Holy shit.  This is the biggest news since Erin declared that she has carpal tunnel syndrome. 

But this is REAL!  I guess.  I don’t really have any links other than my post yesterday:

And there’s a Twitter post mentioned there that somebody gave me.  As here:

“Downloaded a dating app, went “ooh what does this button do?” then was told I had ‘super-liked’ someone… deleted the app and threw phone. I’m good at this.”

Oh my god.  Where to begin with this?  The ramifications of it all.  

First of all, it explains why she moved.  She broke up with her lesbian beard friend.  Fine.  These things happen.

I suppose that we should deal with this tweet.  She super-liked someone and then deleted the app.  Why?  

For those not in the know, a “super like” on Tinder is like a regular “like” but super.  You get 50 “likes” a day or something (it’s been a while since I used the app) and one super-like a day.  When you super-like somebody, they get a notification that you super-liked them.  So you weren’t just one of the random 50 people that they swiped for that day.  They REALLY liked you.  So it’s a way to stand out, I guess.

Unless you’re a young Brad Pitt, the super-likes don’t make any difference.  The woman is still going to swipe “no”.  That’s just how it works.  Women are only swiping the 10/10 or maybe 9/10 guys and the men are swiping everyone who doesn’t make them physically ill to look at.

But we don’t need to get into all of that.  Theoretically, it’s just a way to tell the person, “Hey, I really like you.  You weren’t just one of the random 50 people who I swiped today.  Please go out with me.”

Women don’t like using this feature, as Pam demonstrated.  I’ve seen countless profiles that say, “Any super-like was an accident.”  These women are so entitled that they just have to make an announcement like that.  “Oh, no.  I didn’t mean to super-like you.  I don’t super-like anyone.  I don’t even know why I’m on this app.  I can get all the guys I want.  I don’t need you.”

I don’t want to dwell on the problems with Tinder, though.  This is much bigger than that.  

So Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining is single now.  She doesn’t want to use Tinder because she’s above that.  Yeah, she’s 35+ years old and not a looker (check out her videos where she doesn’t wear makeup) but she thinks that dating apps are for losers.  Fine.  

Why isn’t her first stop the horndogs on her channel?  There must be hundreds of guys there who would go out with her.  Some of them must be reasonably local.  What’s the problem?

Could it be because they’re all autistic and/or mentally challenged and/or physically unattractive?  She’s happy to take their money but they’re not good enough to go on a date with.  If you kiss her ass and tell her how great she is, she’ll pretend to be your friend but let’s leave it there.  

She has 50,000 subscribers, she gets like 500 messages on every video talking about how hot she is and all the sexual stuff that these guys want to do to her.  She doesn’t deem ANY of these guys to be dateable.  And she’s probably right.  

She’s repulsed by these guys.  And unlike the rest of these gamer grrls, Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining doesn’t even conceal her contempt for her horny fans.  She’s always talking down to them, giving them lectures on her idea of feminism, banning them, what have you.  

So Tinder is out, the horndogs are out, what about another “Youtuber”?  Pull an Erin Plays.  This is a good opportunity for some synergy or cross-promotion or just straight up buttsex for Youtube promotion.  

Who’s available?  I think that Tony from Hack the Movies has a girlfriend.  And Pam couldn’t get any subscribers from him anyway.  Her channel is much bigger.  It would be Tony getting fucked in the ass for promotion by Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  Actually, I think that both parties would be okay with that.

Oh my god.  JOHN RIGGS.  Why didn’t I think of this right away?  That guy must be about to burst thinking about the possibilities.  

He has 100,000 subscribers to Pam’s 50,000.  So it’s not like Mike Matei’s 3,000,000 from Cinemassacre to Erin’s 10,000 (at the time) subscribers.  That’s a clear imbalance which is where the unlimited buttsex comes in.  But with 100,000 versus 50,000, it would be more of a joining of two sort of equal channels.  A synergy.  Both channels would, perhaps, benefit.  At least in theory.  

Pam would start appearing in John Riggs’ videos and vice versa.  Oh god.  I don’t know about that.  It raises some disturbing images.  Nobody wants to think about Pam trying to climb on top of John Riggs.  Except, of course, John Riggs himself.

What about what’s his name, that young guy who was in one of those James and Mike Monday’s videos.  Oh, I found it.  Scott the Woz.  He’s pretty popular, right?  Yeah, over a million subscribers.

How old is he, though?  23.  Yeah.  Maybe too young for Pam.  Plus, I think that this guy might be gay.

