CannotBeTamed Gets Owned on Twitter

She posts a picture of an exchange she was having with some horntard in the comments section of one of her videos.  The horntard in question took exception to some Tiermaker video that she made.  He says, “Your list is garbage” and goes on from there.  

Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining doesn’t much care for this and makes her feelings known.

That wasn’t enough for her so then she tweeted this (presumably after blocking this guy) :

“How contrarian to rank a game that won a boatload of game of the year awards highly.”

She does this A LOT.  She doesn’t like it when people leave comments that disagree with her.  

So she goes on and tweets this:

“Of all the comments I get… “Ignore the trolls” is honestly the most annoying.”

Almost everybody agrees with her because this is the environment that she fosters.  Anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass gets blocked.  Only horntards are allowed in.

But there was one lone dissenter.  He says:

Ross: Ok then, let the trolls get to you and believe everything they say. The people saying ignore them are on your side trying to help. How very ungrateful.

Pam: Who asked for help?

Ross: Sounds like you deserve all the trolling you get

It’s true.  She’s a total bitch and doesn’t know how to speak to people or behave like a civilised human being.  This is why she’s dating her dog now.

And of course the original advice is solid.  But she just can’t help herself.  She despises people who don’t kiss her ass.  She even despises people who do kiss her ass.  She’s an awful, hate-filled person.  That’s why her peanut butter bills are through the roof.

People have different opinions.  Some people voice their opinions more tactfully than others.  Some people enjoy writing, “You’re a big doody head and you probably fuck dogs.”  It’s not compulsory to reply to everybody who leaves a comment.  

There have been many times when I’ve been on a message board, somebody leaves an idiotic comment, and I think, “This guy’s a fucking moron.”  But I don’t reply.  Why would I?  It’s either a kid or a really disadvantaged adult.  

We can look at a real life example, there’s that guy who leaves comments right here on GamerGrrls.  Long fucking comments about how hot Crystal Quin is.  Every comment has the word “incel” in it.  I’m a doody head, he replies to other people and calls them doody heads, et cetera.  

He’s a moron.  It’s not worth dignifying his stuff with a reply.  So I just leave them up unanswered.  He’s free to post.  What do I care?  But I’m not going to engage with that childish shit.

This is what a normal, healthy adult does.  What does she hope to achieve by responding to somebody who starts off with, “Your list is garbage”?  This is a complete loser raging over a little-viewed list about video games.  You’re not going to change his mind.  You’re not going to win any debate.  You’re just going to look like a petty imbecile by engaging with this trash.  

And that’s exactly what she does look like.  Her fragile ego was damaged by some drooling idiot who didn’t like her video game tier list.  

Some other horntard has the following “cringe” exchange:

Dan: Genuine question, coming from a genuinely well-intended place: For those of us who aren’t in your shoes, but are frustrated with the fact that you have to deal with that… What would be a better way we can express empathy? Again, no sarcasm or negativity intended.

Pam: “Sucks that you have to deal with that” “Wow, that person seems like a jerk” Generally just not giving advice when it’s not being asked for. Especially when it’s the kind of advice the person has most likely thought of and received many, many times before.

Dan: So empathy is okay, as long as it doesn’t turn into unsolicited advice/recommendations? That should be pretty easy for me to keep in mind in the future, thanks!

That’s some of the most spineless shit I’ve ever seen in my life.  But yeah, Pam, as always, is really, really angry.  Over what?  Video games.  Some mentally challenged guy didn’t like her video game list and that really hurt her feelings.  

She’s going to go drink and chill on the sofa with her life partner.  I wonder if her life partner is allowed on the couch.  Some people don’t like their dogs on the furniture.  

Wow.  Some really depressing responses to this dog/couch question on Reddit.  Some people shouldn’t have dogs.  

Anyway, fuck Pam.  She’s boring as fuck.

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  1. I think you've actually achieved 14 year old girl levels of drama with this oneYou have this vibe that makes me feel you wish you were born female

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