Super Silly N64 Stream with Erin Plays and Mike Matei – Erin Plays (part 1 of 4)

I watched this one a bit yesterday on Twitch and there’s some real bullshit here.  So I was hoping that she would upload it.  My prayers have been answered.  

0:00 – She starts the stream with her usual awkward pointing at Mike.  

She says that they’re playing in the middle of the night, “So if you’re here, that means that you’re on a different time schedule.”

She means “time zone”.  It’s a minor point but for some reason I made a note of this when I was watching yesterday.

Then she cut out some awkward dialogue with Mike.  And she also cut out the following:

I was into Rampage: World Tour when I was like a teenager.  I got into it.  I got it at a random game store.

This is an important bit of information.  Because listen to her talk about Rampage 2, which they’re about to play.  The game is very similar to Rampage: World Tour.  From the comments she makes, it’s clear that she knows NOTHING about the game.  She knows NOTHING about the Rampage series.  She never fucking played these before.  It’s impossible.  And also from her horrendous gameplay, it’s obvious that she never played it before.  She doesn’t know the basic controls.  

Erin has also said before that she had a Nintendo 64 as a child.  But again, watch this gameplay and listen to what she says.  It’s absolutely impossible.

0:15 – Now we’re back the video.  She cut those few minutes out.

Erin: Like I was saying, I liked Rampage: World Tour.  That’s the Rampage I’ve probably played the most, out of all of the Rampages.  However many there may be.

Mike (Inspector Gadget impression) All the Rampages.  There are a lot of Rampages.

Erin: Yeah.  So I’ve played the first one on N64 the most.  That’s the one that I had.

Then another edit.  Let’s see what she’s trying to hide.

Oh.  Some horntard said, “What’s with the awkward vibes?”

Erin: It’s in the middle of the night.

Mike: You’re an awkward vibe.

Erin: My whole presence is built on awkward vibes.

Mike: No, I meant the chat.

Erin: So this is nothing new.

Mike: The chat’s an awkward vibe.

Erin: Oh.  I mean…I guess that makes sense that it would be.

Then she says, “Thank you Mocking Jay.  I hope you had a good vacation.  Should we just start?” and she’s about to start the game.  Mike replies, “Where was Mocking Jay on vacation?”

See, this is how you have a conversation.  Erin doesn’t know this.  She always just replies, “That’s cool” or similar to anything that anyone says.  Mike is trying to help her out.  Show her how conversation works.  Show her how to be a REMOTELY engaged and interesting “streamer”.

So rather than asking the guy, Erin immediately says, “I don’t know”.  Then Mike says, “Does he say?”  And Erin says, “No” and moves on.  “Have I played Ramage for the Atari?  No.”

She’s an idiot.  

Erin then claims to have played Ramage on the NES, the arcade, and the Gamecube.  Just wait for this gameplay and commentary.  Everything that she’s saying is a lie.  It has to be.

Regarding the Gamecube Rampage, Erin says, “I think you and me played it.  I don’t think that it was on stream but we played it.”

Mike isn’t playing along.  If it wasn’t on stream, she didn’t play it.  She does not play games off stream.

Back to the video.

1:15 – Erin is choosing the character, gets to the crab, and laughs as though she’s never seen this before.  She says, “I’m going to choose him.”  Because he’s “cute”, I guess.  She didn’t look at the stats or anything.

1:30 – Mike says, “Okay, there’s just three guys.”  Erin replies, “There’s like three.”

Wrong.  I had Rampage: World Tour and Rampage 2.  I had them for the Playstation.  You can quickly unlock the three main characters from the Rampage arcade game.  Plus an alien guy.  I don’t remember how.  It was nothing complicated, though.  You just beat a stage or beat the game.  Something like this.  Let me look this up.

I’m looking at Rampage: World Tour because that’s the game that Erin said that she had as a child and…no.  There aren’t any characters to unlock other than “T-Rex” but that requires beating the game and then pressing a series of buttons.  So that’s not straightforward.

And for Rampage 2, you’re able to unlock the characters who I mentioned, plus a few others, but it requires entering a cheat code.  That’s not how I remember it but whatever.  

So okay, Erin gets a pass on this.  In Rampage: World Tour, there weren’t really any unlockable characters.  Just the one and it’s complicated to do.  But just wait.  Erin is going to say some really stupid shit.

1:30 – 

Erin: Ha!  Look at his nose.

Mike: I believe that that’s supposed to be Ted Koppel.

Erin: I don’t know who that is.

