Youtubers Who Have Banned Me

Basically all of them.

I was banned from Cinemassacre many years ago.  I don’t even remember what I said.  It couldn’t have been anything remotely offensive though because I know how these “Youtubers” operate.  They’ll ban you for anything less than complete ass licking.

I was banned by LazyGameReviewer because he had recently moved, and he obviously moved to a nice place, and I said, “That’s a funny looking basement” or something like that.  It was some kind of half-joke about how “gamers” live in their parents’ basement.  So I got banned.

I was banned from Pat the NES Punk’s channel because he used to always leave those spammy, “Tell me what YOU think about the video” sort of comments and I replied with something along the lines of, “Do you really care about anyone’s opinion or are you just trying to increase interaction on your videos?”  That’s worth a ban, of course.  I wasn’t licking his ass.

My favourite ban is from Gamester81.  This is a bald man and he’s self-conscious about it so he usually wears a hat.  But for some recent videos (at the time) he started not wearing a hat.  And some kids in the comment section were making fun of him.  “Ew.  Put your hat back on” and whatnot.

So I replied to one of these people, denouncing this behaviour and giving kudos to Gamester81 for not wearing a hat.  I encouraged him to continue not to wear a hat and that perhaps this will be inspirational to other bald men.

I was banned for this.  I was banned for DEFENDING Gamester81.  It was effectively an ass licking comment and I STILL got banned.  

Gamester81 went back to wearing hats for a long time.  But more recently, he’s finally abandoned the hats and does videos hatless.  He even has a little cartoon image of himself on his videos, bald and hatless, in a Mr Clean pose.  So he finally embraced it but I’m still banned.

Nobody is watching his videos any more but I don’t think that it’s due to a lack of hair.

I was banned from Retro Ali’s channel for noting how stupid her “reaction” videos are.  

I was never banned from any other gamer grrl channel because I never left any comments on them.  Except for Erin.  I left one comment, I don’t remember what it was, it was probably mildly critical of her “content”, but she left it up and I wasn’t banned as far as I’m aware.

As for Mike, I never left a comment because I know that I’d get instantly banned.  He’s exceptionally bad for this even by “Youtuber” standards.  

I was banned from Adam the Woo’s channel because I left a comment about how he should stop making videos if he’s not enjoying it.  This was during one of his many, “I’m going to quit making videos because I don’t enjoy doing this” manic rants.  So I just agreed with him.  Stop making the videos if you don’t like doing them.  He didn’t like that.  Ban.

You really don’t want to leave comments on Youtube videos because you know that you’ll get banned.  And once you’re banned, you no longer want to watch videos from this thin-skinned loser.

I read something on Reddit just recently about this.  A guy got banned from some channel and then he said, “I’m not going to watch his videos any more.”  It’s true.  That’s what happens.  If this asshole is so precious that he won’t let me comment on his videos then fuck him.  

Speaking of Reddit, the boys over there are celebrating the moderator of the Cinemassacre subreddit finally stepping down.  He was awful and a giant nerd who doesn’t know how to interact with people.  He actually brags about moderating some Discord or video game shit back in the day.  He also talks about how he left the “Bronies community” because it got too “toxic”.  

He’s a stereotypical giant nerd with no social skills.  THIS is the guy moderating the subreddit.  And this is usually exactly the type of guy who moderates forums or video game servers or whatever.  

He also grossly abused his power, which, again, is typical.  

That said, I was never banned from there.  I posted there.  Once in a while.  No problems.  

But the boys on Reddit will say things like, “Hehe…all I said was ‘Screenwave sucks’/’Justin is fat’/’Bootsy 4eva’/’Here’s a picture of Mike’s penis’ and I got banned.  What a fascist!”  No, maybe you’re a fucking moron.  And gay.

What did they think was going to happen?  Those bans were justified.  Write something of substance and then maybe you won’t get banned.  But just “Bootsy rules”?  Fuck off, you imbecile.

On the other hand, I did get banned from the homosexual Cinemassacre subreddit.  Because I didn’t lick the ass of the power-tripping moderators there.

“Who’s going to read long-form posts about Erin?”

Well, as it turns out, lots of people.  People enjoyed my posts there.  But these dumb as fuck, not to mention gay, moderators there didn’t like that I was stealing attention away from their boring as fuck “meme” posts of Justin’s face superimposed on Akebono’s body.  

So I started the blog.  With no advertising whatsoever, I get 200 hits a day.  For long form posts about little-known “Youtubers”.  Using a format that hasn’t been popular in at least 15 years.    

Anyway, these “Youtubers” are extreme narcissists who want total control.  This is why they don’t like things like the GamerGrrls blog.  

Madam Fomo reports every single post that I write about her to Google.  Somebody from Google then looks at what I wrote, says, “Nothing wrong here”, and deletes the complaint.  But this is what she does.  She’s a serial complainer.  She wants total control of the discussion about her.  Given her questionable lifestyle, I can see why, but that doesn’t justify the behaviour.

I think that Nathan Barnatt did some weird complaint about a post that I made about him too.  It was deleted for a short while and then re-instated.

Retro Ali got the “merch” store removed, or maybe it was Madam Fomo.  But Retro Ali definitely contacted the woman who drew the pictures in the banner and told her that she should do a copyright strike against me to get the store shut down.  The artist declined the suggestion because we had a fucking agreement.  We agreed to split the profits of the store.

You know how many mugs were sold?  One.  An Erin mug.  I suspect that it was Mike buying it as a joke gift for Erin.  So I split the ten bucks or whatever it was with the artist who, by the way, lives in the Philippines and isn’t a wealthy woman.  

So the store got shut down either because of Retro Ali or Madam Fomo.  Even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with the items I was selling.  The woman who owned the copyright to the art agreed that I could sell them and we split the profits.  Madam Fomo doesn’t have a copyright claim on her vague anime likeness.  

So I opened a new store, using a different company, but I just put one item there, it’s of Erin, and the only colour is pink.  I stopped there because it’s a HUGE hassle to create new items on that shop.  You can’t even change the fucking colours without creating a whole new art file.  So I just said, “Fuck it.  I don’t care.”  And I don’t need the money.  But that woman in the Philippines is potentially losing out.  Way to go, ladies.  You fucked over a struggling female artist.  Must be that new feminism.

8 thoughts on “Youtubers Who Have Banned Me

  1. extreme narcissistsLOL you mean like you?It's fine if you are, as long as you recognize the hypocrisy of you of all people saying things like this.

  2. Lol fuck all these cucks. As soon as I saw hack the movies with Erin I came here to see what u had to say about it. I wouldnt even attempt to watch it without this read along blog. They owe u at least my click and likely many more. Ungrateful prices the lot of them. You make the cringe content enjoyable. It's a shame u had to leave reddit. Looking forward to the next Tony and Erin borefest commentary. Gotta wait for the blueray.

  3. Oh, that is embarrassing. Erin is holding a copy of Ed Wood, a film that you just know that she's never seen before. Unless that's the movie that they're “reviewing”. And Crystal is there trying to look “hot” with her “sexy” outfit because she knows that everybody wants to have sex with her.

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