Erin is one of Youtube's "Women on the Rise"

She tweeted about it, as above, and there’s a little video there where she awkwardly hammers some chocolate while awkwardly talking.  

Here’s a blog post where they talk about this prestigious award:

If you click “gamers on the rise”, it takes you to this playlist:–TaraOQ

There are eight videos on there and Erin’s is the eighth.

That’s it.  That’s all this is.  And I had to really hunt for this information.  Erin certainly didn’t provide links.  That would have required effort.

Nobody is going to find this without searching.  And even when you know what you’re searching for, it’s hard to find.  

So the award is entirely meaningless.  I assume that she got it because Mike contacted somebody at Youtube.

But let’s assume that this is a prestigious award.  THIS is a woman on the rise?  

This is a woman who is running a scam, she has no interest or knowledge in video games, she’s in a fake relationship solely to advance her shitty Youtube “career”, and she’s taking money from the mentally challenged and/or the chronically lonely.  This is somebody who we should honour?  This is the sort of behaviour that we want to promote?  

The only way that Erin can be any more objectionable is if we find out that she also tortures kittens in her spare time.

Let’s check out what “prestigious” company she’s in.  Maybe I’ll get some good replacements for boring as fuck Pelvic Gamer and meth mouth Ali.

It’s a homely woman “playing” Sims 4, trying on different virtual outfits, and talking about how “cute” everything is.  FOR AN HOUR.  Umm…this isn’t exactly breaking any barriers.

What else does she do?  Oh, it’s just Sims 4.  And I see one Animal Crossing video.  And her videos all start with a pink intro screen and what sounds like a little Japanese girl saying “oh ho” or something.  Total shit.  

Here’s the next “winner”:

“Helloooooo gamers” said in a really awkward way.  We’re off to a good start.  

It’s part 2 of her opening Amibos.  What?  Why was THIS video chosen?  Part TWO of her opening Amibos?  Why not at least give us part 1?  I don’t know what the fuck is going on.  I’m totally lost without seeing part 1.

Oh.  They’re Amibo cards for Animal Crossing.  Whatever those are.  See?  It’s like watching Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous without first seeing the original.  You don’t know what the fuck is going on or who anybody is.

Anyway, what other videos does this dullard make?  Oh.  All Animal Crossing shit.  Boy, so far this seems to be quite regressive.  Is this what Youtube thinks of women who play video games?  They think that they’re all playing “cute” casual games?  Shame on Youtube for perpetuating this stereotype.  

Next “winner”:

After a baffling random preview of the upcoming video, we get a pink intro with a heart.  

She’s playing a game against some guy.  I don’t know what the game is.  She doesn’t say what the game is.  The game isn’t mentioned anywhere in the description.  We’re just supposed to know.

And this guy is a total fucking douche who is obviously trying to get something going with this woman with his “witty” comments.  I assume that this is her boyfriend, actually.

It’s unwatchable.  They’re just yelling and pretending to have “fun”.  

Let’s see what other content Nat makes.  Pink banner with a heart, by the way.  

They all seem to be this same game.  And she plays against this guy a lot.  Brawl Stars?  Is that what it’s called?  

Holy shit.  This is a fucking mobile game.  

She has HUNDREDS OF HOURS of her playing this MOBILE game.  

Here’s a video where she plays this mobile game with her horny, mentally challenged viewers for $1.  She actually puts the price in the description.  If you give her a dollar, she’ll pretend to be your friend for a few minutes.

Youtube is promoting this woman.  This is one of the “Women on the Rise” according to them.  Yet another nobody doing regressive videos that are detrimental to the public’s perception of female “gamers”.

Next “winner”.  Oh, it’s somebody we’ve already covered.  That homely woman who was playing Sims 4.

Wait…is it the same person?  No.  This is a DIFFERENT woman playing Sims 4.  And she has a pink title screen and pink banner.  Everything is very “cute”.  And Youtube is promoting a video where she’s showing you how to use the toddler bath in this game.  “Cute”.