When did Ted Koppel retire from Nightline?  2005.  Erin would have been 18 years old.  Does nobody find this strange?  She never watched Nightline?  Or had any familiarity with it whatsoever?  

She wasn’t allowed to watch television.  She just stared at a wall for her entire childhood.

She’s also a big Simpsons fan, so she claims, although, again she knows NOTHING about the Simpsons as she’s demonstrated time and time again.   Remember that scene where Homer wakes up in a panic and says, “I think I hate Ted Koppel?  No, wait.  I find him informative and witty.”

Erin doesn’t know this.  

2:15 – Strap in.  Here’s the gameplay.

Erin repeatedly punches a spot in the building.  As anyone knows, there’s only so much damage that you can do to any particular part of the building.  You damage it all the way and then you move up the building and punch that part of the building.  

But Erin doesn’t know this.  So she kept punching even after it was obvious that she did as much damage as she could possibly do to that part of the building.  And she does this constantly.  She doesn’t seem to learn.

Then Mike is on top of the building and he’s just punching downward.  This is something that you can do in the game and it’s probably the quickest way to destroy the buildings.  Erin sees this and says, “Oh yeah.  How do you do –” and then she’s just jumping on another building and doing no damage to it.  She doesn’t know the controls.

Okay, she hasn’t played it in years, according to her.  Neither has Mike.  How does Mike immediately pick up the controls?  Because when he says that he’s played it before, he’s not lying.  Erin is.

Then she’s just kicking and punching randomly, still trying to figure out how to do this downward punch.  I’m going to guess down and punch.

2:30 – Erin gives up and is now on the side of the building.  She figured out that you can also kick the building so she’s doing that.  Repeatedly.  On the same spot.  Even though it’s already at 100% damage.

2:45 – “Maybe this one’s not as good.  I don’t know.  It’s been a long time since I’ve played World Tour, though.”

It’s identical.  The two games are identical.  If anything, the sequel is a slight improvement on the original.  But Erin has no fucking idea what she’s doing, having never played any of these games before, so she immediately dismisses the game as sucking.  

For what it’s worth, the game does suck.  But not for the reason that Erin is suggesting.  “I don’t know the basic controls” is not a reason to say that a game sucks.  

3:15 – Erin’s character catches on fire and she laughs at this.  She’s never seen this before.

“Oh, I just ate that person.”

This right here is the smoking gun.  This is conclusive proof that Erin has never played ANY Rampage game.  Eating people has been a staple of the game since the start.  It’s one of the main things that anyone remembers about the game.  A huge portion of the game involves punching the buildings and eating what’s inside, be it people or toilets or whatever else is there.  You want to avoid eating the toilets.  

Everybody knows that you eat people in this game.  Everybody who has ever played any Rampage game knows this.  ERIN DOESN’T KNOW THIS BECAUSE SHE NEVER PLAYED THE GAME.  She’s a compulsive liar.

“I ate him too.  I am a hungry crab.”

Then she edits something out.  Let’s see what she’s hiding again.

Erin: Sebastian is pissed.  

Mike: Is that the name of your guy?

Erin:  I just named that in my head right now.  I don’t actually —

Mike: Oh.  From the Little Mermaid?

Erin: Yeah.  Sebastian on steroids.  I can’t take it any more, Ariel.  That was the worst joke I’ve ever made.  

Why on earth would she edit this out?  Of all the shit to be embarrassed about, THIS is what she’s removes?  

This was actually a semi-intelligent comment.  Hey guys!  Remember Sebastian from the Little Mermaid?  That’s what I’m naming my crab character.

Oh.  Yeah, I get it.  Ruby (the name of this character) is also a crab.  It’s like Sebastian on steroids.  Good joke, Erin.  It had a setup and a punchline.  That’s very rare for you.  Most of your “jokes” follow the “X looks like Y” format.

3:30 – “Oh, look at that little move.”

She’s flapping her arms.  You can do that in the game.  You glide down.  She didn’t know this.  How?  I’m sure that it was the same in Rampage: World Tour.

3:45 – “Oh, that’s how you punch down.  You just hold down and punch.”

How on earth did she not know this?  WHAT ELSE CAN IT POSSIBLY BE?  

There’s two hours of this and I’ve already written a lot.  I’m going to have to break this down into more than one post like I did with the gameshow stream that she did.  Usually, I just watch like 10 minutes of these streams and then call it a day but I think that there’s going to be some good shit in this one.  

“So we’re slowly learning what we’re doing.”

Oh fuck.  She’s never played the game before.

