HotGirlVideos69 (fake account)

Three #RetroGaming / #VideoGames YouTube Accounts You Should Watch:

1. Cannot Be Tamed –

2. Erin Plays –

3. Pelvic Gaming –


“Okay, so you’re covering spam now?”
No.  The story here is that ALL THREE of those gamer grrls replied to that OBVIOUS spam account.
Erin was first to reply:
“Oh wow, thank you very much for the support! (heart emoji)”
To which the spammer replied, “No, thank YOU for making good content!”
Pelvic Gamer says, “Thank you so much (three heart emojis)”
To which the spammer replies, “Thank YOU”
Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining says, “Thanks for the shout out!”
The spammer didn’t even bother replying to that tedious bore.
Did any of these women spend any time AT ALL looking at this account?  First of all, the name is “HotGirlVideos69”.  That should have been your first clue that something was amiss.
The description is: 
Nintendo & Video Game Leaks from a team of Mysterious Strangers. We’re here to steal your husband AND his boyfriend. 

Yeah.  That really sounds like something that a woman would say.  This account is allegedly owned by a woman.
You click the link in the description that purports to go to her personal website and instead it takes you to a different website.  This other website has “schoolgirl” in the URL and it’s just a text page.  It says that she’s a “cam girl” and “Pornhub producer”.  No links to any of this.
But you can play “a pseudo-biographical game about my experiences as a little girl” in one of the two links on this page.  You can also “play” a poem about “her” thoughts on coronavirus.
This is a guy.  Clearly.  A guy with serious problems.  And all three of these dumbass gamer grrls responded to him.  Just because he gave them a “shout out”.  They apparently respond to every “shout out” without even looking at who’s doing it.
Voultar also responds.  This is the guy who recently put Erin in one of his videos and in exchange for that, Erin gave him a “shout out” in a couple of her videos.  He gets into an interesting exchange with some other horndog.
Voultar: Erin is the greatest! She’s always nice to me and is my friend and stuff.
Night: Agree. I visited Erin’s twitch chatroom during COVID-19 summer depression and had a decent time, friendly folks and chat! (The experience at Mike’s twitch chat was quite different (Rolling on the floor laughing emoji).  Cannot be Tamed/Jasyla blocked me, so screw her! 😉
Voultar: Oh, no! Blocked you? What did you do??!
Night: Funny thing about that… She made a thread about blocking everyone who sends negative posts her way to counteract when she’s happy/excited. I was agreeing because I learned (from PCEFX) it’s better to block/ban people to make em someone else’s problem (Rolling on the floor laughing emoji)
(then he quotes the post that got him blocked)
“You’re told “blocking is for p*ssies” or you’re thinskinned if you block these losers, but that just postpones the block/ban you’ll later realize you should’ve done a long time ago… Make them somebody else’s problem, not yours…”
Voultar: I don’t know her, really. I watched a few of her videos and complimented her as they were pretty OK, but ultimately kinda felt she stuck her nose up @ me so whatevz. lol
That’s it.  Sounds about right.  And it’s hilarious that this horny loser who was trying to suck up to Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining got blocked himself.  “I LIKE getting blocked!  Keep up the good work, sugar tits!” and then he gets blocked.
By the way, this spam account says that they’re from Pittsburgh.  You know…that Mecca for pornography.  
The banner is some quote about female orgasms.
Anyone with half a brain would IMMEDIATELY see that this is all fake.  And yet all three of these dimwits replied.
Let’s do a quick Google search.
It’s about some guy complaining about getting blocked from “her” Twitter.
First reply: “You realize it’s a dude, right?”
Second reply: “I mean her username is HotGirlVideos69. Speaks for itself…”
Those are the only two replies.  Both people immediately recognised that this was a fake account.  But these idiot gamer grrls lack the mental acumen to make such a determination.
It’s so obviously a guy, a sick guy, a stupid guy, that I feel like an imbecile for even pointing this out.  And yet, Erin and the gang are there “Oh gee!  Thanks for the shoutout!”
It reflects poorly on them and their “brand”.  They’re replying to a clearly fake account.  But even if it was real, it’s a highly objectionable account.  
Anyway, only Erin was stupid enough to actually re-tweet this message.

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