to guess zero.

God, this is brutal.

8:15 – She claims that people tell her, “You’re too pretty to be an influencer.”

Yeah.  No.  Nobody is saying that.  But again, this is what SHE thinks of herself.  SHE thinks that she’s a hot chick and everybody wants to have sex with her.  It’s in everything she says and does.

8:45 – “If you’re pretty, show it off.  There ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

JLuv looks uncomfortable.  This is the exact opposite of what she was saying.  JLuv was denouncing these fake gamer grrls who are just doing this for attention and money.

9:00 – Now it’s Gamer Ahmer…oof…I’m really struggling not to scroll to the end.

She’s talking about people who comment on her weight and she doesn’t like it.  She claims that this doesn’t happen to men.  Yeah.  Pardon me while I finish my “meme” putting Tony from Hack the Movies’ face into a picture of two obese men having sex.

 12:00 – Zap claims that people approach her and tell her that her videos got them out of depression.  Do tell.  Her videos get 150 views on average.  And they’re boring as fuck.  

“Your self-indulgent, three minute videos stopped me from killing myself.”

Yeah.  That never happened.

“Or like, ‘Your energy is so contagious.  You just make me smile.”

More lies.  And everything is about her, of course.  Everything is about how great she is.  She’s super hot, she’s stopping people from killing themselves, everybody loves her.  Go fuck yourself, you giant bore.

“And it’s surprising like, ‘Did I do that?  Did I really do that?'”

No.  No you didn’t.  Your story is entirely invented.

And while she’s saying all of this, Laci actually starts laughing.  She knows that this is all bullshit.  She has to.  

12:30 – She starts talking about a six year old girl who “looks up to us”.  This is so brutal.  She’s completely self-obsessed.  Shut the fuck up and let somebody else talk.

“She got a cat recently, and she wanted Zap to know that she got a kitty.”

Zap, please hand the microphone to somebody else now.  You’ve had your turn.  Laci is looking increasingly uncomfortable, having not had a chance yet.

12:45 – “When she did that, I was like, ‘Wow.  I am modelling what a future female content creator is going to be.'”

What a bleak vision of the future.  A self-obsessed; homely woman, without a brain in her head; making shit, cookie cutter videos that get very few views.  Is this the future of Youtube?  Let’s hope not.

13:45 – She finally hands the microphone off, to JLuv, but of course Zap continues with her CONSTANT interludes and stupid faces.

14:00 – Fourteen minutes into this, Laci finally gets a chance to talk.

14:45 – Zap checks her watch.  She can’t even let somebody else talk for FORTY-FIVE SECONDS without getting bored.  

15:15 – Zap tries to lead an applause, nobody bites, and then she says something in Ebonics that I can’t understand.

I mean…can she be any more off-putting?  She’s giving Crystal Quin a run for her money.

All these people are talking about is being positive and *nostalgia* and whatnot.  WHO CARES?  They don’t seem to have a topic.  It’s just, “Waffle about whatever bullshit enters your mind.”

17:30 – “Why is everybody here today?”

I was wondering the same thing.

18:00 – Zap interrupted with more Ebonics.  No idea what she said.

18:30 – JLuv is talking about the other women on the panel.  “They’re such humble people.”

Is this a joke?  Zap is a humble person?  Compared to who?  Caligula?

18:45 – Oh great.  Zap gets the microphone again.  What is she going to talk about now?  I’ll guess that the subject will be Zap and how great Zap is and how everybody loves Zap.

I was right.

22:00 – Zap is still talking about herself…

22:15 – Oh finally.  She reluctantly hands the microphone to Gamer Ahmer.  She almost throws it at her.  She’s completely dismissive.  “Oh, now I have to listen to somebody else talk for a few minutes.  This is torture.”

Zap looks bored as fuck.  She’s arranging her pens and looking around.

This woman is talking about how she has a small game collection.  Zap also talked about having a small game collection.  What gamers!

23:45 – Zap again forces an applause break.  Everything has to be about Zap.  Zap has some serious mental problems.

26:00 – Laci says, “We get made fun of for collecting things, for having game collections or stuffed animal collections of whatever but nobody makes fun of people for sports collecting.”