“Super punch?  How do I get that?”

And she tries to punch it.  It’s a fucking icon.  It’s indicating that you’re able to use the super punch.  It’s part of your…whatever, where it gives your health and score.  It’s not part of the playfield.  Erin doesn’t know this because she’s never played the game before, ANY Rampage game, and she’s so unfamiliar with games generally that she doesn’t know how this all works.

“Oh no.  It was telling me to use it.  Oh, okay.”

It’s unbelievable.  How can Mike sit there and not comment on any of this?  

4:15 – “We should play Carmageddon 64 since it’s the worst car game on N64?”

Then she just sighs.  She doesn’t know anything about the game.  And just listen to her stumble and have to sound out “Carmageddon”.  She’s never even seen the word before.  

Then Mike says that he was going to write an AVGN episode about the game.  Erin says, “Oh, really?  Bring it back.”  That’s it.  She basically said, “Oh, cool.”  She knows absolutely nothing about the game, or AVGN, or how to have a conversation so this is all that she can say.

4:45 – “Ooh, I just ate popcorn or something.”

How is it possible that she didn’t know this?  There’s food in the game.  You punch the buildings and there are various items in there that you can consume.  THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FUCKING GAME.  Erin didn’t know this.  

And the whole time, Mike is just making a semi-disgusted face and not responding.  Because he knows that this is all a fraud.  But he doesn’t want to call her out.  

“I thought the crabs only ate people.”

It’s unbelievable.  She CLEARLY has no familiarity with the game AT ALL.  ANY of the Rampage games.  But she fucking sat there and said that she had the game as a teenager.  She said that she played the game before.  How is it possible?  How is it possible to have ever played Rampage, ANY of them, and not know that you eat people and food from the buildings?  Somebody explain this.  

5:00 – 

Mike: I wish the camera would like zoom out.

Erin: Yeah, it’s a little annoying because we keep dying.

Mike: I didn’t realise that.  You know, so that I can like walk to a different building or something while you’re working on a different building.

Erin: Yeah.  I think that you can do that on World Tour.

Mike: Do you want to try that?

Erin: Yeah, let’s try that.

I will bet ANYTHING that you can’t do this in Rampage: World Tour.  Why would the first game have something so useful and then they remove it in the sequel?  She doesn’t have a fucking clue.

And I, much like Mike, didn’t know about this issue because I’ve never played the game with more than one player.  So I understand him not knowing this.

But we’re supposed to believe that Erin played Rampage: World Tour with her little school friends?  They’d all come over and play Rampage: World Tour together?   And Erin can remember that the game would zoom out to show all of the different characters when playing multi-player but she DIDN’T remember something as basic as the ability to eat people and food?  Or how to do a down punch? 

Then there’s another edit.  What is she hiding this time?

“So I do have that like actual cartridge but because I have an Everdrive, it’s just easier.”

Mm hmm.  Because you’re a real Rampage fan, Erin.  It’s so obvious.

That’s what she edited out.  Why?  It doesn’t make any fucking sense.  What about that comment was any more of an egregious lie than any other egregious lie that she makes?  The Youtube version is packed with egregious lies.  I’m only at five minutes and I’ve catalogued dozens of egregious lies.  Why didn’t this one make the cut?

Another edit.  

“Can I be my crab boy?”

5:45 – “I wish my crab man was here.”

Let’s look at the chronology of this.  Rampage: World Tour had the original three characters from the arcade game: the Godzilla character, the King Kong character, and the wolf character.

Rampage 2 had an all new cast of characters: the crab, the rhino, and the mouse.  And the goal of the game is to rescue the old school characters, who you can then play as.  

So Erin, who even according to her own admission has never played Rampage 2 until today, thinks that you can play as the characters in Rampage 2 in the previous game, Rampage: World Tour.  I didn’t phrase that well but hopefully we see how insane this is.   Characters who were NEW to Rampage 2 (1999) obviously aren’t going to be available in Rampage: World Tour (1997).  But Erin doesn’t know this. 

Erin has played Rampage: World Tour.  As a teenager.  That’s what she says.  She claims to be familiar with the game.  But she thinks that these NEW characters, who were introduced in a game that she never played before today, will be in this first game.  How?  How is it possible that somebody would think that?  Why is she surprised by this information?  Why doesn’t she know that the only characters available in this game are the three from the arcade?

Then she picks Ralph, the wolf, the least popular character.  The character who didn’t appear in the NES version of the game.  Maybe she picked him because she was a big fan of his in the arcade original.  She claims to have played it and Erin always tells the truth.

