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I used to read this way back in the day.  I’m surprised that he’s still doing it.

It was pretty funny but I thought that he was too nit-picky and he shit on EVERYTHING that Chris BORES did.  Look at that stupid red shirt that he’s wearing.  It’s such a stupid shade of red.  What an idiot.

So I’m reading the fairly recent article on Kool-Aid.  I was going to write something about this video but I just thought, “Who cares?  It’s a guy talking Kool-Aid flavours.”

But I read this guy’s article.

It has a couple of funny lines but yeah, he’s really anal about this.  He calls out BORES for saying that Kool-Aid started in 1928, as opposed to the actual year (I guess) of 1927.  Who cares?  Come on.

And he criticises BORES for saying that the Kool-Aid Atari game giveaway was the first such corporate video game mail away thing.  Apparently, there was a mail away game for a dog food company before this Kool-Aid mail away thing.  

Who’s going to know this stuff?  Why does he even know it?  He must be going to Wikipedia to fact check every single thing that BORES says.

He shits on BORES for saying that the Kool-Aid Man comics came out annually when in fact, according to the writer of IrateGamerSucks, it was probably slightly more than that.  I mean…come on.

He also thinks that BORES doctored the interview with some guy who was a stuntman for the Kool-Aid Man commercials.  Who would possibly do that?  Who would make up having conducted an interview with a guy who was a stuntman for Kool-Aid Man commercials?  

Then he ends with:

Before I go, I want to address something. To my critics, the ones regurgitating the same talking points over and over. You say I have “no life” for doing this. How much time do you think I spend on this? Because truthfully, I don’t spend a lot. This is just something I can do to kill an hour (maybe more if it’s a longer video). This really isn’t the time sink you think it is.
And everyone going “You’ve been doing this for X years” … what’s your point? People like what I write, so I’m going to keep doing it. 

Why be so defensive?  

He does write a lot, though.  More than I do.  But he doesn’t write every day, so I guess it’s less if you look at it that way.  But the articles are longer.

It’s fine.  I mean, whatever.  But I do try not to go too long.  Like yesterday’s article about Erin playing Mario Time Machine or whatever.  It was too long.  Even I don’t want to read all of that.

He’s right, though.  It takes about an hour to write this shit.  And he’s only doing it like two or three times a month.  Whenever BORES makes a new video.  So it’s not that time-consuming.

That was my original idea.  I was kind of inspired by this IrateGamerSucks blog.  So I was just going to write about Erin.  I was writing every day because I was going through her back catalogue but once I reviewed everything, I was just going to write as she releases a new video.  But then the sub-reddit got shut down for whatever baffling reasons so I decided to broaden the scope to make it look less, you know, weird and obsessive.

I suppose it does broaden the audience by writing about other gamer grrls.  Stuff about Destiny Fomo and SupaPixelGirl always does well but it’s guys jerking off looking for porn.  That’s not really an audience I want to cater to.

Articles about CannotBeTamed, Retro Ali, Bobdunga, Pelvic Gamer, SuperRetroGal, it’s death.  Nobody gives the slightest of fucks about these people.  But whatever, it’s filler.  Gives me an excuse to write about some off-topic bullshit rather than those inane videos.

Back to IrateGamerSucks, he also closes with:

That’s all for now. Stay safe, get vaccinated, and eventually we will overcome this pandemic. 

I find that shit off-putting.  If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated.  Don’t guilt people into it.  “Oh, IrateGamerSucks told me to get vaccinated, so I better go do it.”

How did this become a political issue?  If you want everyone to get vaccinated, you’re a “liberal” and if you’d rather not get vaccinated, you’re a “conservative”.  

I just think that this whole covid thing is bullshit.  If you want to get the vaccine, that’s your business.  Get the flu vaccine while you’re there.  I’m not interested because I’m not afraid of the flu or covid.  That doesn’t make me an “alt-right” conspiracy nut lunatic.  

Oh, somebody mentioned Cornshaq in the comments.  It seems that he’s no longer uploading videos.  He’s going back to “school” and is looking into a new career.

Good for him.  I used to watch his videos.  I liked them but they were also pretty painful.  He was obviously trying a lot of different things, most of which didn’t work, so then he would give up and try something else.

But now he’s looking for a job so that’s good.   Good for your “mental health”.  Have a normal, honest job.  None of this Youtube bullshit.  Making embarrassing videos for pennies.

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