Which brings me to the final point I wish to discuss: Pam’s obvious homosexuality.  

I don’t know any details about Pam’s former relationship.  Was the guy in on this?  Did he know that she’s gay?  If not, I can see this causing some friction in the relationship.  

I think that they were together for a while.  He must have known.  I picked up on this almost immediately.  Is it even a secret?  

Let’s assume that she’s not gay.  She’s just a giant harpy who’s forever going on about her bizarre idea of feminism.  What man would want to be around that?  Obviously, this guy finally had enough.  

So even if she’s not gay, she might as well be.  But she is gay.

Any gamer grrls she can get with?  I’m only going to think of the lesbian ones.  No fantasy matchups here.  

Oh.  KathleenMMS.  She’s gay.  As she likes to tell you in every single video.  

Aw.  She hasn’t uploaded in four months.  But I assume that she’s still in…Japan?  Yeah, I think it was Japan.  Maybe Korea?  No, I think Japan.  Oh.  No, Taiwan.

God, every tweet is about her being gay.  Except for the ones where she’s shitting on Trump.  She doesn’t even live in the fucking country.  What does she care?

She recently shaved her head.  God.  She might be TOO gay for Pam.  And it’s not easy to out-gay Pam.

Oh…who is it…fuck.  PushingUpRoses.  Perfect.  She has a fairly big channel, shares Pam’s passion for extremist feminism, and is gay.  What more do you need in a partner?  

Still…they’re both kind of butch.  Who’s going to play the female role?  Isn’t that how it kind of works?  Forgive my naivety.  

I suppose that you do sometimes see a couple of bull dykes together.  Or a couple of lipstick lesbians.  The latter mostly in porn.  Well, I’m sure that they’ll figure it out.

So how to end this?  How about encouraging words?  That would be classy.  Show respect even to those who don’t deserve it.

Sorry to hear about the relationship ending, Pam.  I think that you’ve been with this guy for a while.  I’m sure it’s difficult with the moving and whatnot.  You’re thinking about the future.  Maybe you saw yourself with this guy for the rest of your life.  It’s always sad when a relationship ends but you just have to move on with your life.  

As for Will, that guy really dodged a bullet.  What the fuck was he thinking spending YEARS with that woman?  Count your blessings that you finally woke up and got out of that disaster.  And that fucking dog and cat.  Let her clean up after those beasts.  

Go find yourself a woman with some dignity and decorum who knows how to speak to people in a civilised fashion.  Do you just enjoy smug, condescending women?  Maybe get your testosterone levels checked.  


  1. Surprised you didn’t throw in SupaPixelGirl as a contender for Pam, especially with her history of (now deleted) tweets of her being single and acting totally deprived of any human touch. Also she likes to pretend she’s bisexual for some reason, so she could probably string Pam along for a few months before Pam realizes how batshit insane she is.

  2. I confess ignorance on SupaPixelGirl's bisexuality. I thought that she was strictly into “chocolate” men. But yeah, I'll throw SupaPixelGirl into the mix then. Pam commented on one of SupaPixelGirl's “sexy” pictures on Twitter not long ago. They obviously talk and both seem fond of each other.

  3. it's been my observation regarding bisexual women that they use it as a ruse to throw people off track from their profligate sexual history. women know that they are different from men, including in light of nature's double standards, even if they tell themselves and others otherwise. a man with a lengthy notch count (provided it's not an assortment of fuglies) is admired by men and women alike. the reverse isn't true. a woman is valued for her coyness, femininity, youth, beauty and virginity. the latter being nonexistent in the current west, a realistic metric is her sexual past. the lower her knob count, the better. they know this, that's why they retcon some of their sexual encounters as “it didn't count” or “that was different”. women are by nature selective. men are spreaders.but why do women become bisexual? simple. after realising that most men (apart from the dregs of society) aren't into used up snatch, they start claiming that they are bisexual as a means to distract from their previous slutty escapades. they also use it to save face by reinforcing their feminist beliefs. “most men are duds in bed, that's why i'm into women now. they know how to please me”. this also serves the purpose of shit testing potential suitors, someone who would walk up to her and prove her any rate, the basic premise remains unchanged. scratch the surface of a bisexual woman and you'll find out that lesbianism is always a second option

  4. Oh, SPG is still into chocolate men. She went as far as calling black men that play games and watch anime a “rare breed” on her TikTok a few months back. Who knows? She might not even go after Pam because she isn’t a chocolate woman. Great post btw.

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