ASEPresents: It's the itsmintsalad Show #1

I watched a short preview clip of this video that Mint Salad put on her Twitter.  The concept seems to be The Tom Green Show but with hillbillies.  Let’s see how it goes.  

0:00 – Mint Salad asks a woman at Walmart if she likes anime and eating ass.  The woman declines to proffer an opinion.  Mint Salad continues and the woman starts swearing at her.

ButtholeWeeb is co-starring.  You all know ButtholeWeeb, right?

1:30 – ButtholeWeeb, who’s a gay man wearing a cape and a tophat, approaches a different woman at Walmart and asks if it’s okay to film.  The woman declines.  

2:00 – Then they approach a deaf man who states that he needs to read lips.  

So this retarded man in a cape asks the guy if he likes anime and he does so in a really exaggerated manner.  Because he thinks that if he speaks unnaturally, it will be easier for this deaf man to understand.  He’s an idiot.

3:00 – Then he asks the man, who gave a perfectly polite reply about anime, if he eats ass.

3:30 – A message appears, “We do not discriminate in our videos.  Everyone is a target for pranks.”

It makes me think.   These morons are going to get their teeth kicked in if they keep doing this.  On the one hand, they’re pretty safe because they don’t have many teeth to begin with so it’s a reduced choking hazard.  But on the other hand, doesn’t that mean that they’d want to protect their few remaining teeth even moreso?

4:00 – Now this camp man in a cape approaches two boys who look to be about 14 years old.  They’re holding a Lego set.  He asks them about anime and they say that they don’t watch anime.  I have no doubt that he then asked them about eating ass but they edited this out.  

Okay, I’m done with this guy.  Let’s see if Mint Salad ever makes an appearance.

She does but it’s just more of the same.

14:15 – They got kicked out of the store and a Walmart employee instructs them on how to behave in society.  Then the words “social terrorism achieved” appears on screen.

14:45 – Apparently, they got kicked out because they were asking these questions to a mother and daughter and the daughter ran away crying.  This footage doesn’t seem to be included in the video.

15:00 – Some fat guy with pink hair says, “Dude, white women with short husbands are the funniest marks.  I spit in the mouths of all the white women with their short little husbands and camouflage hats.”

This gentleman seems to be under the impression that he’s not Caucasian .   I think that he’s also a “rapper” and he speaks in a “yo yo yo” fashion.  I mean…it works for me.  I don’t want this faggot in the Caucasian club.  Let black folk deal with him.  But it is peculiar.

15:15 – Then some other guy, who I think also has unusual coloured hair, says, “To all the Karens in the world, have a good night and a felony lying to the police.”

So…they went to Walmart, harassed the customers (including the disabled and children) with sexual bullshit, and then claimed to be victims when they were inevitably kicked out of the store.  

After 24 hours, this video has 130 views.  It’s currently at 14 likes and 14 dislikes.  

They’re doing these videos for free.  This is never going to be a success.  

The difference between this piece of shit and The Tom Green Show is that The Tom Green Show was funny.  Tom Green had some modicum of charisma.  This is just a bunch of redneck faggots and one of their autistic girlfriends harassing people at Walmart.  

The question isn’t funny.  That’s your first of many problems.  It’s stupid and doesn’t make sense.  “Do you like anime and eating ass?”  It’s some attempt to appeal to nerds, I guess, but nerds aren’t laughing at this shit.  Nobody is.  

And for something called It’s the itsminsalad Show, she’s only in about 1/4 of the video, from a quick scan.  

In the description, they talk about how Mint Salad has autism.  And I saw a video where some guy in a dress was talking to some guy with a bachelor’s degree in psychology about autism while Mint Salad sat on the floor, drew pictures, and very rarely said something about how she’s autistic.

People with autism tend not to advertise.  But this is all that she does.  “Hey look at me guys!  I have autism!”  No, I think she’s just really, really stupid.  And an asshole.

These people will do absolutely anything to get attention.  The one guy became “trans”.  There was some sort of a fake shooting or something.  They all have pink hair and wear capes.  They had a gimp on when they did some god awful Talking About Tapes that I couldn’t watch even five minutes of.  And now they’re harassing people at Walmart.  

None of it is working.  And they’ve been doing this shit for YEARS.  130 views.  Not even with the endorsement of a big time “Youtuber” like Tony from Hack the Movies can they get anybody to watch this shit.

Here’s my idea to achieve some popularity: make something good.  Make something that people actually want to watch.  This isn’t it.

6 thoughts on “ASEPresents: It's the itsmintsalad Show #1

  1. As much as I totally agree the people on that channel are a bunch of degenerate freaks, isn't it a bit silly you were denying you're a homophobe a while back considering all you say here? lol

  2. When did I deny it? Why do you keep saying this?I call out weird behaviour from homosexuals, I call the entirety of a particular subreddit “gay”, I use the term “faggot” semi-regularly, and I clearly find “trans” stuff to be risible. When did I ever present myself as big supporter of LGBTQAIW?That said, I don't give a fuck what people do. It's not a moral issue for me. I'm just keeping it real, dawg. Giving my opinion. People are free to disagree. That's what makes the world such a magical place. People have different ideas on things.

  3. Because I literally asked you to admit you're a homophobe before and just like you're doing now, you're not doing just simply doing it? lolIt's really not that difficult man. Just be honest about who you are.

  4. Like, you kind answered your own question.I wouldn't have to “keep” saying anything if you would just display some honesty here?Seems silly to not make it known by now especially when asked.

  5. Also I don't personally mind if you're a homophobe or a racist or whatever, its your blog and opinions.I just think being open about it promotes a better readership.

  6. Agree, Salad should take that shit down. Im surprised Tony would support her, she must be blowing him or something. I'd def have a fun time with her… wouldn't be the first time I fucked a retard.

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