Fucking disgraceful.  Her banner is a princess holding a kitten and there’s also a seahorse.  Everything is pink, of course.

This video is entitled: “A troll tried to insult me on Twitch but my community responded with love and kindness”

It’s like a 40 year old woman and she starts the video by saying, “My name is Stephanie also known as (whatever).  I’m a mermaid obsessed with the Sims.  I love seahorses, unicorns, rainbows, kittens, and the colour pink.”

I’m not making this up.  Watch the fucking video.  Then she starts giving a character in the game a “makeover”.

Presumably, somebody who stumbled into her chat said something like, “What the fuck is this shit?” and her horny fans, who are probably mentally challenged, all attacked him “with love and kindness.”

This is awful.  A “woman on the rise”.  

What barriers are these women breaking?  I didn’t even know that women made these sorts of GROSSLY stereotypical videos.  I gave women way more credit than this.  Was I wrong to do this?  Youtube seems to think so.  

Three more of these “gamers” to go.  All of that woman’s videos were about the Sims, by the way.

Alright.  Black Ops 3.  Now we’re talking.  That’s a first person shooter, right?

Ummmm…that’s quite a deep voice you have there, “Kacey”.  

Nobody…nobody appears on screen.  But this is a guy.  Right?  What woman would sound like this?

They don’t seem to appear on screen in any video.  But they make videos on like racing games and first person shooters and games that…at least according to Youtube…women don’t play.  Women only play the Sims, Animal Crossing, and some shitty mobile game.

This is a sick joke.  The only “woman” who plays games that aren’t stereotypical gamer grrl games IS A MAN!  

Here’s “her” Twitter:

Dude.  Come on.  There’s no picture of “her” but there is a drawing.  And even in the drawing, it looks like an ugly woman.  It’s because it’s a dude with a wig.  


Here’s the next “winner”:

She’s playing Animal Crossing.  Disgusting.

That’s the only game that she ever plays.

Final “winner”:

She’s playing the Sims.  That’s the only game that she ever plays.

Fucking unbelievable.  Somebody at Youtube thought that these were the eight “women on the rise”.  In what respect?  What barriers are these women breaking?

My opinion of female “gamers” WORSENED after seeing these “winners”.  I mean, we know the gamer grrls who I cover.  They aren’t doing this shit.  They aren’t playing the Sims and Animal Crossing and mobile games.  They don’t have pink all over the place.  And with the exception of Erin, they aren’t just sitting there and talking about how “cute” everything is.

The women in this list are fucking dog shit.  I don’t mean as human beings.  I don’t know anything about them personally.  But as examples of female “gamers”, they are total fucking dog shit.  These women should not be promoted.  This has to be a fucking joke.  Youtube intentionally picked stereotypical female “gamers” to mock the very idea of female “gamers”.  

And that one “female” “gamer”, the one who actually has an interest in a broad variety of games, has a giant fucking penis.

Erin should be embarrassed to be on this list.  This is Youtube making fun of her.  Look at the other winners of this fucking…whatever this even is.  

If I was going to make a PARODY channel of the average female “gamer”, I wouldn’t go nearly as far with it as these women are doing.  It would seem too far fetched.  Every fucking video is the Sims?  Everything has to be pink?  Everything has to be “cute”.  

There are women out there who enjoy playing video games.  All types of video games.  Not just the Sims and Animal Crossing and mobile games.  Some of these women MUST be making videos.  Couldn’t Youtube highlight some of those women?  

This is completely outrageous.  This list that they’ve compiled is offensive and sexist.  

At least everyone on the list, with the exception of Erin, appears to actually enjoy video games (at least in their limited Sims/Animal Crossing/mobile game sense).  Once again, Erin is alone in being a TOTAL FRAUD.  Enjoy your “cute” chocolate.  

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