6:00 – She laughs at the name “Scumlabs”.  She doesn’t remember this from the game?  I remember it.  Why doesn’t she?  Because I actually played the game before.

6:15 – So let’s see if it zooms out.  Let’s see if the earlier game had a vastly superior feature, a feature which I’m not even sure was technically possible at the time, that was omitted from the sequel.

“I like the graphics on this one.  Like it kind of looks like clay”.

Exact same graphics as the sequel.

Oh, for anyone who was playing at home, no.  The game does not zoom out.  

Erin continues to kick the building long after the area is at 100% damage.

7:00 – “I got confused again.  Can we start over?”

She thought that she was the Godzilla character.  I guess.  Even though two seconds earlier, she was complaining that Mike wasn’t helping her destroy the building.  And she was the only one kicking that building.  Repeatedly.  Mike was off eating a bomb throwing guy on the ground.  

So why the fuck does she want to start over?  What’s even the big deal?  They were both at full health.  But Mike reluctantly starts over.

7:30 – They’re at the character select screen.  “Oh, you can change their colours!”

You didn’t know this, Erin?  Why is this all news to her?  I didn’t know this either.  Maybe it’s only available in multiplayer.  But she must have played multiplayer before because she said that the screen zooms out in multiplayer when the players get too far away from each other.  This isn’t a feature actually in the game, but she said that it was.

7:45 – 

Mike: You have to eat these guys who are throwing shit.

Erin: I’m trying to remember how to eat them.

You don’t know?  You can’t just assume that it’s down and punch?  

Why isn’t the chat rioting?  It’s so unbelievably obvious that everything that she says is a lie.  How could anybody possibly play this game before but NOT know that you eat people on the ground by pressing down and punch?  Even if you’ve never played the game before, how can you not figure this out in about two seconds?  


Mike: I think that I really like this game.

Erin: Yeah, this one’s fun.

It’s IDENTICAL to the game that they just played.  The sequel.  The characters looks different but they play exactly the same.  All of the characters play the same.  There might be some negligible differences but nothing noteworthy.  

Both games use the same engine.  Same graphics.  Same sound.  Same play style.  Rampage 2 is less a sequel than an expansion of the first game.  

Why do they profess to like the first game so much better than the sequel?  Again, if anything, the sequel is better.  The sequel has these old school characters in it.  You just have to unlock them.  The sequel has everything that previous game had and more.  

By the way, Mike still hasn’t mentioned that you can’t zoom out.  Why not?  That was the whole point of going to this game.  To see the zoom out feature.

9:15 – “So I tried a new coffee drink right before this, and I think it works, Mike.”

A “coffee drink”.  Interesting vernacular.

But yeah.  Erin is really on the ball during this stream.  She’s in the zone.  Must be that “coffee drink”.

Erin continues to hit the same spot over and over and over and over and over again.

She’s also not eating any of the items.  By eating the people and the food, you get health.  Erin doesn’t know this.  

11:30 – “I shouldn’t be on the internet.”

Somebody should clip this.  Where’s Shishi when you need him?

12:30 – “Why am I small?  Oh my god, I turned into a little man and walked away.  What happened?”

You know how in Rampage, when you die, you turn into a little naked person and walk away?  Erin doesn’t know this.

How?  It’s something that you learn the first time you play the game.  Maybe she never died in these games before.  Maybe every time she played, it was a deathless speedrun.  

Then Mike explains the lore behind this and Erin is completely clueless.  He’s clearly annoyed.  He’s clearly perplexed by her comments.  How is it possible that she wouldn’t know this, having said that she played the game before.  Not only this game but also the NES game, the arcade game, and a Gamecube game.  I don’t get it.  Mike doesn’t get it.  Can anybody explain this?  

13:00 – Mike dies.  “See, you got small too.  You turned into a girl.”

Yeah.  We know.  We all know this, Erin.  This is why Lizzie was a popular character back in the day.  You could see a tiny naked woman when you died.  

But Erin doesn’t know this.  This is all new to her.  How?  It doesn’t make any sense.  

Then she laughs at the animation when the character returns.  She never saw this before?

Erin continues to attack the same area of the building repeatedly, even though it’s already at 100% damage.


Mike: Here’s yet another N64 game that’s fucking cool.

Erin: Yeah, this game’s good.  I always forget about it.

Boy is she right.  She forgot literally EVERYTHING about this game.  Or maybe she just never knew about it to start with.  Because she never played this before.  

And yet again, this is Erin misusing the terms “always” and “forget”.  

