PELVIC GAMING 2020 – Pelvic Gaming

She actually looks almost normal for once.  Maybe this was a New Year’s resolution.  No more blue lipstick.  I’m all for it.

0:45 – She’s taking January off and will return in mid to late February.  How will we cope?  Now what am I going to do when I’m completely tapped out for shit to write about?  

1:15 – “Because of the rona, I lost my job.”

I’m sympathetic but this is the second time in this video that she said “the rona”.  I don’t know.  Kind of annoying.  I guess.

1:30 – “I also got older family members who got sick because of what was going on.  Thankfully, they made a full recovery.”

I still don’t know anybody who got it.  And when I hear these stories, it’s always about people who recovered.  You know…like when you get the flu.  Sure, some people die from the flu but the recovery rate is at least 99%.

Nobody is afraid of the flu.  But the whole world gets shut down for coronavirus.  You know…that virus that gives you flu-like symptoms.  And has a flu-like mortality rate.  When do people stop putting up with this bullshit?

3:00 – “Youtube is a mini-Hollywood”.

This is the second time that she said this and I still don’t know what she means.  I think that she explained what she meant but to be honest, I’m tuning in and out of this shit.

Then she starts singing the praises of Peanutbutter Gamer.  She did a “collab” with him.  It’s some fucking gay man who makes really camp videos about video games.

She also shouts out some people I’ve never heard of.  Two gamer guys and a gamer grrl..  

4:45 – “I reached $500/month on Patreon so woo”.

It’s just sad on so many levels.  From the horndogs being taken advantage of to the low amount of money she’s getting.  I mean, it’s not a free $500/month.  She’s putting work in.  Kind of.  Playing these games and making videos about them.  And she seems to spend a lot of time talking to these losers on Discord and whatever.  That has to be painful.    

For five hundred bucks a month?  Plus, you have to embarrass yourself week after week with these videos.  Minimum wage in Florida is $8.65/hour.  She could get $500 in 60 hours.  I don’t know.  That is a lot of work.  

5:15 – “For my birthday, I always put up my wishlist and I promote it a little bit.”

Yeah, this is totally unethical.  “Buy me stuff for my birthday, you fucking pathetic, horny losers.”  It’s disgusting.

“But holy shit, you guys came through.  You cleaned out my wish list entirely.”

She’s talking about her Amazon wish list, by the way.  These pathetic losers who have never had a girlfriend in their lives and never will have a girlfriend bought her this shit.  And she doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

6:00 – Now she’s reading ass-licking comments about her blue lipstick and whatnot.  I’m not even joking.  The first comment is about how awesome her blue lipstick was.

The second comment is somebody giving a mild rebuke to a video of hers and she gives an angry reply telling him to unsub.  

These fucking pathetic gamer grrls love taking money and gifts from the horndogs but if there’s even the slightest bit of criticism, they can’t handle it.  

7:30 – She reads a three paragraph DEEPLY ass-licking message.  Not surprisingly, she agrees with the commentator.

What I like about this part of the video is that the message is so long, it covers Pelvic Gamer’s face.

This just keeps going.  She’s reading comments that are praising her and she whole heartedly agrees with all of them.  This is just really sad.  What a needy, pathetic loser.

She ends the video with a kiss.  We’re supposed to be jerking off to this.  Wait…let me check…no.  Totally flaccid.  Am I watching these videos wrong?  Maybe I should see a doctor.

– “Lady Pelvic, I just wanted to praise you for all the hard work and love you put in your videos, and just like you said: your passion. I couldn’t say it any better; your passion and enthusiasm really shines through your videos and it’s very infectious. I love how honest you are, whether I particularly agree with you or not on a game I respect your opinion and really love how you go about justifying your point, and you’ve made me see games I played in such a different light/perspective so many times I just appreciate the way you structure your videos. Keep up the great work! Enjoy your recharge time, you certainly deserve it!”

She “hearted” that comment.  It’s pathetic.

– “Enjoy your break! Congrats again in 30k.”

Wait…why are you quoting that boring as fuck comment?

Because it was written by boring as fuck Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.

But yeah, all of these other comments, it’s just horny losers trying to outdo each other in terms of writing the most ass licking comment possible.  Long, tedious comments about how much they appreciate her hard work and/or her hair and or her blue lipstick.

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