Game Room Tour and Video Game Collection 2021 – Cannot be Tamed

Two hours and eighteen minutes.  Can you fucking believe this?  Who’s going to watch a 2+ hour video of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining?  And she’s just going through her fucking games.  “I have this game and this and this game”.  Yeah.  Cool.  Can you just upload a spreadsheet in case anybody is interested in that shit?  You don’t have to make a 2+ hour video on this.

0:00 – She’s there with her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.  Hey guys!  Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sure.  I remember them, Pam.  But I stopped wearing the shirts when I was about 12 because I was getting self-conscious about it.  I felt that, as a 12 year old, I was getting too old to be interested in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And I was right.

But here you are knocking on 40, if you’re not already there, sporting a TMNT shirt.  

Just thinking of my childhood shirt.  It was really weird.  It had 3/4 length sleeves.  This was the only shirt that I’ve ever owned that had 3/4 length sleeves.  And it was like a pastel blue.  I think it said “Heroes in a Halfshell” on it but I can’t remember what the actual turtles looked like or even who was on it.  Probably the whole gang was on there, given the slogan.

Pam is sporting the 1987 cartoon version of the turtles.  And the top is a little tight.  She’s showing off the melons.  Hey guys!  Remember boobs?

I do remember boobs, Pam.  But this is shameless.  Won’t your dog get jealous?  

Speaking of which, at the three second mark, she shows her life partner.

0:15 – “This time, all of the games belong to me.”

Oh.  So I guess in previous collection tours, she also showed games belonging to her mysterious then boyfriend/lesbian beard partner.  How come we never saw that guy?  It’s a little weird.

2:00 – Hey, an apartment tour.  This is a welcome surprise.

3:00 – She shows her plants.  “I have gotten into plants during the past year and a half.”  They’re a bunch of phallic-like cacti.  You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to figure this one out.

4:15 – She shows her “wine fridge”.  I didn’t even know that such a thing existed.  But she’s such a raging drunk that she has refrigerator JUST FOR HER ALCHOL.  

4:30 – Now the bedroom.  Oh baby.  Too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision.  You’d be smelling peanut butter right now.

So that was her place.  It was pretty small.  It’s maybe even smaller than my place and I live in the UK, where the apartments are much smaller than in the US.  I assume that Canada has apartments of a similar size to the US.

It also seemed to be a one bedroom place.  I used to get one bedroom places because…that’s all I needed.  But there was never enough storage space so I’d have fucking boxes in my living room.  So I started getting two bedroom places just to have a place to store my shit.  And I don’t even have a lot of stuff.  I intentionally don’t buy things because it’s a pain to move and store things.

But I think that she’s living in some major city in Canada so rent is probably expensive.  Whatever.  I mean, the place looked fine just…kind of small.

And she showed her shelves of games.  It’s probably more than my childhood collection but not by much.  And I wasn’t even really into video games.  Especially not console games.  

I probably had 60 PC games that I bought in physical form, 50 Atari games, 40 Gameboy games, 2 Gameboy Color games, 5 Gameboy Advance games, 20 TurboGrafx games, 10 Genesis games, 10 Playstation games, 20 PS2 games, 1 Dreamcast game, 1 Saturn game, 5 Gamecube games.  

If you put all of that shit on shelves, especially if I had the boxes for those PC games, I think that it would be not far off from what Pam has.  And I wasn’t even that interested in video games.  And I stopped buying this stuff largely by the time I was 18 and entirely by the time I was 25 or so.  

I wonder if my copy of Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly is worth anything.  No.  About $10 on Ebay.  But my copy has vintage teeth marks all over it.  And I took a saw to it once so there are saw marks too.  That game was infuriating.  I beat it, though.  

The rest of my collection is in mint condition, or at least it was the last time I saw it.  I don’t know if they’re still around.

12:30 – She says that she got the NES in 1990 on her 7th birthday.  That’s a reveal.  So she was born in 1983, which would would make her about 38.  

Yeah.  That has to be depressing.  Her lesbian beard friend dumped her at the age of 38.  

“Since I’m sure you’d only resent the pity of an 8-year-old niece, I’ll simply hope that you’re one of the statistically insignificant number of 40-year-old single women who ever find their fair prince.”

Although, Pam is gay, of course.  So…if she loses the attitude, I’m sure that she’ll find some woman.

Then she just starts showing her games.  No thanks, Pam.  I can think of a lot of things I’d rather be doing for the next two hours than watching you hold various games up.

So that’s the video.  Who gives a fuck what the horntards have to say.

Here’s some bonus “content”.

Dust An Elysian Tail, Overboard, Before Your Eyes, pick-ups and other June updates | Cannot be Tamed

She’s wearing a red tank top and matching red bra.  She’s out there.  She has to advertise.  Hello, sexy ladies of the retro video game Youtube community.  Holla at yo girl Pam.  

Also, she has to appeal to the horntards.  Get those pennies.

She shoots oot some boring gamer grrl who plays video game music on the piano.  She shows some album that she bought that looks like two women about to kiss on the cover but I think it’s actually a woman an an androgynous man.  It’s some anime shit.  I can see why it appealed to her.  Then she talks about what games she’s purchased this month.  Best of luck to anyone who can watch this video.

Do the horntards mention her tits at all?  Or at least talk about how “hot” she is?

– “Looking more beautiful than usual today”

Translation: “Thanks for showing your tits today.”

– “Congrats on being Vaxed!”

What a weird thing to congratulate somebody on.

But I was reading Pam’s Twitter or maybe comments under the previous video and she said that she got one shot from one company for the first dose and for her second dose she got it from a different company.  Can you do that?  

Oh.  Some recent news articles are even recommending that you do that.  They say that it makes things more effective.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, has been running an infection count and death count of covid since shortly after this whole thing started.  They also give you a running tally of the percentage of people who are vaccinated in the UK.  

Daily cases have been climbing, according to this.  25,000 daily cases.  Up 7000 from last week.  We’re nearing the heights of the first big wave of this shit.

And yet 67% of the population are vaccinated.  Why are the daily cases continuing to rise?  It’s this “double mutant” variety from India, apparently.  So the vaccine is no good against Indian “double mutant” varieties?  What’s the fucking point then?  I guess that we need to find another vaccine.  And lock everything down again.  Heaven forfend that somebody gets the flu.  

Next month, it will be a “triple mutant” from Libya.  Then a “quadruple mutant” from the moon.  Just keep the scare mongering going.  Some billionaire needs to become a trillionaire.

Pam tweets her getting 69k subs.  Some lame half joke.

Hey guys!  Remember oral sex?

Is her life partner even — no, I won’t finish that.  It’s gross.

But the horntards were out in force to reply with hilarious “memes”.  

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