Announcement: Uplink Virtual Videogame Convention (Feb 20-21) – Cannot be Tamed

It’s just Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining advertising her upcoming “appearance” at a “virtual convention”.  I saw some of this last year.  Oh yeah.  I think it was when Retro Ali was doing a Pokemon panel with some guy and she kept taking swigs of water from a water bottle.  You know, like one of those bottles used for cycling.  You suck on them.  This is obviously to cater to the horndogs in the chat.  

Just get a fucking glass of water like a normal person.  If you drink a lot of water, also have a jug of water nearby.  Or just use a big glass.  No, she wants to suck on a bottle like an infant.

So Pam is wearing a tank top in February in Canada.  Well, she’s single now.  She has to advertise.

She also pronounces “genre” correctly.  That got me to thinking…she’s saying it right because it’s a word derived from French.  And French Canadians and all.  Maybe I should start saying “john-ra” just as part of my patriotic duty.

2:00 – A pointless shot of her dog.  And she talks about her dog in a weird way.  I can’t quite describe why it’s weird.  This is a single woman in her mid to late 30s with a dog and a cat.  It raises some questions.  She probably goes through a lot of peanut butter.

– “Digital conventions are just so strange to me lol.”

Indeed.  It makes no fucking sense.  

– “I wish u were my girlfriend but I’m insane and I’m a public servant of my life and work in the same place as my life”

That was from Pushed Aside.  Ohhhhhhhhh.  This isn’t a joke, at first I thought that this was an Indian name.  I was pronouncing it differently.  Push-ed A-Seed-ee.  I assumed that from the odd English.  But no.  This is just some big time nerd who can’t get a girlfriend.  Probably has autism or something too.

– “I’ll see you during it! I’m gonna be the host for a number of stuff going on that day besides yours happening. Hope we get to chat during that weekend! Looking forward to what you and Daria chat about!”

This guy has a channel:

Two thousand subscribers.  Giant nerd.  

– “Does “retrogaming” still only refer to certain types of old games like arcade, old consoles, etc.? Does it include any genre of games that are N years old? I mean, games like Half Life and Deus Ex are 20 years old or more. But somehow I don’t think the retro communities would include them.”

Don’t strain your brain over this one.  Nobody gives a fuck.

– “ah …… if i live in the united states, i would go.”

Pam replies, “It’s online.”

Umm…okay, I just don’t want to then.

Here’s Pam cooking dinner for one:

She spent an hour slicing vegetables for sałatka jarzynowa.  Sure, we’ve all done that.  We also take the time to use letters that aren’t in the English alphabet just to show how pretentious we can be.

To make matters worse, she could have just called it by it’s English name: olivier salad.

Maybe she’s just advertising to potential suitors that she knows how to cook.  That’s so regressive, though.  Picking a wife based on her domestic skills and all.  Why would Pam be encouraging that?

Somebody should be in a relationship with Pam based on common interests (e.g. video games, misandry) and her delightful personality.  It’s about compatibility.  Do you hate men?  Do you like lesbians?  Do you want to be condescended to every day for the rest of your life?  Then hit Pam up.  There must be millions of these guys out there.

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