Checking Out Kinsey/KinsZilla's Twitter

Kinsey, the chubby blonde woman from MetalJesusRocks.

Actually, I just checked out her Instagram and it seems like she’s lost weight.  Good for her.  Maybe she’s laying off the alcohol.  

Well, she’s still in Seattle.  She really oversold that whole moving to Japan thing.  Maybe wait until you’re actually in Japan to announce this.  

I don’t know.  If she did that, she couldn’t have appeared in that MetalJesusRocks video.  And she has a job offer.  I assume there’s a contract.  So…I guess it’s just taking longer because of covid.  But I’d start to worry.

Indeed, she is:

Finally getting a full-time job in the gaming industry is the best thing that’s ever happened to me (Blue heart emoji).  But due to Covid, not knowing when I can move to Japan, coupled with not knowing how long my landlord will let me stay here… I’m pretty dang stressed out.

Why would she be unsure how long her landlord would let her stay there?  Has she given notice already?  

You only have to give a month’s notice, right?  So fuck it.  I wouldn’t give notice until I had the plane ticket.  And even then, given the current nonsense, maybe wait until you’re actually in Japan before giving notice.  You’re going to lose a month or two of rent but it seems the most sensible option.

Oh, she retweets from a guy who has “black trans lives matter” in his…description or whatever.  

I need y’all to spread this below tweet far and wide to let everyone around you know how the current ruling party in Japan feels about LGBTQIA people. The JP government does not care about its people IN GENERAL, much less about the minorities within its borders.

It’s a SUPER gay man living in Japan complaining about Japanese legislators doing or saying…something…that may or may not be anti-gay.  Or something.  

Ummm….maybe just focus on getting a job.

“How do you know he doesn’t have a job?”

It’s a guy with pink hair who describes himself as “a queer, nonbinary Japanese person”, I believe that he’s had (bad) surgery to make himself look more caucasian, and there are a bunch of “sexy” pictures of him in drag.  Call it a hunch.

But yeah, Kinsey is all about…I don’t even know.  Expressing her solidarity with…whatever this guy is.  

She also retweeted this:

Last candy chance. After 100 years (!), Liberty Orchards, founded by two Armenians in Seattle, is closing. The name Aplets & Cotlets weirded me out as a kid, but I just ordered a bunch and it was GREAT: fruity nutty sugary jelly. Buy some and say goodbye. 

Hey guys!  Remember food?

I do remember food, Kinsey.  But not that particular regional food.  Let me look this up.

They appear to be some kind of mass-produced pastries.  

These things were even on QVC.

Those ladies really rate them.  Is QVC still around?  It seems so.  

I sometimes used to watch the…I don’t know…science fiction or something ones when I was a kid.  They had George Takei on one “episode”.  He was selling those Star Trek insignia pins that make a noise when you press them.  The host said something like, “This battery lasts for over 10,000 uses”, to which Mr Takei replied, “If you’re pressing it that much, you should, as they say, get a life.”

Oh, and she retweeted this:

It’s an American girl of Chinese descent, wearing a Bikini Kill t-shirt, giving a personal anecdote about racism, and then singing a song in the library with two of her friends.  The song is about how sexist and racist boys can be.

This is brutal.  First of all, it’s really hard to understand what she’s saying.  I know that she’s a kid and the sound quality of this setup probably isn’t optimal but…this is going to be REALLY embarrassing for her one day.  If it’s not already.

Her story is about a boy who told her that his father said that he should stay away from Chinese people because of covid.  And when the girl told him that she’s Chinese, the boy backed away from her.

It was obviously a stupid joke, the sort that kids make.  So she did this little song about it.  And the song is…I mean…I don’t want to critique the musical output of an 11 year old but let’s just say that I hope she keeps practicing.

Oh, they do a cover of Bikini Kill’s “hit” Rebel Girl.

It’s at least as good as the original.  But that raises questions as to why their live performance was so god awful.  They don’t appear to be playing the instruments in this video or even know how to fake it.  I suspect that one or both of her parents is a music producer or something.  This is not organic.  This is an attempt by pushy parents to manufacture a band and make money off of their children.

Anyway, the weird lesbians watching this shit really go on about how great it is.

One of the guys in Kinsey’s re-tweet says, “They’re a big hit on the middle school library scene”.  I found it amusing.

Kinsey has a tweet where she declares Diddy Kong Racing superior to Mario Kart.  I didn’t even think that this was disputed by anyone.

Here’s a picture of some Japanese food that Kinsey made:

It’s not like you’re obligated to make Japanese food when you live in Japan.  Not that she even is in Japan.  But whatever.  Good for her.  

And LOADS of tweets about how we can all do our part to help Palestine.  Tell us what you actually did, Kinsey.  Don’t just hector the horndogs.  What were you doing?  Spamming re-tweets?  Well, the hostilities ended, so I guess it worked.  The Palestinians are erecting a statue to Kinsey right now.  “Your retweets saved us.”

Oh, she got married.  To a man.  As here:

It’s just some boring shit.  

That’s surprising.  I don’t mean that she married a man (although, that too) but it’s surprising that she would move to Japan…I don’t know…as a couple, presumably.  I can’t even understand how she got a visa.  But her husband is going to get a visa too?

Oh.  That’s probably why they got married recently.  So that he could move with her.

God.  Is nobody at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs questioning any of this?  She’s applying for a visa for a job that’s she has NO EXPERIENCE in.  It’s for a company owned by an English guy and all of the employees are Westerners.  Nobody speaks Japanese at this company, including Kinsey.

And then she just happened to get married recently.  So the husband is going to want a visa too.

How did any of this get accepted?  If it did.  

Anyway, good luck with it.

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