Erin: So I didn’t have this when it came out.

Mike: Erin —

Erin: Let me tell the story about how I got this.

Mike: I want to say one thing first.

Erin: It’s not interesting at all.

No.  I’m dying to hear the story.  Please explain how you got this game and then somehow forgot EVERYTHING about it.  

Mike: Make a video about talking about a whole bunch of N64 games that are actually good.

Pause the video at 13:50.  Erin can’t believe that he said this.  This guy actually expects Erin to make a video of good N64 games?  Now she has to think of good N64 games.  She can’t even think of ANY N64 games.  Her mind is racing right now.  “How the fuck am I going to get out of this one?”

She stares at him for a while and then says, “But if I title it N64 games that don’t suck, they’ll be like, ‘What are you talking about?  There’s a lot of good N64 games.”

Such as?  Give us your list, Erin.  What N64 games do you like.  Just some examples.  It doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list.  Name three.

Mike: That’s the point of the video.

Erin: Oh.  To get interaction because people will angrily comment because there’s a lot of good N64 games?

Mike: No.  You don’t have to call it that.  

Erin: Oh.  This sounds clickable.

Mike: There’s like a whole bunch of titles it could possibly be.

Here’s my suggestion: “Nintendo 64 Games That I Know Nothing About But Google Says Are Pretty Good” and then she “reviews” Super Mario 64, Mario Party 3, and GoldenEye.

14:30 – 

Mike: So what were you going to say about buying something?  N64?  

Erin: It doesn’t matter now.  Nothing matters.

Mike just stares awkwardly at her.

Mike: You’re not going to tell the story any more?  I want to hear it.

Erin: No because now it’s all hyped up and it’s going to be a let down.  You want to know what happened?  Okay.  This is what happened.  So I think it was either when I was still in high school or right after high school.  It was probably around 2006 or 2007 at the latest.  Me and my friends were like, “Let’s go buy some N64 games.”  That was when we thought, “Oh my god, this game is $45?  That’s so expensive.”  You know what I mean?

Not really but please continue.

Erin: So anyway, we bought this and it was not that expensive but it was really fun.

Okay.  Let’s try to make sense of everything that we’ve seen today.  In 2007, Erin was 20 years old.  She bought this game with a friend and claims to have played it because she says that it was fun.  

She might have played it once.  On the day that she bought it.  Briefly.  

This would explain why she doesn’t know anything about the game.  And we can apply the same rule to every other Rampage game that she claims to have played.  Because she clearly knows NOTHING about the games.  

So if you only played a game one time, briefly, 15 years ago, is it fair to say that you probably wouldn’t know anything about the game?  I’m trying to think of real life examples of a game that I only played once, briefly but don’t have many memories of but nothing is springing to mind.  I mean, there aren’t really any examples of a game that I only played once and briefly.  And CERTAINLY there aren’t any examples of a game that I PAID for and only played once and briefly.  

But it’s the only way that any of this possibly makes sense.  She got the game and played it one time, for a little while, with her friend.  Similar with the NES game, the arcade game, and the Gamecube game.  For example, maybe she played the arcade game one time.  Or maybe not even.  Maybe she just watched somebody else play.  Or just watched the demo.

15:45 – “Mocha Wake Me Up.  Isn’t that a cute little name?”

It sure is, Erin.  It sure is.  This is one jim dandy of a stream.

16:15 – “Thank you so much (some horntard) for gifting ten subs.”

It’s $50.  That mentally challenged man just gave Erin $50.  FOR THIS.  

17:00 – They do some minigame and Erin had no idea what was happening.  In fairness, I don’t remember this either.

I mean, I don’t expect people to know every little detail of a game that they played 15 years ago.  But something like eating people?  I think that everybody who ever played Rampage knows about the eating people aspect of the game.  Same with the becoming a nude person when you die.  Same with pressing down and punch in order to do a down punch.

17:15 – She’s bouncing on the building and says, “Oh, look it’s a trampoline.”

Yeah.  This was one of the big things about the game.  You can jump on some of the smaller buildings like it’s a trampoline.  I remember this aspect of the game distinctly.  But not Erin.  

Mike asks how she did that.  Then he tries on a tall building and it doesn’t work.  

Has Mike said that he played this before?  I think that he has.  But he doesn’t know about this?  Now I don’t know what to believe any more.  Is Mike telling tall tales about his gaming history now too?

17:45 – Erin dies again and Mike tells her the pro tip about eating food to get some health back.  Erin didn’t know this.