Zap screams, “EXACTLY!”

Another bizarre sexism strawman.  People who collect video games or stuffed animals are often giant nerds.  Men and women.  It’s the COLLECTION that’s being made fun of, not the gender.  

And adults who collect baseball cards or whatever are often giant nerds as well.  Nobody thinks that it’s cool for an adult male to have a giant baseball card collection.

She’s raising issues that simply have no basis in reality and then Zap starts screaming “EXACTLY!”  Exactly what?  The premise is not factual.  

Pat the NES Punk has told stories about how women saw his video game collection and then never contacted him again.  These women, rightly, thought that anybody with a giant video game collection like this is a giant nerd and not somebody who they want to have a relationship with.

Are those women sexist?  The question doesn’t even make sense but that’s the premise that Laci just presented and that Zap just screamed “EXACTLY” to.  

27:30 – JLuv says that people tell her, “You’re 40 years old.  Why are you collecting toys still?  Why are you playing video games?”

Then Zap starts an applause YET AGAIN.  Everything has to be about Zap.  She’s doing these applause things not to give kudos to the person speaking but to draw attention to herself.  She’s fucking horrendous.

This video should be shown to everybody who ever does these nerd conventions to show people how NOT to behave.  She is absolutely awful.

28:00 – Zap says that she has the greatest husband in the world and that people shouldn’t hide their collections and that they’ll find a girlfriend eventually.  Disgusting.  Terrible advice from a woman who doesn’t care about anything other than herself.  

If you’re a man and you’re collecting video games or stuffed animals or Pokemon or any of this shit, best of luck finding a girlfriend.  Hide that shit until after you’re married.

If you’re a woman and you collect this nerdy shit, nobody really cares.

There’s an example of sexism.  Most women will run a mile from nerdy men but men don’t really care if a woman is nerdy.  

28:45 – Zap says that you have to be “very courageous” to start a Youtube channel.  Yeah.  These are the true heroes.  Youtubers.

29:00 – “I’m not perfect.  There are days when I think, ‘I’m not doing Youtube any more.  I’m done.  Screw it'”

Listen to that voice, Zap.  

“I don’t do it because I want attention.”

Oh, do tell.  Is there anything that Zap does that ISN’T to get attention?  

30:15 – Finally, the Q&A.  I’m at the home stretch.  Well…20 minutes to go.  But I’ll think of it as the home stretch.  Try to psyche myself up.  I’m almost done with this disaster.

30:45 Somebody in the audience says something, it’s completely inaudible, and then Zap claps and says something in Ebonics.  

Oh fuck.  What an unfortunate turn of events.  The people in the audience don’t have a microphone so I can’t hear anything.  Guess we have to end the video here.  Dang.  I was so looking forward to hearing from the lovely Zap and these three other losers who don’t matter at all.

So that’s the video.  Really…REALLY bad.  What was this even about?  It was four women with TINY Youtube channels talking about…what?  How we’re all in this together?  How people should be more positive?  Vague and factually incorrect examples of sexism?  This was dog shit.

And Zap…oh my god…she ruined the whole fucking thing.  Shut your fucking mouth, you brain dead, self-obsessed bitch.  

JLuv left a comment in the comments section and so did some other nobody Youtuber but the other two women didn’t reply.  They’re probably mortified about the whole thing.  Zap made this thing entirely about herself.  

Here’s your feminism.  Women fucking over other women.  So much for being in it together.  Zap just wants the world to know how great she is and how everybody wants to have sex with her and to hell with these three fat chicks.  We’re all here to see Zap.  

165 views.  Zap is really setting Youtube on fire with these videos.  

Her other videos are equally dire.  She does “reaction” videos where she screams and it’s the usual fake bullshit.  She looks at old games and toys and whatever from before she was born and makes inane and uninformed comments about them.  And she talks about how hot she is and how everybody loves her.  THIS woman.  

Oh, and wouldn’t you know it.  JOHN RIGGS does a “collab” with her.  That guy really gets around.

I’ll have to review that one another day.  What a nightmare that video must be.

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