21:45 – Erin is talking about cosplaying as the sexy lady in the game’s cutscenes.  Mike says, “Isn’t it just a nurse” and Erin says, “Yeah, it’s easy.  I could also be like the nurse from that Blink182 album cover for Halloween.”

A pointless music comment that comes out of nowhere because she knows nothing about video games.

Mike suggests that he’s going to be “George the monkey”.  That’s the King Kong character in the game.  So Erin says, “So now we’re going to do Curious George?  Am I going to be The Man with the Hat?”

How does Mike stand this?  Erin doesn’t even know where she is.  She has no idea what’s going on.  She has no idea what anybody is saying.  She can’t follow any conversation unless it’s about Blink182 or Britney Spears.

Mike: I’ve already done things with monkey costumes.  I’ve already destroyed buildings while wearing a monkey costume.”

Erin: Okay, so we’ve had enough of that.  Erin, have you played Dark Rift for N64?  I’m not familiar with that one but maybe we’ll check that out.”

She’s completely incapable of having a conversation.  Mike just got through saying that he wore a monkey costume and destroyed buildings.  She didn’t want to learn more about that?  “In what capacity were you destroying buildings while dressed as a monkey, Mike.  Tell me more.”

No.  She just moved on to the horntards asking her if she played some game before.  And of course she hasn’t.  That’s what we all want to hear.  Fuck this monkey costume shit.  I want to hear more about games that Erin hasn’t played before.

22:45 – “I know like the bare minimum of Thundercats”

I don’t even know why she said this.  Mike did some monkey impression right before that.  Maybe it’s something to do with that.  But yeah, maybe Thundercats is going to be the next big interest of Erin’s.  She’s going to watch all of the episodes.  And buy the toys.  And display them on her shitty shelf.  And then we’ll never hear about it again.

24:45 – Mike is complaining about Erin’s abysmal abilities at this game and says, “Can’t we zoom the camera out?”

No.  Didn’t you notice?   The camera doesn’t zoom out.  But Erin thought that it did.  Even though this feature isn’t in the sequel.

26:00 – Erin is repeatedly trying to attack a portion of the building that clearly can’t be damaged.  

By the way, she hasn’t eaten anything since Mike told her that pro tip about eating food to regain your health.  

26:30 – Mike gets some powerup that gives him the ability to fly and take down buildings with like two hits and Erin is just fucking around, doing nothing, her usual shitty gameplay.  Mike clearly wants to to move to the next building and Erin is totally useless.  “Look at the guy in the bench” she says.

27:45 – “I want to eat the calculator.”

And then she doesn’t.

29:45 – “Let’s move on.  I do like this game but I just wasn’t concentrating as much as I should be.”

Oh.  So that was the problem.  Erin just wasn’t concentrating enough.

So that was Rampage: World Tour and Rampage 2.  We have another 90 minutes of this stream.  They play Wheel of Fortune next.  Briefly.  No prizes for guessing how that one goes.

I think that this might be Erin Week here at GamerGrrls.  I’m going to do a four (or more) part series just on this video.  Nobody else is uploading anyway.  Except Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  She recently uploaded a three hour video of her game collection.  Yeah.  I’ll get right on that one.

And Retro Ali hasn’t uploaded since I pointed out her new rubenesque physique.  Maybe it’s just coincidental.  

Tony from Hack the Movies is out.  I’m not watching anything with fucking Newt or Crystal in it.  He did some really half-assed Godzilla podcast recently where he gave me a shout out but it’s not worth reviewing.

Destiny Fomo is “travelling”.  If you know what I mean.  Wink and a nudge.  

Bobdunga hasn’t uploaded anything in ages.  She’s been working on that totally awesome documentary.

Pelvic Gamer seems totally checked out.

John Riggs is doing whatever gross shit he does.

So yeah.  I can get a lot of “content” out of this one video.  And everybody likes Erin.  She’s the star of the show here at GamerGrrls.

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  1. You sure do spend a lot of time reading a blog that you don't like. “You do the same thing with Erin's videos. If you don't like them, don't watch.”There is absolutely NO WAY that I would watch Erin's horrible videos if I wasn't writing about them. But here you are, reading long-form blog posts, EVERY DAY, that you claim not to like.

  2. LOL Tony didn't give you a “shout out” dude.He made fun of you and this loser blog the whole time you were even mentioned actually, and said you're a pussy for never calling into his show and just hiding here.Johanna even stood up for you funnily enough. But you definitely know that since you're lying as usual and watched the footage.Never change. You're so predictable.

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